November 21, 2008

RY Deshpande's Mirror of Tomorrow

She is viśvadravyāvati,containing the universal plenitudes. She is urūvyachā, the matrix in which all have taken birth, the widely expanded. She is dhārayatkşītim, coextensive with all that is manifest. She is dévī, the luminous divine Goddess as the giver of benedictions. Taking mortal birth, she toils to receive from the Supreme the Boon for the Soul of the Earth. The Supramental manifestation has taken place and now more and more of it shall be in its great and luminous sequel, in its assured rhythm and movement. It is for that that she works. But if there is to be a divine destiny for the Earth, it must be because of the Earth’s free choice. The Mother respects that free choice and she works that it develops in glowing freedom of the Truth and the Right and the Vast. Earth has hesitation because of the inconscient past and it is that which must be removed. Therefore the Mother’s occult and yogic sadhana got focused towards it. She has to work with the physical, to make the mind of the physical, the mind of the body’s cells ready to receive the supramental Light and Force, ready to receive the divine Grace. Mirror of Tomorrow :: Towards the New Body—the Significance of the ...
That is the significance of the Mother’s passing away, justifying also the significance of Sri Aurobindo’s passing away. For the work of transformation he had to go, and it was she who had to do it. The Mother’s failure would have ... by RY Deshpande on Thu 20 Nov 2008 08:30 AM IST Permanent Link Cosmos Mirror of Tomorrow - Our Vision
It will be the endeavour to seek and express all that ennobles the human spirit in its quest towards perfection, towards truth and beauty and joy and sweetness and love, towards fulfilment of the sense of immortality present in its deeper soul, its ceaseless aspiration for the higher manifestation even in the material creation. The Mirror shall reflect and reflect upon things of tomorrow, bring closer the human destinies by approaching the future as much as by beckoning the future to enter into its thousand possibilities.


Savitri: the Light of the Supreme :: The Legend of Savitri—with ...
If this is so, we can well realize why Sri Aurobindo treats the Savitri-story simultaneously as a legend and a symbol. No wonder also that his elaborate presentation of the theme in his epic should essentially focus itself on ... Savitri: the Light of the Supreme -


All choice: The Eternal Mother
by Barindranath Chaki The spiritual journey of Man has a revolutionary and evolutionary turning since Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. They have given Spirituality a completely new turn and definition, a completely new purpose and value. Sri Aurobindo and The ... All choice -

The Eternal Mother by Barindranath Chaki — Gaia Community
And then She has entered the New Body, which is eternal and immortal. Sri Aurobindo has a supramental Body, but that cannot function at present on earth in a direct manner, whereas The Mother’s Body is nearer to the earth. ... Gaia Community: Barin's Blog -

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