December 22, 2008

Not a single being in flesh and blood who uttered so luminously and magnificently

People have just started to show interest in Sri Aurobindo. Sporadically notwithstanding, there has already been a beginning in the psychologically elite people (in the true sense of the phrase) to know about this great person and to learn about his message to man and his life and world. It is in the expected line as he was as great as to be understood by man the very species he tried to lift from their manhood. In his own country –in India, he is regarded as one of the yogis or spiritual persons only-where there has been no dearth of them in historical time in India. And it is still difficult for conventional spiritual mind to grasp the immensity of Sri Aurobindo’s relevance to spirituality.

It’s because Sri Aurobindo was basically rooted in Life in all its aspects –material and spiritual. Mere spirituality for personal or individual salvation did not attract him. He wanted to act with spiritual power and endeavoured for a radical change in man’s life and to lift him to the higher consciousness than mind. He was the forerunner for the coming of another species-superman, the hidden and inherent destiny of man in the progress of evolution. He came upon earth to aid and to hasten the process of man’s becoming superman. Naturally such a possibility is not conceivable by lesser conscious species –the man- as it was not possible for apes to conceive of crossing the barrier of their own consciousness for attaining manhood.

Sri Aurobindo wrote immensely in this matter. There was not a single being in flesh and blood who uttered so luminously and magnificently after the Upanishads and the Gita about the truths of life and world as Sri Aurobindo did. Moreover he wrote and discussed in all affairs of life-literature, politics, nationalism, religion, history, architecture, science et al. All his lines are filled with the light of wisdom. Whenever he spoke or wrote –he revealed and enlightened with the touch of truth.

I love to read Sri Aurobindo. So it is a delighting work for me to make a collection of quotes from his different writings here and share it with readers. I think a reader will gain from his deep insights and feel to begin reading Sri Aurobindo through his books in original English.

While making this collection I have not maintained any system, order or norm. I like to quote him at random as in this way the casual readers may get some idea of the varied wisdom of Sri Aurobindo in first hand readings. [From Thus Spake Sri Aurobindo Follow this blog ]

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