January 21, 2009

From the realisation of global human unity to transformation of the human body into the next species

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As might be expected within a township whose Charter talks about it being a place of 'unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages', and 'a site of material and spiritual researches...', Auroville has a number of adult education-cum-research centres devoted to everything from the realisation of global human unity to transformation of the human body into the next species.

Although these centres are, as yet, not like laboratories where one can measure results, they are sources of documentation, inspiration and guidance for the residents of the township interested in expanding the frontiers of their knowledge in the occult sciences, and working on their own inner development.

Most of these places hold courses and seminars, mount exhibitions, publish leaflets or other publications, and host guest speakers expert in their speciality. Overall they substantially enrich the field of educational opportunities for 'seekers' in Auroville, and contribute in a subtle but powerful way to the township's growth and development. Home > Education

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Centre for Research in Communication and Publication

The CRCP, located in the sub-community of Fraternity, has been functioning for some ten years now as a centre for work related particularly to publications, but also to communication through such media as slide-shows and exhibitions.

The CRCP has made significant contributions towards the realisation of SAIIER’s major publications, such as 'The Aim of Life' (both in English and Hindi), 'The Good Teacher and The Good Pupil' (English) and quite a few smaller publications, all of which have been typeset and printed in close cooperation with Auroville Press.

The cooperation with Auroville Press has increased in recent years to produce several artistic publications in the collection Vande Mataram (English and French), and to prepare two exhibitions and two slide-shows which have been presented at the India International Centre at New Delhi in 1997 and 1998. The slide-shows were subsequently presented in many colleges and schools in the Delhi area and elsewhere. Apart from that, CRCP has also prepared the typesetting for many books later printed at the Press. Home > Education > Educational centres > CRCP

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