February 06, 2009

Radical resynthesis of Western and Eastern thought by Roy Bhaskar

Author: Roy Bhaskar

From East to West (Paperback - 20 Apr 2000) By (author) Roy Bhaskar
A radical resynthesis of aspects of Western and Eastern thought, this book is also a major new development in critical realism. From East to West will stimulate debate in ontology, ethics, epistemology, political philosophy and religion. ISBN-13: 9780415233255 ; ISBN-10: 0415233259 Price: £22.99 £20.69

Beyond East and West (Hardback - 1 Sep 2008) By (author) Roy Bhaskar
This is Roy Bhaskar's first systematic study of the philosophy of religion. It is based on the Radhakrishnan lectures on spirituality and comparitive religion which he gave at the Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata in February and March 2002. ISBN-13: 9780415376754 ; ISBN-10: 0415376750

meta-Reality: The Philosophy of meta-Reality Volume 1: Creativity, Love and Freedom (Paperback - 14 Aug 2002) By (author) Roy Bhaskar ISBN-13: 9780761997153 ; ISBN-10: 0761997156 Price: £15.99 £14.39 2 to 3 days

Reflections on Meta-Reality: Transcendence, Emancipation and Everyday Life (Paperback - 10 May 2002) By (author) Roy Bhaskar ISBN-13: 9780761996927 ; ISBN-10: 0761996923 Price: £15.99 £14.39 2 to 3 days

Interdisciplinarity and Health (Hardback - 15 Feb 2009) By (author) Roy Bhaskar; Berth Danermark
This volume takes an interdisciplinary approach to health. It considering what the authors call the 'seven enigmas' facing the health practitioner, namely the enigmas of diagnosis; symptomology; causation; healing; prevention; intervention/treatment/... ISBN-13: 9780415403719 ; ISBN-10: 0415403715

P2P and Human Evolution: Placing Peer to Peer Theory in an
Sri Aurobindo, Jean Gebser, Ken Wilber, the Spiral Dynamics system, the theories of Lonergan and Roy Bhaskar, etc… Russ Volckman, mentioned above,

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