March 05, 2009

Sri Aurobindo’s Cosmology is Vedic through and through

Robert E. Wilkinson
Submitted on 2009/03/05 at 7:45pm

There is no need to speculate on the nature of Sri Aurobindo’s Cosmology. It is Vedic through and through. He discusses all this in his “Secret of the Veda”. The New Model of the Cosmos as we might call it, is fully expressed in the Mother’s original plan of the Inner Chamber of Her temple. IT, the Mother tells us, is the “Symbol of the Future Realization”.

The full cosmological content of the Mother’s Inner Chamber has been revealed by “Thea” Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet in her book, “The New Way”. In her epic work, Thea explains the mysteries of Supramental Time and illustrates how it is the basis of a New Sadhana that leads us to the realization of “SWAR”, the Vedic Truth Consciousness. RE Wilkinson

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