July 05, 2005

The Gnostic Centre

The Centre's work has comprised of:
* Training programmes for young children, school and college students, teachers and educators, corporate sector, professionals, parents, etc.
* Creation of Resource materials in Self-development/Transformative learning, social change: Journals, Books, Cassettes, Multimedia.
* Research in Curriculum, Pedagogy and Evaluation Techniques, as well as Administrative and Management Structures for a holistic education and ways of working as a team.
* Establishing a school based on holistic methods of education – for the teacher’s as well as the student’s growth.
* Building up a faculty to facilitate teaching and learning in different disciplines (education, psychology, management, sociology, culture) with an integral approach, including transformative learning and social change as part of the curriculum and pedagogy.

The Gnostic Centre has also been collaborating and networking with other institutions engaged in a similar process in order to create a more powerful impetus for the larger change. At times these have been informal collaborations – through like-minded individuals, such as with Auroville (a transformative community in south India). At other times there have been formal arrangements, such as with the University of Delhi – we are on the panel of its Bachelors of Elementary Education course for training teacher-students in Self-development. We have also had a Collaborative Working Partnership aimed at delivering and accrediting Initial Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Development Programmes in Integral Education with Centre for Overseas and Developing Education (CODE), Homerton College, University of Cambridge, UK.

Further Possibilities of Collaboration:
* Offer joint courses, training programmes based on the unique expertise of the collaborating participants, for a mixed group of students.
* Exchange programmes between The Gnostic Centre and the collaborating Institute, to provide diverse exposure, experience and training to students of both the institutes. We could further network for specialised training and development with other individuals, organisations and communities, in our circle.
* Provide Training inputs for individuals or institutions interested in self-development, growth of consciousness, training of the mind, etc. Courses such as:
* Foundations in Facilitation
* Transformative Learning and Social Change
* Integral Psychology
* The Science of Living
* Power of Attitude
* How to Bring up a Child
* The Art of Healthy Living
* Integral Approach to Management
* Sharing and exchange of research and resources.

The Gnostic Centre has grown in an organic fashion... and is open to possibilities as they emerge, and help to further its aims......
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