October 31, 2018

Sri Aurobindo is absolutely ahead of his times

Restoring true Federal character of Indian subcontinent should be the priority so that languages get their due respect and local culture and knowledge systems are revivified. Central Govt is an anomaly and Democracy is dysfunctional; States must get Sovereignty and UN membership.

Scheduled castes leaders maintain that they suffer from social disparity despite economic progress. Hindutva adherents, similarly, can't get over the victimhood of hundreds of years of slavery. The solution, therefore, is to look ahead instead of listening to speeches on history.

Is there a grand statue of Lokmanya, arguably The Father of our Swarjya movement... many of the early leading lights - from Lalaji, Bhai Parmanand n Swami Shradhanand to BC Pal, Aurobindo, Savarkar n Hedgewar - were all his peers n/or followers...!

Pl note 40 Thousand soldiers of INA died on d battlefield fighting for India's independence. Not a man in India knows about it. #Gandhi n his pick Nehru made sure we never know our Martyrs. No Tilak, Aurobindo, Bipin Chandra, Lajpat Rai, Subhash Bose all erased from Ind History https://t.co/mamjlcYsvO
Gandhi had to replace Tilak as leader of INC, Aurobindo as thinker, and replace armed resistance with passive resistance. Gandhi’s first passive resistance against the British on Indian soil proved to be just a backroom deal between Gandhi and the Viceroy: https://t.co/C6ocDcjvXZ

The best book on Chattogram Revolution is the one edited by Sharif Shamshir, Bangladeshi Communist. Labor of love. He got short bios, including name of parents of each of the Chattogram revolutionaries. How many such documentations we have on revolutionary freedom fighters ?
The editor visited the homes of the revolutionaries himself. Shortcoming: The book whitewashes the atrocities by Muslims on the Hindus of Chattogram during the period. Yet it is invaluable for what it records, notwithstanding what it omitted.

On 17 July, 1905, Aurobindo Ghose published a letter in Amrita Bazar Patrika advocating the boycott of English goods in protest against the partition of Bengal p. 452, Shamshir Sharif. Swadeshi ought to be attributed to him, not to Mohandas Gandhi

Sri Aurobindo pointed it out a long time ago to why Hindus will continue to the pay the price like were seeing day after day
https://t.co/D2uNSv1kCM  #Kshatriya #HinduHistory

Thanks, will check these out. I've already starting searching content available in English, and came across some quotes from Sri Aurobindo. These are not entirely related as he was focusing on Buddhism and what effect it had on Hinduism. https://t.co/6wF1a2Gndl

Two foreign women came to India leaving their lands & homes to serve India. One, sister Nivedita. The other, Dr Annie Besant. Both said without Hinduism there would be no India. They gave their all to this ancient land. A third woman came, looted India.

Another one also came, under the garb of social service carried out her ugly agenda of conversions and introduced India to the world as a country of lepers, beggars and stunted. Her name was Agnes popularly called Mother Teresa now St.Theresa of Calcutta

It would be great to mention the third women who settled in India for Hinduism's cause: The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.  https://t.co/bV19aIafPo https://t.co/hAt8KN3hu3

#MirraAlfassa was born to a Jewish-Sephardi family, known to her followers as The Mother, was the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo. https://t.co/inad47SQ0Q

[As for the playlet, The Ascent to Truth, it grew out of a painting made by the Mother of the Hall of Aspiration. (of Sri Aurobindo Ashram) - Prema Nandakumar] #MirraAlfassa Cf. "Jacob's Ladder" by William Blake (1757–1827). https://t.co/1TJTucOimb https://t.co/Mn3VtlqopJ

A simple mention can create a slant as an omission a fork. https://t.co/29Xz9QmEea #SriAurobindo #MirraAlfassa #SavitriEra #WorldUnion

Savitri Era Learning Forum: Integral more in the Sri Aurobindo sense than Wilber https://t.co/SjbTRJo7xe #KaavyaJaipurDialogues #blrlitfest #SriAurobindo #KenWilber #OdiaMahamanch #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #IntegralYoga #SavitriEraReligion #BharataVarshaFederation #MirraAlfassa

Each person should be accepted as he is and not what he could or should have been. Sri Aurobindo is absolutely ahead of his times and it's necessary to imbibe his ideas, slowly, instead of remaining a prisoner of misleading impressions about him propagated by Marxist historians.

The author is dead but each text including temple sculpture remind of Freud. Sex is local and contextual and hence all generalised conceptions of occurrence or deterrence are merely suppositions or entertaining conjectures. Culture however is layers of falsehood over naked Nature

A tweet is enough to express any truth but people seem to be slaves of the old habit of believing in long articles or books. There are umpteen exegesis on ethics but it's necessary to remember that only what is permissible or appropriate in public is discussed. Rest are private.

[Simply imposing moral rules gives us a kind of unfreedom, a realm of necessity. If we impose them on ourselves, this means that we have created a kind of “master within”. True freedom requires that we go beyond morality to the harmonious realization of our whole nature, ... “play”.] - Charles Taylor (A Secular Age)

The gap between Art and Commercial films is no longer as wide as it used to be earlier, agreed the speakers. https://t.co/YyPY1MpJVf

The Opposition Between the Ethical and the Aesthetic in Human Development https://t.co/UojP29oNdo

"The deepest passion in man is his desire for significance. Significance in clothes, in labour, in gesture. It is the most frustrated passion where men are huddled together and taught to admire luxury... man smothered in men and the means set up as an end."

'Scientists animated by the purpose of proving that they are purposeless constitute an interesting subject for study.'
– A. N. #Whitehead
(FR, 12) https://t.co/YLgkvdV3Gn

"Europe, after the ending of the war, was a continent in complete chaos. There were literally millions of displaced people wandering around not knowing where to go."
Award-winning historian @KeithLoweAuthor looks at the Aftermath of World War II

Jeff at his "crabby" best :-) https://t.co/zjlWC0D0rH
"What do we make of the fact that in Routledge’s world humanity is united around a tendency to believe in transcendent truths that are not in fact true? Is that really a solid ground for a species-wide unity?"

What a load of rubbish this is https://t.co/twvgl6oIqv and the expert against cholesterol deniers is a nutrionist FFS @DrAseemMalhotra is once again attacked and as usual the blanket statements used @itsjillgardner @fatisourfriend

The Swedish Academy’s decision to take a year off from awarding the Nobel Prize in Literature brings to a close more than a century of foolishness https://t.co/L6IgzNPWwy

243. @INCIndia (UPA) either ignored the request or refused to give a No Objection Certificate to Peter Heehs' The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, that was BANNED by @Naveen_Odisha, despite a request by the High Court to "take a decision ASAP". (h/t @gchikermane) https://t.co/cKVWO2I5Vk https://t.co/gpEPi2Sz6t

A cabal piggy backed on this book controversy to Instigate the Govt to dismiss the Trust in Sri Aurobindo Ashram to get the government in, real estate magnets eyeing ashram property, corrupt UPA MPs signing a petition, power hungry insiders went far to try n destroy the Ashram
Not to mention pressure to attend the @PondyLitFest and then condemn the event because some of us stood our ground like nobody 's business and refused this platform for their voice. This cabal is dangerously slimy and self serving

These are moments I'm grateful of my upbringing in Sri Aurobindo Ashram. And that in the course of my life and studies while I may not have read much but his thoughts filtered in subliminally. He has such a lucid demonstration of reason its value its limits and what's beyond.

And the same clique that was running after UPA MPs to sign the petition tried to worm its way into the 'ecosystem' of the current dispensation. Thankfully, they were called out and stopped.

October 28, 2018

Integral more in the Sri Aurobindo sense than Wilber

"Babulal Doshi requested me to invite Dhiraj Chavda, a well-known photographer to visit Cuttack, to take photographs of dancers, of temples of Bhubaneswar and Konark." [The Gotipua boy dancers of Odisha who performed as women - SUNIL KOTHARI] @OdiaCulture https://t.co/A6jetEiOeu

Books of Stephen Hawking, Fukuyama, and Huntington made huge impact before the arrival of Internet but no one can impress to such an extent any more. Old religions and scriptures seem to hold some appeal but only superficially. Hard-nosed seeking of material gains has taken over.

The promises of Science, Social Science, and New Age optimism have wilted. Euphoria generated due to Social Media facilitating networking has evaporated, significantly. No example of any progress of society or principles for betterment of community is in sight. Commerce goes on.

There are any number of intellectuals now steeped in religion and Indian philosophy. Power has enabled them to express enormous optimism about the future. Of course they curse most other countries than India. But they rely on tradition and that is no sure foundation for Evolution

The author is dead but each text including temple sculpture remind of Freud. Sex is local and contextual and hence all generalised conceptions of occurrence or deterrence are merely suppositions or entertaining conjectures. Culture however is layers of falsehood over naked Nature.

"We think we’re talking about morality, but actually we’re just left with the fragments of morality. What’s been lost is the central idea of human beings as creatures with an inherent end or purpose."
Edward Skidelsky picks the best books on Virtue.

Exploring the Meaning of the Concept of Culture in a Society https://t.co/lMvETJoICL

Dear men, sign up now. YouToo must become part of #MeToo: Sagarika Ghose Dear Indian men, The #MeToo movement is almost a month old, but many of you are missing in action. In fact, some of you even seem angry, dismissive, increasingly scoffing at… https://t.co/bJvsaQ6i7l https://t.co/WBxXsJckDZ

‘The India of my dreams’ – an eclectic journey of the mind: Part 3: Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvi Part Three: The India of my dreams – Attacking the curable cancer of corruption The second item on my wish list would necessarily have to be the issue of… https://t.co/NbwmErf07C https://t.co/77i5DToray

Rta, Satya, Dharma and Runa the four pillars and unique contributions of India to the world says Sandeep Balakrishnan @dharmadispatch at #JaipurDialogues

Prime Minister Modi spoke of SPM's life having 3 dimensions: "Vidya", "Vitta", "Vikas"... SPM's role as a union minister saw him undertake far reaching initiatives, his stressed on MSMEs, infrastructure, handloom, textile, cottage industry to defence indigenisation 1/2 https://t.co/Od4E0jf8SQ
There would have been no West Bengal had #SyamaPrasadMookerjee not intervened & altered the current & course of history. #WestBengal has to rediscover & re-interpret the legacy of SPM & align with a transformative governance vision & action that will see the rise of eastern India https://t.co/wdZhh8PTY0

Nivedita had a close friendship with Aurobindo, edited his newspaper Karma Yogin, she was one of the major influences on him. In effect she played a major role in the Bengal Renaissance, helping people financially, giving them the guidance and support.
Nivedita was in close touch with revolutionaries of the Anushilan Samity, many of whom were inspired by her writings. When Lord Curzon tried to claim the superiority of the West, she exposed how he had resorted to fraud for his own purposes.
Curzon was forced to apologize, after newspapers like Anand Bazar Patrika, carried her statements exposing his duplicity. When Bengal erupted against Curzon's decision to partition in 1905, Nivedita again supported the movement financially, backing the rebels.

......would remain absorbed in perusal of Bankimchandra's novels, Vivekananda's Raja Yoga or Science of Religion, or the Gita, the Puranas or Books on European Philosophy.
----Sri Aurobindo in Tales of Prison Life about books read by #IndianRevolutionaries Alipore Bomb Case https://t.co/nuLUPM0ZFM

#SriAurobindo by Promode Kumar Sen is not only a biography of the spiritual guru but also an analysis of the Congress party during the independence movement and the Spiritual Yoga developed by Sri Aurobindo.
 Get your copy of the book now at: https://t.co/DoJdOL9Tyh https://t.co/BAtHPx2c4r

Join us for the Session "Sri Aurobindo's Idea of Spiritual Nationalism-Going beyond European Idea of Nation states" at @mlrlitfest 
#MangaluruLitFest https://t.co/f2goHW5PsV

Actually here Sri Aurobindo was answering the charge made against Indians that they were politically incapable and thus were subject to invasions and internal fissures for such a long time.. https://t.co/SGshZn3i1w
Sri Aurobindo's main argument was that the method of a centralised empire could not truly succeed in India due to her peculiar nature, stressing on a deeper spiritual unity, while yet it seemed the only device possible & thus was attempted again & again.. https://t.co/Z8XgKzBYp5
Actually this is a lesson for all those who constantly lambaste Hindus for their "lack of unity"..Yes there's a coarsening of Hindu mind, but the deeper unity is still there, & the political problems we face are mostly due to the imposition of a foreign political system on India.
Well the arrival of British was one way in which nature attempted to unify India politically, but our own leadership failed us.. Only once Pakistan is dissolved can there be a start of a true Indian federation (Akhand Bharat)..

Mr Hamid Ansari may please refer to Sri Aurobindo's Message on the eve of Independence 15.08.1962 
You may got in Sri @_LKAdvani 's Autobiography
#MyCountryMyLife https://t.co/ka2dNMGDpd

It starts. @davidfrawleyved on his " How I became a Hindu" #blrlitfest https://t.co/tishC4g7R1
Starts talking about his introduction to Hinduism the through Yoga and then the teachings of Adi Sankara, Ramana Maharishi and Sri Aurobindo #blrlitfest

How Left Bastion JNU Plans To Be At The Forefront Of Indic Renaissance Through Its New Sanskrit School https://t.co/qll9RbWfdk via @swarajyamag

Some achievement today. Obtained this set. Finally! 😀 #HistoryOfDharmaShastra #PVKane https://t.co/sJQdsHksyd

He mentions Harbilas Sarda's 'Superiority of Hindu Civilization'! Sarda brought the single most important act that empowered women of India. #JaipurDialogues https://t.co/KaJWS3gqvD

Sri Aurobindo on Consciousness and Force: Dissonance in the being https://t.co/uJ8PPcqtES

Interaction with Tara Didi Sourcing Our Oneness Camp, Nainital 2018 https://t.co/evtn59y7Cz

In my opinion the most vicious, communal and crooked people are those who keep bringing up ‘Manusmriti’ as their best attack on Hinduism. A typical Commies tactic. But too obsolete now. https://t.co/1UsSMk1e0e

Abrahmic holy books are full of verses that go against modern values, yet none cites them. Hindu smritis are not even revealed holy books and are time bound and temporal that can be and have been discarded. Yet a few un-modern versed are cited again and again to shame Hindus

The One Personality Trait That is Ripping America (And the World) Apart - Scientific American Blog Network https://t.co/9xLltF7bRJ
highly antagonistic leaders can arouse and influence wide swaths of people who score extremely high in this trait through their rhetoric and messaging.

Five lessons an Indian author learned at Europe’s biggest science fiction and fantasy convention https://t.co/alEsLxAEkf https://t.co/D7Hlaneim6

Several weeks ago, Prof. Edward Kelly (University of Virginia, Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences) and myself wrote an essay on Scientific American criticizing how recent research on psychedelics has been misinterpreted and misrepresented. Now, six researchers have written a reply to our criticisms, on that same forum. This post is my personal rejoinder: a commentary on, and answer to, their reply. [...]
Our original criticism wasn’t against the psychedelic research itself. I applaud it and believe such research should continue to be funded and even prioritized. It has important applications, as well as important philosophical implications. Our criticism was against the way the research is routinely and repeatedly misinterpreted and misrepresented. The researchers’ reply, in my view, did not meaningfully address our criticisms in this regard. It left the important points unaddressed, created and burned straw men, got lost in semantic games, and even misled its readership by further misrepresenting the experimental results in question (see Section 4 above). If anything, it has made the situation worse. We, as a community, have missed another opportunity to get the facts straight. Instead, we’ve invested time, effort and media space in becoming more entrenched in earlier errors. 

Enlightenment thinkers (& modernists) think history, hence progress, is linear.  But history is cyclical, and progress is spiral (ratcheting up to new & improved cycles).  Thinking progress is an illusion is the same, but opposite error of the people you are critiquing.
Human nature must progress as well, agreed, but how can it if people like Gray and those who keep quoting him deny the very notion to begin with.  FWIW, the science & engineering of human nature is what spirituality is all about (esoteric, don't confuse w/ exoteric institutions)
It's not about fully controlling anything, as the ancients said, it's about adhering to nature's flow and building the proper vessels for it's unfolding & expression.  And, as a spiritual transhumanist, I don't think core human nature can be bound to a static conception of it.
Ya, the term is problematic, I dont like most modern materialistic techno-fetish transhumanism either, I should specify as integral-transhumanist, integral more in the Sri Aurobindo sense than Wilber, but I like both, if that means anything to you.  ;)

No scripture including Vedas can be understood by common man. Even commentators interpret them as per their own understanding which is never perfect. I understood them when I re-read them after enlightenment. Spiritual matters can't be understood w/o 1st hand experience. Thread..
It is necessary to understand the spiritual part of scriptures by all. You can get a hint of it in Aurobindo's work on part of RigVeda in English. (I don't remember exact name of the book. I read it in his complete works.)
Everything one needs to know about spirituality is summed up in my pinned tweets. Rest is the method of meditation to learn.
Normally people think that all religions & even all Sanskrit scriptures contain different teachings. But other than their historical & philosophical contents, the spiritual teachings in all r same. 
#Religion is one. All #prophets taught same religion in different words. Ppl follow inessentials leaving aside the #core of their #teachings

Hindus r inhuman in nature, do antireligious activities in name of religion, illegal activities in name of nationalism, & call themselves #sanskaari(cultured), religious & nationalists.
If I quote scriptures & say they will be destroyed by Kalki, they will call me #antinational.
Hindus, if possible, will revive all their old #Traditions, eg. Human_sacrifice, Sati, Thuggery  etc, but not the spiritual religion of sages described in all scriptures. Because by nature they love hatred, violence, cruelty, cheating etc, not true religion. They are not humans.

The Mother: Those who still believe in gods can certainly continue to worship them if they feel like it-- but they must know that this creed and this worship has nothing to do with the teaching of Sri Aurobindo and no connection whatever with the Supramental Realisation.

8 hours ago - His book, The Myth of The Aryan Invasion, one of many on the subject, has been taken from his own study of Vedanta through Sri Aurobindo, Sri Paramahamsa ...

19 hours ago - In that course, with absolute sincerity I was introducing the young learners to a wide spectrum of ideas, from Vivekananda's Practical Vedanta to Sri Aurobindo's ...
It was not always easy. Ambedkarites did not always feel happy when I referred to Gandhi; nor did the Marxists like the idea of referring to Vivekananda or Aurobindo in the class (in fact, the leftist student I just referred to thought that I was taking a ‘rightist’ turn by including select readings from the collected works of Vivekananda and Aurobindo).

Symposium in Memory of XuFancheng

Youth Ki Awaaz-25-Oct-2018
He had the opportunity to study at Shantiniketan, and learn Indian philosophy and wisdom under Sri Aurobindo and Ms. Mirra Alfasa (the Mother).

Sri Aurobindo and India's Rebirth by Michel Danino: Review

Free Press Journal-20-Oct-2018
The above incident mentioned on page number 164 of Sri Aurobindo and India's Rebirth edited by Padma Shri Michel Danino, French-born Indian author and ...


Times Herald-Record-25-Oct-2018
Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Center: 1218 Wittenberg Road. Reading and meditation, 9 a.m. Sat. Readings are chosen from the writings of Indian philosopher Sri .

Madurai Today

The Hindu (press release)-26-Oct-2018
Sri Aurobindo Study Forum: Discourse on Sri Aurobindo's 'Life Divine' by ...

October 27, 2018

Body and creativity; biases and irrationality

India comprises of multiple nations and myriad cultures. Most people are yet to be modern in their attitude and aspirations. Gender stereotypes are further strengthened through culture, religion, and tradition. Courts are doing a bit to dismantle their hold and must be supported.

India never saw Democracy during the last 7000 years and the British gifted it only 70 years back but is in its infancy. Political parties are doing their best to keep people bonded to myths, both ancient and modern. People exhibiting their freedom and autonomy can break all that.

Everything happens for the first time or nothing can be considered as a repetition. ("You cannot step into the same river twice" -Heraclitus). So, Democracy including the role of Judiciary is evolving by negotiating highly complex situations and navigating through wide diversity.

[Samuel Smiles’ classic instructs readers that, while self-help “strengthens” its practitioner, “help from without is enfeebling in its effects.” ...it was this Victorian moralists’ bestseller that FIRED the JAPANESE in their “catch-up with the Advanced West”] -Sauvik Chakraverti

Bruno Latour, the Post-Truth Philosopher, Mounts a Defense of Science https://t.co/1pJLpi4Rh0
His dozens of books include an ethnography of one of France’s supreme courts, a paean to the difficulty of religious speech, a mixed-media “opera” about the streets of Paris and a polyphonic investigation into the failure of an automated subway system — narrated, in part, by the subway itself. This work has inspired — or, depending on your point of view, infected — everyone from literary scholars and object-oriented philosophers to management theorists and seminarians. Unlike most philosophers, for whom thinking is a sedentary activity, Latour insists on testing our taken-for-granted ideas about the world against the world itself. 
The next CBC will take place in Oxford, Wolfson College, 4--6.12.2018. You can learn the names of the speakers and everything else here and in this flyer.
General title: Science and Technology in Premodern Asia Read more of this post
"What is space time? What is quantum mechanics? How do they play well together and what are the problems of having them play together?"
The best books on Cosmology, a #readinglist by Sean Carroll https://t.co/WZJas0DsKd

“What is Information” by Peter Janich
Curious if @normonics @nntaleb @trishankkarthik are familiar with the author or this book? Thought? https://t.co/xe1z7EhoO9

What is bias, really? The best books on essentialism, a #readinglist by @UMich Professor of Psychology Susan Gelman https://t.co/gXwq5vW2iY

A thread to collate posts on the dasha-guNatva of bhima 
1) jnana 2) bhakti 3) vairagya 4) prajna 5) medha 6) dhruti 7) sthithi 8) yoga 9) prana 10) bala

In this thread, I will discuss about the peculiar symbolism of water nymphs or "Apsaras" and how they were supposed to derail the meditation of Yōgis.
The word "Apsara" itself is a reference to water: "Āpa" and "sara" (to flow). https://t.co/wfGtQuV73P
My personal opinion is that the deity worshipped by Jews, at least at some point in history, was such a form of Shiva. Probably, a form of Shani (Saturn), known to the Hebrews as the restful one (Shabbatai). Orthodox Jews have quite similar practices as certain Shaivaite sects.

In the case of many recent #MeToo accused, their daughters have been referred to but not always the sons which seems to be a bit skewed. [Also, in this case, the minister is married and is a father of grown-up daughters, so it is definitely not okay.] https://t.co/wisRu36EUd
A relevant thread by @vakibs of course without any influence by Sri Aurobindo's profound observations on the subject. https://t.co/fr6ZxKg7yY

@INCIndia can slam Modi for appro Netaji. But Modi has effected a political coup By taking over legacy of Congress along with its political mantle, Modi’s rebranding of nationalism has made BJP India’s main national party. @makrandparanspe https://t.co/OEXmKJjqJX via @dailyo_

Where @MakrandParanspe Ji tells a touching tale with a clarion call in favour of a cerebral & compassionate celebration of our Freedom of Speech. Vagdevī has always been generous in India’s rich vāda tradition; even “jalpa” & “vitandā” have been afforded their legitimate seat. https://t.co/l1PWhgPyBA
Please don't victimize or politicize humour: Abhijit’s case makes us reflect not only freedom of speech & expression, but also on the right of ordinary Indians to be funny, sarcastic, or ironic. Else, won’t we turn into a grim, humourless, intolerant, and hateful society? https://t.co/8oGgbzUwSt

A Tale of Two Temples | @prasannara :  Hinduism is not constrained by the Book. It doesn’t have one. What it does have is stories, plenty of them | #_Hinduism_ https://t.co/BqQ0VBuDxR https://t.co/v23izeJLFu

Schelling’s Philosophy of Freedom https://t.co/0OH0qGENiE

#RameshBijlani : If i wish someone with folded hands and say ‘namaste’ or ‘namaskar’, what i am telling him is that i bow to the Divinity in him | #_Spirituality_ | #TOI

Need something good to read over the weekend? Check out our essay series with articles by @TheMusingMind, @bodhidave3, Claire Fanger, @RoopeKaaronen, @doctormickey, @ThouArtThat, @JacobNealGiven, and @cognazor. All available online here: https://t.co/UxmDmYODRH

"What drives the cataloguing of perversions is not so much the desire to arouse but the desire to transgress, and to fantasize about transgression on a massive scale." 
Will McMorran picks five books on the Marquis de Sade. 

The power and scope of reason. I think Hume's main aim in Treatise was to show that reason cannot be relied on to prove the claims of religion - hence his book attacked by contemporaries as atheistic https://t.co/9J7sI7c48v via @five_books

"What we get from the stories Oliver Sacks tells is the possibility of thinking about otherness." 
Neuroscientist Morten Kringelbach explores five books that deal with emotion and the brain https://t.co/Y1Co5TupL0

In short, a formidable chasm still yawns between the extraordinary richness of psychedelic experiences and the modest alterations in brain activity patterns so far observed. It remains possible that further improvements in measurement technique will at least partly bridge this chasm. 
My reply to today's article on @sciam attacking me: https://t.co/hy2xcJd6K6. I believe the article overlooks the elephant in the room. It's an unfortunate blend of misleading representations, contradictions, semantic games, non sequiturs and straw men. @Horganism @DeepakChopra
Well said. Sadly, this has to be published separately from the original article and the resultant attack. Four decades ago, Kelly tried to refute a similarly meretricious article by Persi Diaconis in Science; the editors wouldn't publish the refutation. And so on, back to the late nineteenth century. But what can you do but try?
Once again more language games. Much of what they specifically wrote was written to give plausible deniability to... well what ever they would need to, as needed. Plus how do you get away with misrepresenting the results of your own replication study?! LOL This is all very odd. For people claiming that their research has no bearing on metaphysics they sure seem pretty concerned about it.

"Chomsky’s most controversial claim is that form is distinct from meaning; the form of a grammar is independent of what it means."
The best books on Language and Thought, recommended by Daniel L. Everett (@amazonrambler) https://t.co/bV6TWgwloa

"In the Symposium, what Plato seems to be saying is that moral education is not a matter of imposing principles on people against their natural bent, it’s more a matter of engaging with their desires and educating them ­– leading them towards the good." https://t.co/HAit4oaAt7

Need the best introductions to psychoanalysis? Read well-known psychoanalyst David Bell's recommendations here for discussion of Freud, Klein, Bion, Arendt and more: https://t.co/tSrPLrITqh

"The whole concept of purity, for example, is essentialist: the idea that the pure version of water is the best."
@UMich Professor of Psychology Susan Gelman on essentialism: https://t.co/gXwq5vW2iY

#Opinion | What are our teenage girls made of?: Most girls want to pursue teaching since it is a socially acceptable career. Photo: iStock When the 1,000 interviewers—all women, mostly in the age group 18-25—knocked on 73,000 doors from Kargil to… https://t.co/6gAxCkI1BV https://t.co/OQ0w6TspYz
Their aspirations soar ahead of social limits: TOI Edit A recent nation-wide survey of teenage girls has revealed both glimmers of change and the downward drag of systematic disempowerment. The upside is that the majority of girls want to study further… https://t.co/rICreZO77c

Fighting patriarchy and spreading awareness against misogyny is a modern day challenge but relying upon State apparatus for ensuring these or preferential treatment for women is another extreme. Organic and voluntary empowerment should be preferred to imposed impracticable goals.

Strangely, no one refers to Sri Aurobindo or his The Secret of the Veda. May be inconvenient truth!

Sri Aurobindo on Consciousness and Force: Dissonance in the being https://t.co/uJ8PPcqtES

Danger lies in the argument that inequality is based on rational principles: Danny Dorling discusses five books on modern Britain https://t.co/P3JjHDhHAT

Five books for understanding terrorism, a #readinglist by @AmericanU Professor @akcronin https://t.co/fI19I6zTcB

We absolutely love this #readinglist created by Kaveh Daneshvar, using our list-maker tool, drawing together texts on human biases and irrationality

Remapping Memories | @akraj59 explains how our genetic make-up, surroundings, memories & our #Karma shape our destiny | #_A_K_R_ | #_Spirituality_ https://t.co/uqFGiH7com

No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth. A shout out to all those brave warriors who are fighting the good fight, promoting healthy living & eating & real food & literally saving lives @ProfTimNoakes @DrAseemMalhotra & others #eatbettersouthaftica #realmealrevolution https://t.co/aZnhVuSYpU

NEW interview: 
All writers draw from experience, but today's most exciting experimental novelists aren't afraid to mine theirs explicitly. Here, writer and critic Olivia Laing discusses five works of 'autofiction' that have influenced her work.

Increasingly even mainstream right-wing politics in the world’s major democracies — the US, India, now Brazil — has no moral compass, no capacity for self-critique, and therefore no defense against self-harm. 

I condemn bigotry in any religion, but the #Sabarimala issue is in a different category. The comparison with Vaikom is unwarranted. Sabarimala temple was founded on a sacred legend prescribing that only women of non-childbearing age could worship there. #ReadytoWait makes sense. https://t.co/UsO1EM3uIF

It’s Time We Started Talking About The Economic Costs Of Judicial Overreach.  A case in point is the power and steel industry, where judicial orders has led to severe economic costs.   https://t.co/n75bPnQjv6 via @swarajyamag

Reading is a dying art | @KarunaParikh : There’s this Japanese word (isn’t there one for everything?) – tsundoku. It roughly translates to buying #_books_ when you already have enough unread ones, & then letting them pile up amorously along your shelves https://t.co/xcoZosE2wT

Today, I’m going to focus on some of the ways the human body and creativity work with and in opposition to each other.
Starting off with Amanda Loudin’s Why writers should take up running — and vice versa https://t.co/jrRdFlbDvQ
Frances M. Thompson‘s Why Running Makes Me A Better Writer https://t.co/q9zbFr813Y
Murakami on learning on how to go the distance in both writing and running: https://t.co/61ghsUgICI
Emilia Phillips on how writing can deplete physical energy and the importance of recharging: https://t.co/xJD2zxawW4
Chen Chen on respecting the limits of one’s body: https://t.co/l0z4zflJPt
Fatima Asghar on realising writer’s block is informed by a person’s experiences, trauma & tiredness: https://t.co/eNQRzwiyAU
Today’s my last day running the account. This is @UrvashiBahuguna — thank you for following along this week.

Hindus needing some infusion of the old Arya valour, here is a thread on Bhimasena..nourish your veins with some Dharmic heroics.. https://t.co/hd3yDqbIda
I believe it’s because the physical has much tamas by its very constitution and has to be exercised out by pressure of Manas and Prana..you would have noticed Sri Aurobindo used to walk for 4-5 hours..
There seems to be a process of infusing the physical with a receptivity to order, harmony of movement, beauty in poise..a physical culture so to speak that makes it fit for the descent or touch of the Higher...

Thanks to Tinder, Indian women can finally ignore men without consequences
Fine insight from author Devi Yesodharan @hype_atia : https://t.co/8gdkZtOKtJ

It must fix its broken education system and harness the energies of its young people: Sanjay Kumar Imagine the future of a state whose younger population is growing up without good quality education. One where only 32.57% population in the 16-17 years… https://t.co/cvvGi26QbA https://t.co/YWbI574btT

[Samuel Smiles’ classic instructs readers that, while self-help “strengthens” its practitioner, “help from without is enfeebling in its effects.” ...it was this Victorian moralists’ bestseller that FIRED the JAPANESE in their “catch-up with the Advanced West”] -Sauvik Chakraverti

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/evtn59y7Cz Interaction with Tara Didi Sourcing Our Oneness Camp, Nainital 2018

Sri Aurobindo's Bhavani Bharati
Aug 15 2018 Darshan performance at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch https://t.co/fmXKs98VRm

Sri Aurobindo's approach to Tantra by Premanandkumar https://t.co/mL923p4qW7 #SPIRITUAL

Stepping Back...
Most of  you live on the surface of your being, exposed to the touch of external influences. you live almost projected......
https://t.co/uXnhyFA8zP https://t.co/u2hIWCYta0

October 25, 2018

Bidyut Chakrabarty, Kancha Shephard, and Abhijit Iyer Mitra

In my book, The Secret of Our Success, I make the case that languages, actually have, even in historical time, gotten more complex, added new tenses, added new grammatical tools, vastly increased the repertoire of vocabularies, gotten more phonemes, and all kinds of things that go along with the rise of complexity. So languages are really just like other domains of culture—like tools—in that they are cumulative and depend on the size and inter-connectedness of populations. - Joe Henrich
Yes, it is a good test of the ‘collective brain’ idea. If the collective brain idea is right, when we look back historically on this period, the early 21st century, we should see a massive increase in rates of innovation because of all the interaction the new communication technology is permitting. https://fivebooks.com/best-books/joe-henrich-cultural-evolution/

Years ago, there use to be central concept in Judiciary while passing judgments - Justiciable. But the activist judges do not know such boundaries. Whether their judgments are justiciable or not, whether Admin is capable or not, they pass Judgments.
What does this tell you?

Great! Just read another nice word "sociability"
[It seems that if humans do depend so much on sociability and interaction, I expect great things to happen from the internet — and the huge and constant interaction of people and information that it allows.] https://t.co/1oyyd1nNZt

"Quantum mechanics is hugely accurate but says an atom can be in two places at once. We’ve learned to live with that" Professor of theoretical physics @jimalkhalili explores the best books on the atom: https://t.co/tlDb6ySuvC

"Essays are about brevity and also personality, a feeling that you’re being taken on an intellectual or emotional journey by a person you get to know along the way. Essays root ideas in personal experience."
Alain de Botton recommends illuminating essays: https://t.co/tLAAKeMfwd

“What we’re seeing now is that the challenges to what we call loosely the ‘liberal world order’ or ‘the postwar order’ are coming predominantly from its principal architects, particularly the United States” @Ali_Wyne https://t.co/9nJCZc7Zz9

“The idea that Boston is a place for people seeking toleration is a mythology that builds on itself.”
Boston, a #readinglist by @Harvard historian Jane Kamensky https://t.co/05BwjStwDz

"Is the finale of Richard II not calling for a crazy psychedelic combination of reality and cartoons, with Richard turning into a gigantic clock?"
Slavoj Žižek on his favourite plays https://t.co/DaKWgOwaNq

ICYMI: this week's recommendations for the best books on World War I, which ended 100 years ago in November, by historian @JonathanBoff: https://t.co/GqYw5fvuL3

#Who’sToo? It’s not just men vs women, it’s also women vs wimmin. Good for us. : Bachi Karkaria Nuance, like truth, is the first casualty of war. And in #MeToo’s eyeball-to-balls confrontation, it’s easy to fall for the rigid male-female binary. Easy… https://t.co/1GiW6NmPJb https://t.co/rtHZwRrxAj

#_Sabarimala_ | @BalbirPunj : In Hinduism, God, in th form of any symbol or statue, is a living being. Th Lordships r silent as 2 what happens 2 Lord Ayyappa’s right 2 not see someone. According to th court, He cannot exercise any such discretion | #_B_P_ 

In long-term battles, it is Abrahamic binarism that wins, for it allows focus on one central principle, and rejects all nuances. If Hindus want to win this war for control of their religious spaces, they have to adopt the same binarism+clarity of thought

An astronomical phenomenon related to Pleiades is encoded through the story of Skanda / Kārtikēya. He is the son of Shiva and a human woman (Pārvati), who is nourished by the 7 Matrikas. He heralded the summer solstice for harvest.
The exact same story for Dionysus/Bacchus ! https://t.co/0qAg188ofg
Of course, the name Bacchus is related to the Sanskrit name of a deity : Bhaga. The Bhaga who gave the name Bhāgirathi for the Ganges. And the word Bhagavān, used to describe Vishṇu today.
Bhaga is the lord of fortune, for celebrating the harvest, since far earlier Vedic times.
At some point, Bacchus (Bhaga) got associated with the phenomenon related to Kārtikēya/Skanda. The Greeks probably borrowed this indirectly from the Egyptians. However, disaster happened due to the precession: Pleiades stopped being visible in the northern hemisphere in summer.

DU proposes removing 3 books by Kancha Ilaiah

The Indian Express-21 hours ago
Delhi University's Standing Committee on Academic Matters Wednesday recommended removing three books of Dalit writer-activist Kancha ...

Kancha Shephard  offers to provide intellectual leadership to  oppressed Shudras like Kammas, Reddys, Naickers, Vellalars, Lingayaths, and everyone else.  https://t.co/2SyAUicRmC   🤣🤣

#_K_G_ | @KanchanGupta : I reiterate my unambiguous support for Abhijit. As a free speech absolutist, I find his incarceration an abominable assault on freedom & a denial of liberty. Democracy has once again been wounded by Abhijit's arrest  

#_A_P_ | @Abhina_Prakash : Absolute liberty & absolute freedom of expression are a route to anarchy. My contention is that such executive excesses are also a route to anarchy and ultimately cause collapse of the system | #_Abhijit_Iyer_Mitra_ 

"When people are reminded of their mortality, they hate people who are different, they love money more, and they become more uncomfortable with their bodies and their sexuality."
Psychologist Sheldon Solomon takes a look at the fear of death.

Today is the 5 year anniversary of the @bmj_latest editorial that made BBC News, international headlines & front page of 3 British Newspapers. Key points still true! 
1. Sat fat is NOT the major issue, it’s sugar 
2. Statins overprescribed to millions 
https://t.co/qzMk3uA0CU https://t.co/dsuXIqAUVA

Welcome to 13th State Level Science Exhibition. This is organised by Sri Aurobindo Bigyan Parishad a wing of Sri Aurobindo Engineering and Technical Group. Every year the attempt to organise an Exhibition based on a unique theme inspired by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo https://t.co/BkkYd2S2A3

[Very very few academicians in the country, especially in the discipline of political science, can match his amazing publication record and vast international recognition. To date Professor Bidyut Chakrabarty has over two dozen books to his credit...] - NM https://t.co/j5wZs0A8FH

India is a populous country and it's easy to gather a crowd. If the occasion is religious then large congregations are spontaneous with immense scope for commerce plus content for media. Apart from economics deriving political benefit has also become mainstream. RSS has monopoly.
Any political player is prone to seek advantage from all kinds of situations but keeping a watch on the health of Democracy is also an additional responsibility. Now that RSS is part of the ruling dispensation this particular function needs to be addressed by some astute persons.
India comprises of multiple nations and myriad cultures. Most people are yet to be modern in their attitude and aspirations. Gender stereotypes are further strengthened through culture, religion, and tradition. Courts are doing a bit to dismantle their hold and must be supported.

Great! Just read another nice word "sociability"
[It seems that if humans do depend so much on sociability and interaction, I expect great things to happen from the internet — and the huge and constant interaction of people and information that it allows.] https://t.co/1oyyd1nNZt

Savitri Era Learning Forum has in its Archives thousands of hints and links to innumerable sources of knowledge and alternative viewpoints which can be of immense help to learners without any ideological inhibitions. Understanding Sri Aurobindo is crucial. https://t.co/jYEnLPU9Nw
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Our perception of the flow of time is superficial https://t.co/k3lFEc6xiP

VIP VAK: Kumar Utsav celebration by Odia Mahamanch https://t.co/aTvhGnfZ8v https://t.co/qEy2upOJVu

The 6th annual event of Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Institute of Spiritual Culture and Science, Bengaluru, India. Department of Applied Sciences, KIIT Deemed to be University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India  will be hosting Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Institute’s Sixth International Conference ‘Science and Scientist - 2018’ during October 26-27, 2018 at Auditorium, Campus 6. This conference will be organized under the chairmanship of Sripad Bhakti Madhava Puri Maharaja, Ph.D., Serving Director, Bhakti Vedanta Institute of Spiritual Culture and Science, Princeton, NJ, USA.
The main theme of this year’s event is “Exploring Beyond the Limits of Physical Sciences to Understand Life, Its Origin, Its Purpose and Biodiversity”.

October 23, 2018

Our perception of the flow of time is superficial

"It was Austro-Hungarian mistakes, backed by Germany, that caused the outbreak of the First World War" As the centenary of World War I's end approaches, historian @JonathanBoff talks us through some of the best modern research on World War I:
https://t.co/GqYw5fvuL3 @OUPHistory https://t.co/q260tO2VGH

Our philosophy interviews on Five Books are edited by the British philosopher, Nigel Warburton (@philosophybites). 
You can see all the topics we've covered and people we've interviewed so far here: https://t.co/BI3LAdgzCE https://t.co/GmwlBXB0hj
"You must explain what it is for a life to have value: until you can do that your ethical theories are empty and void."
The best books on #Socrates, discussed by M.M. McCabe, emerita professor of ancient philosophy at @KingsCollegeLon 

The human mind is subject to considerable contradiction, confusion and internal opposition due to various aspects of the being each serving up their demands or desire to be met, needs to be addressed, or insights and ideas to be adopted and implemented.  Despite the tangle that this creates for any individual, there are certain broad principles or concepts which rule even the contradictions in detail.  These overarching ideas are based on the way the human mind works; whichever side of an issue the mind accepts in a particular circumstance, it is governed generally by the framework thus imposed.

@naval Book recommendation: The Life Divine - Shri Aurobindo Ghosh. Should be right up your alley. Read parts of it while up in the Rocky mountains. Not sure whether it was the lack of oxygen or the blissful silence, but the essays they left an immense impression. I found 42.

Plot twist: Machines are using humans to become more powerful. We are just playing into their hands.
Total domination of our conventional consciousness. a.k.a we end up being the hosts in Westworld. 👻
consensus != convergence; decentralization != blockchain and more in...
CRDTs and the Quest for Distributed Consistency  https://t.co/Y9T2uHOBgY via @InfoQ
Benedict Cumberbatch Meets Einstein in The Order of Time https://t.co/AWKSWAcPX0
We all experience time, but the more scientists learn about it, the more mysterious it appears. We think of it as uniform and universal, moving steadily from past to future, measured by clocks. Rovelli tears down these assumptions one by one, revealing a strange universe where, at the most fundamental level, time disappears. He explains how the theory of quantum gravity attempts to understand and give meaning to the resulting extreme landscape of this timeless world. Weaving together ideas from philosophy, science, and literature, he suggests that our perception of the flow of time depends on our perspective, better understood starting from the structure of our brain and emotions than from the physical universe.
Stephen Hawking epitomized the power of a conscious mind. One of the most inspirational personalities to have walked the planet.

Late R.K.Talwar ex-chairman of SBI was sacked by Indira Gandhi at age 54, for not toeing her line. He purchased a bicycle and spent his life in Aurobindo ashram, Pondicherry.
An ex-Chmn retired few yrs ago, joined as Dir. of many co., earned Rs. 3 cr p.a. as fees last year !

"I read it in the way you’d read a novel and its very rare for me to read philosophy like that. The brilliance of Nozick’s writing, the flashiness of it, the wit, the humour makes it a ‘page turner’."
@JoWolffBSG on Nozick's Anarchy, State, and Utopia
https://t.co/6k2jpIGJsM https://t.co/MbNYjwbG1l

How accurate is what we think we know about the Romans? @holland_tom tells @five_books about the exercise of power, the staging of ceremony and the influence of religion in ancient Rome https://t.co/zHfCRgCaPM

"That’s what mathematics is about, pattern-searching": the best books on the beauty of maths, a #readinglist by @OxUniMaths Professor @MarcusduSautoy https://t.co/YYvzkO8Ur8

Evolutionary biologist @bonesandbugs tells us why it's impossible to clone a mammoth, and why we might want to. She discusses five books that discuss biodiversity, extinction, and genetics https://t.co/rzdez1vBkW

“Somebody complained Picasso’s picture of Gertrude Stein didn’t look like her, the response was ‘It will’.”
Philosopher Noël Carroll chooses the best books on the philosophical questions surrounding art | https://t.co/RWpEkAzcgD

“The big moments in the history of information are often seemingly small developments, such as the emergence of indexing, or of reference books.”
The best books on the History of Information, a #readinglist by @Harvard historian Ann Blair https://t.co/G6hp4RLW0K

This article is very interesting. It tells us about Subhash Bose, Sri Aurobindo's advice, Bengal Congress & temple control. Great article. https://t.co/APilV8BtuR

Is Indian Culture Obsolete? https://t.co/DhYcX5rS97 via @Pragyata_

An attempt to show that the evolution of paleography of #Kannada might have been influenced by the knowledge of #geometry, spirals and curves to illustrate a phonetic sound in an alphabet https://t.co/ehOifjn4uZ

A fragment mentioning old H arts and trades: kAvya+AkhyAyika+AkhyAna-parij~nAnam; (gIta)-kushalatA-nR^itta-kushalatA vAdyeshv a...
shilpAny api karmAra-rajaka-takShaka-jatukaraka.[].kumbhak[].. lakShaNaM jyotiSham utpAtikam… i.e. theatrics, sculpture, washerman lac-worker etc https://t.co/dOei3TILST

According to the psychiatric art division head of Saint-Anne, the “fine, delicate touch” marked by “sensitivity and simplicity” in the anonymous Indian’s paintings were probably too skilful for viewers looking for violent works expressing psychic torment. https://t.co/OI1bRdS4qd https://t.co/KrTr2Fn87s

Bharatiya Janata Party or Bharatiya Jumla Party ! https://t.co/ej7KaVTQDA https://t.co/thZLabniic

#EPWEditorial: #Migrant workers in India provide cheap labour and are also scapegoats blamed for all socio-economic ills.

"He suddenly bent over to kiss me. I quickly turned away and he kissed my cheek, jawline and then my neck. I said ‘no’ and he replied ‘oh, why not? Just a little one’." https://t.co/HmLk7MhvBG
#MeToo #JatinDas

When a book on the media biggies is written someday,it'll be a bestseller featuring sex,debauchery,corruption,power broking & more. Fraternity stays tight-lipped about its own,but everyone knows the rot is deep. Ms.Prakash is brave.The knives will be out https://t.co/NCxCBaOS9R

Composing a piece of writing on assault/harassment/another kind of violation is filled with choices. How much of our personal trauma do we share with a reader? Is it necessary to reveal everything? Am I re-traumatising myself by handing over the story?
One reason I've personally refrained from or changed my mind about writing about certain painful experiences is bcos I've worked through them over the years. Writing about them lifts the lid on a journey I've already completed. Sharing it with the world would be deeply confusing.
Aside from the responses of strangers, writers who publish pieces around trauma must also contend with loved ones they haven't told learning about the experience. Busy Phillips told her family 4 months before her book came out something she hadn't shared with them for years.
I recognise that the perspectives/writers I'm sharing in this thread have differing views & experiences when it comes to writing about trauma. I want their voices to be heard in combination to acknowledge that there's innumerable ways in which a person and their trauma intersect.

Kalidas Jayaram done with his part in Jeethu Joseph directorial https://t.co/09NVm2C9jS