March 27, 2015

Life always has a meaning ~Sri Aurobindo

Life always has a meaning whether in success or in difficulty so long as it is turned towards the Divine. Protection will be given, but depression must be put aside ...

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Aurobindo's philosophy of transformation and a divine life on earth is based on a metaphysical position. ... However, some of his insights are challenged by various critics, but always in a meaningful perspective or a constructive way, giving a sympathetic ... concept in the great system of ideas, i.e., it does not eliminate or exclude all that has significance in a wider sphere than its immediate context.

Sri Aurobindo's teaching is founded on an evolution of consciousness as the hidden inner meaning and secret purpose of life on earth. In The Mind of Light, Sri ...

CHAPTER TWELVE Delight of Existence is the Key to the Meaning of Life Sri Aurobindo states the solution clearly “In this conception of an inalienable ...

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Posted on March 25, 2015
When an individual takes up the call to the spiritual life, he is confronted with a number of issues with regard to his relationship to the “life in the world”. Many traditions have counseled the seeker to simplify, to abandon attachment to the world, and thereby to focus all the powers of his life on the spiritual quest. The anchorite in the desert, the yogi in the cave, the monk in the monastery cell, the ash-smeared sadhus all have answered the call in this manner, what Sri Aurobindo calls in The Life Divine, “the refusal of the ascetic”. Regardless of the path, the goal is to simplify and reduce the focus and the attraction of worldly comforts and worldly results, not to transform that outer life. Nevertheless, each individual still needs to hold commerce with the world, even if it is with a begging bowl! The idea behind this is to essentially cut the knot of attachment and refocus all the energies on the spiritual achievement, attaining the goal through the most direct method.
For the seeker of the integral Yoga, where the goal involves not simply an abandonment of the life and the body, but a total transformation of that life, and a realisation of the spiritual intention in all existence, the matter becomes much more complex.

Contrary to the worldwide belief that God cannot be mentally understood, Sri Aurobindo gives a precise definition of Divinity in the preceding chapters. His aim is divine life. It requires a divine soul. Obviously the ego is not the divine soul.

We often receive questions from aspirants who are not satisfied with their present state, who are trying to find a meaning in their lives, a deeper reason for why things happen as they do, and who are searching for a light to guide them in their actions.
Here are some questions of this nature compiled under various topics. The answers to these questions on life are from the writings of two great spiritual masters of our times Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and they present with great insight, the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things. We welcome suggestions and more questions from you, the reader, to enrich this section.
We do hope that this list of compilations will inspire the readers to go to the complete works, help them to uncover the deeper purpose of their life, and set them on the path of ever greater perfection:

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