May 19, 2012

Why Sri Aurobindo's influence tends to be so pervasive

The literary criticism of Sri Aurobindo, with special reference to ... Shree Krishna Prasad, Aurobindo Ghose - 1974 - 487 pages - Snippet view
That is why Sri Aurobindo says that the mantra in poetry is "that rhythmic speech which, as the Veda puts it, rises at once from the heart of the seer and from the distant home of the Truth." It is obviously a dual movement linking the ...
Sri Aurobindo: a centenary tribute Aurobindo Ghose, K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar - 1974 - 346 pages - Snippet view
This is why Sri Aurobindo himself developed his theory of Integral Yoga as the practical foundation or basis of spiritual realisation. In his youth Sri Aurobindo was a man of action, at least in a common sense.
Sri Aurobindo and Iqbal: a comparative study of their philosophy M. Rafique - 1974 - 213 pages - Snippet view
That is why Sri Aurobindo says that no totality of phenomena can equate the Absolute. He is much beyond the universe known to us. Hence Sri Aurobindo concludes, "There is something behind the phenomenon not only infinite but indefinable ...
Revival of Upaniadic thought in contemporary Indian philosophy Sankatha Prasad Singh - 1974 - 324 pages - Snippet view
This is why, Sri Aurobindo thinks, "the age of intuitive knowledge represented by the early Vedantic thinking of the Upanisads had to give place to the age of rational knowledge; inspired Scripture made room for metaphysical philosophy, ...
Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo: Volume 3 Nirod Baran Chakravarty, Aurobindo Ghose - 1974 - Snippet view
Myself: Otherwise I could have those experiences as well, but I can't, why ? Sri Aurobindo: Mind bubbling, vital disturbed and despondent, physical inert. Myself: Or would you say that it has taken them 7 or 8 years ?
Towards eternity; Sri Aurobindo birth centenary volume, 15th ... Aurobindo Ghose, V. Madhusudan Reddy - 1973 - 526 pages - Snippet view
That is why Sri Aurobindo clearly states that "neither intelligence, the imagination nor the ear are the true recipients of the poetic delight, even as they are not its true creator; they are only its channels and instruments; ...
Sri Aurobindo, seer and poet Vinayak Krishna Gokak - 1973 - 185 pages - Snippet view
One has first to inquire why Sri Aurobindo's influence tends to be so pervasive. His revolutionary zeal, his flaming nationalism, his fiery leadership in the early days of the freedom struggle and his incarceration, trial and triumphant ...
Questions and answers, 1956 Mother - 1973 - 375 pages - Snippet view
That is why Sri Aurobindo says: "self-creator", which means that He gives an external form of Himself, and to Himself. It is a change of the mode of being: instead of being an unmanifested possibility it becomes a manifested reality.
Sri Aurobindo: a garland of tributes Arabinda Basu - 1973 - 252 pages - Snippet view
This is why Sri Aurobindo has designated the ultimate Reality "Sachchidananda". The individual and the world are becomings of Sachchidananda and therefore not separate from Him; for Sri Aurobindo who was deeply versed in the Vedas, ...
Contemporary relevance of Sri Aurobindo Kishor Gandhi - 1973 - 343 pages - Snippet view
Coleridge's thought has been carried further in a sense which would perhaps justify speaking of Coleridge's mantle on Sri Aurobindo's shoulders; there is of course no reason why Sri Aurobindo should wear anybody's mantle except his own ...
Indian literature: Volume 15 Sahitya Akademi - 1972 - Snippet view
I turned back to the young man to ask him why Sri Aurobindo had chosen to present himself in this way. But before I could ask him, I got my answer; for thick tears weie trickling down his cheeks. I woke with a shudder, put on the light ...
Third power Vinobā - 1972 - 131 pages - Snippet view
That is why Sri Aurobindo spoke of the "supra-mental" state. He thinks of the mind as rising above itself to taste the immortal bliss of the vision and touch of God, and then returning to the earthly plane as what he calls an avatar.
Sri Aurobindo and Bergson: a synthetic study Abhoy Chandra Bhattacharya - 1972 - 282 pages - Snippet view
Really speaking, we do not see any reason why Sri Aurobindo considers the pleasure that results from ignorance and limitation as consisting of any value whatsoever. It must be an outcome of his great optimism. 1. The Life Divine, I, p. 140.
The two-fold voice: essays on Indian writing in English Dhupaty V. K. Raghavacharyulu - 1971 - 184 pages - Snippet view
But one reason why Sri Aurobindo did not care to complete llion is that perhaps it cannot be completed : that is, in the context of the kind of ethos available in Greek culture, the night is the final word, and there is no "greater ...
Indian Writing Today: Issues 15-18 Centre for Indian Writers - 1971 - Snippet view
This is perhaps the reason why Sri Aurobindo in his search for an Indian mode had always at the back of his mind the blank verse of Milton and the English quantitative metres; whether he succeeded in adapting them to the approximation ...
White roses Mother, Huta - 1970 - 151 pages - Snippet view
January 22 Be content and live within your heart — deep inside — It is the only way to have Peace. Wednesday It is true that this world is a very dangerous one where Falsehood is still in full swing. That is why Sri Aurobindo says, ...
Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga Tulsidas Chatterjee - 1970 - 365 pages - Snippet view
As I have already said, this is the second reason why Sri Aurobindo's Yoga is called Purna Yoga, for it aims at the complete integration of the whole of our personality. Here Sri Aurobindo's standpoint differs from that of Alexander, ...
Reminiscences Nolini Kanta Gutpa, K. Amrita, Suresh Chandra Chakravarty - 1969 - 190 pages - Snippet view
That is why Sri Aurobindo started his daily newspaper, Bandemataram, which was the first to declare in clear language that what we wanted was the freedom of India, a total freedom, a freedom untrammelled by any kind of domination by the ...
Eternity in words: Sri Aurobindo's Savitri Rameshwar Gupta - 1969 - 194 pages - Snippet view
Why? Sri Aurobindo discovered his own answers. What is? ISNESS is: Existence is the ultimate term. How does Existence exist? In a state of Consciousness-force-Bliss. (not unconsciously, not inactively, not unjoyously).
Sri Aurobindo: or, The adventure of consciousness Satprem - 1968 - 381 pages - Snippet view
In any case, this is one of the reasons why Sri Aurobindo and the Mother insist so much on the development of our physical basis; without this, we may go into an ecstasy and shoot up straight into the Absolute, perhaps, but not bring ...
Sri Aurobindo's philosophy of evolution V. Madhusudan Reddy - 1966 - 385 pages - Snippet view
He cannot save the world if He himself evolves, nor can He save the world unless He Himself is its Creator.' This is why Sri Aurobindo links the problem of Evolution with that of Creation. Evolution cannot be understood unless it is ...
Sri Aurobindo's Life divine: lectures delivered in the U.S.A. Ambalal Balkrishna Purani - 1966 - 282 pages - Snippet view
That is why Sri Aurobindo wrote in a letter not to try to answer "doubts" because the spirit of doubt is insatiable. One who submits himself to the spirit of doubt can never be satisfied, because it doesn't want to be satisfied.
Contemporary Indian philosophy Rama Shanker Srivastava - 1965 - 398 pages - Snippet view
That is why Sri Aurobindo does not admit the utility of Yoga practices separately but gives us the Integral Yoga or simply a Yoga of synthesis. The Jnanayoga, as the exclusive path, may to some extent prepare the self for its freedom, ...
Life in Sri Aurobindo Ashram Narayan Prasad - 1965 - 319 pages - Snippet view
People wondered why Sri Aurobindo was giving so much support to a sworn enemy of India like Churchill. Sri Aurobindo's concern was not for Britain, the United States, India or any other country.
The mother of love: Volume 1 Madhav Pundalik Pandit - 1965 - 256 pages - Snippet view
That is why Sri Aurobindo says that the earth is the destined field of progress and transformation and even the gods have to come down here and take birth in the human body if they wish to grow and transform themselves: The godhead ...
Social philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the new age Kishor Gandhi - 1965 - 273 pages - Snippet view
the age long promise which spirituality has always held forth but which it has not been able to fulfil till now. That is why Sri Aurobindo confidently insists on saying that glorious as has been the spiritual record of the past, ...
The life of Sri Aurobindo: a source book   Ambalal Balkrishna Purani - 1964 - 335 pages - Snippet view
The question why Sri Aurobindo was called Arabinda Ackroyd baffled me for some time, till an indication in M. Monod Herzen's book gave me the clue. It is now established that Miss Annette Ackroyd arrived in 1 Rev.
Sri Aurobindo came to me: reminiscences Dilip Kumar Roy - 1964 - 237 pages - Snippet view
That is why Sri Aurobindo speaks so emphatically of the Descent of the Divine Power into our dismal humanity, a descent missioned to promote a new manifestation in the "earth-consciousness." But to invoke the Divine Power for the ...
Main currents of social & political thought in modern India: Volume 1 Jyoti Prasad Suda - 1963 - Snippet view
This is one of the reasons why Sri Aurobindo placed before his countrymen the ideal of a free and independent India in place of the Liberal * Quoted by AB Purani, op. cf., ...
Resurgent India Sisir kumar Mitra, Aurobindo Ghose - 1963 - 432 pages - Snippet view
It is said that once when he was travelling from Calcutta to his native place the hymn came to him all of a sudden and he only wrote it down as he saw and heard it. That is why Sri Aurobindo called Bankim a Rishi, a Seer.
The Political science review: Volumes 1-2 Rajasthan (India). University. Dept. of Political Science - 1962 - Snippet view
... have helped the reader to understand more clearly the reasons why Sri Aurobindo retired from politics The learned author could have stressed the point that the decision to retire did not constitute any real break with the past. Lastly, it may he ...
The Visva-bharati quarterly Visva-Bharati - 1957 - Snippet view
If this be so, there is no reason why Sri Aurobindo's poetry should not knock at the closed gates and awaken the sleeping princess to light of day and love. There are indeed passages in the Savitri, inspite of its theme of yogic ...
The meeting of the East and the West in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy Sisir Kumar Maitra - 1956 - 451 pages - Snippet view
This is why Sri Aurobindo links the problem of Evolution with that of Creation. Evolution cannot be understood unless it is viewed as the reverse side of Creation. Creation is the involution of the Absolute into the world, ...
Founding the life divine: an introduction to the integral yoga of ... Morwenna Donnelly - 1956 - 246 pages - Snippet view
There is another reason why Sri Aurobindo advocates the opening of the heart center first. The descent of the higher consciousness, and the transformation of the nature at which the Yoga aims, become safer and easier through the ...
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Kumbha: India's ageless festival Dilip Kumar Roy, Indira Devi - 1955 - 204 pages - Snippet view
That is why Sri Aurobindo is likely to be looked upon by posterity as the Messiah of this post-scientific age — a true Messiah because even when he met the challenge of reason with reason, he could asseverate, with the authority of his ...
Sri Aurobindo: addresses on his life and teachings Ambalad Balkrishan Purani - 1955 - 351 pages - Snippet view
The reason why Sri Aurobindo lays so much emphasis upon collective life is that in his view individual perfection is not enough. The problem of man's freedom and perfection, in his view, is not individual but collective.
The Indian review: Volume 55 G.A. Natesan - 1954 - Snippet view
That is the reason why Sri Aurobindo also urges that if we have to survive if mankind has to survive this latest and not yet the fullest threat of undivinc forces, unleashed by science and materialism, it has to ascend to higher levels ...
The New York times book review: Volume 2 1950 - Snippet view
... truth, and act upon it, we shall never have peace and goodwill on Of course, the two basic reasons why Sri Aurobindo is so little known in America are comparatively simple. 1st. — Up to now his works have not been published in this country ...
Sri Aurobindo and the new age Anilbaran Roy - 1940 - 170 pages - Snippet view
... has been due chiefly to the philosophical outlook of the Indians. That is why Sri Aurobindo gave so much importance to philosophy in the Arya which was indeed called a philosophical review.
Philosophical Foundation Of Education - Page 85 Y.K Singh - 384 pages - Preview
This IS the reason why Sri Aurobindo has given the conception of universal Moksha. The modern Indian thinkers consider it essential to develop the spirit of man and to make the world a vale of soul making.
A NEW WAY OF LIVING - Page 268 ROY pOSNER - Preview
That is why Sri Aurobindo's perceptions of this new world are so helpful, because he lays out the general parameters so clearly. Karmayogi has extended this knowledge into the major fields of life. If it is a collective movement, ...
An Analysis of Sri Aurobindo's - Page 183 Roy Posner - Full view
That is why Sri Aurobindo told the Mother that they were seeking to establish the Truth Consciousness of Supermind in the world rather than just the universal consciousness of Overmind, which does not have that power to effect ...
Nature Of God - Page 71 Satya Prakash Singh - Preview
has simultaneously the stasis of Self-reservation within It. This is why Sri Aurobindo observes: "It (the Absolute) takes its eternal poise in the one and the stable and whirls round itself infinitely, inconceivably, securely in the ...

May 02, 2012

Curiosity and wonder, creativity and self-reliance

What is Learning? Here are a number of the principles we model which are inspired by Carl Rogers, Humberto Maturana, Aurobindo Ghose, and Brent Cameron:
  1. Human beings are designed for learning – they are natural learners.
  2. Humans learn best when there is an authentic, loving relationship between a learner and a mentor.
  3. Humans need to feel safe and secure in the learning environment for learning to happen.
  4. Lasting learning happens when the subject is perceived as relevant and useful by the learner.
  5. Much is learned by doing.
  6. Learning is a messy process similar to that of inventions – many paths are explored, many are abandoned, with curiosity and wonder guiding the process.
  7. Self-initiated learning is the deepest and longest lasting.
  8. When self-evaluation is the primary means of assessment, resourcefulness, creativity, and self-reliance are encouraged.
  9. The primary goal of learning is to learn how to learn — developing a direct understanding of how you encounter the unknown and incorporate new experiences into your personal evolution.