June 19, 2023

Sri Aurobindo projected futuristic views of the Indian tradition

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956), Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (2005), Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006), and President, Savitri Era Party (2007). Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

[PDF] Ultra Transcendental Meditation: Gateway to Infinite Bliss

A Mohan - 2023
… Sri Aurobindo adds: As we progress and awaken to the soul in us and things, we
shall realize that there is a consciousness also in the plant, in the metal, in the atom,
in electricity, in everything that belongs to physical nature; we shall find even that it is …

Awakening the Inner Self: The Spiritual Disciplines and Meditation of Swami Vivekananda

P Behl, M Singh, MN Sondhi - 2023
… They have forgotten their great modern sages like Swami Vivekananda and Sri
Aurobindo who projected futuristic views of the Indian tradition and instead adulate
western thinkers devoid of any spiritual realization. They look at India with jaded …


IZ Rukhitdinovna - Horizon: Journal of Humanity and Artificial Intelligence, 2023
… Eastern esotericism is reflected in the views of Chandra Mohan Djein Osho, Sri
Aurobindo Ghosh. While Osho described esoteric knowledge as a “product of daily
practice” [3.21.], Sri Aurabindo Ghosh described it as “a means of intuitive …
Remembering the great Mahakavi Kalidasa today! First day of the month of Aashada! And this beautiful poem! आषाढस्य प्रथमदिवसे मेघमाश्लिष्टसानुं वप्रक्रीडापरिणतगजप्रेक्षणीयं ददर्श॥
Wanted: Quickfix biographers to write a new kind of #History in which known facts on dead leaders will be interpreted with ifs and buts and garnished with could-have-been, might-have-been or may-bes. Past experience as fiction writers appreciated. State patronage assured.
Cultural conservatism and social change can coexist in a context where the minds of the underdeveloped do not evolve at the same rate as the outward trappings of material growth. Which is why economic growth in itself cannot lead to development and needs studied interventions
Sri Aurobindo Ghosh teachings remind us of the immense potential of human consciousness and the possibility of realizing our divine nature, leading to a state of true liberation and fulfillment. is the official NRI Wing of JSP, named after such great soul,Sri Aurobindo.
If anyone were really smart they'd connect the dots between Gebsers integral consciousness and Aurobindo’s Overmind. If you link the historical contingency of the Integral structure of consciousness--why are we able to develop it in the first place? How is it instantiated--
to the timeless characteristic of Overmind--its ability to let contradicting perspectives grow against each other and still be apart of a unified whole--you would realize the relative importance and way to frame both Aurobindo and Gebser.
I just find it amusing how back in the day I was one of the only ones who thought it was weird that both Wolff and Aurobindo studied theosopophy. Along with many things I've just been hammering away until I could understand *why* that was.
I can see why Wolff thought Aurobindo was interesting to study for supplemental material to his own thought. If you apply Wolffs introception and it's conscious usage to Aurobindo’s cosmology you get something very similar to Wolff's own relative ideology.
I always loved how, in the beginning of Integral Yoga, Aurobindo admits that he who seeks from the Divine in sincerity (e.g. if he asks for knowledge, power or peace from the Divine, for the sake of Him) they will get it. Although, his yoga and the fruits may only appear after a
I just find it amusing how back in the day I was one of the only ones who thought it was weird that both Wolff and Aurobindo studied theosopophy. Along with many things I've just been hammering away until I could understand *why* that was.
If those of us with mystical sensibilities were to really truly not fall into the declarative trap of ideology, we should be able to mine the center that these spiritual teachings point to, as well as the authorship of their utterances. So, while we would be able to admit the timeless wisdom inherent in their ideological systems, so to would we be able to historically contextualize the declaratives and narratives they were used within.
Practice - In the midst of this turmoil, Sri Aurobindo met a yogi named Vishnu Bhaskar Lele. Lele asked him to remain in seclusion for three days. Sri Aurobindo describes his experience:
Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, an ardent patriot & a great orator and the lawyer ,whose successful Defence of Aurobindo, is still remembered. sterhttps://m.thewire.in/article/history/deshbandhu-chittaranjan-das-on-his-death-anniversary
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Thanks for sharing. I wonder if it was the same temple where Kavya kanta Gnapati Muni found the young disciple Kapali Shastriyar, who later joined Sri Aurobindo Ashram and wrote numerous works on Tantra and Mantra sadhana.
So matter of fact Sri Aurobindo told Sir ravindranath tagore to read walt whitman to improve his poetry and like, just imagine how fine his work must’ve been, I now read a lot of walt whitman
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You are wrong on facts. He failed in challenging Gandhiji as no one was ready to board the leaky boat (Rajaji's words) And we know from Nirobaran's conversations with Aurobindo on how he handled your favourite topic. Dot
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That's why I linked the Aurobindo SS. To understand the shastras, one needs a certain fitness of being, they say. Also, why would one try? Shouldn't our goal be to attain it & go asking questions rather than giving sermons? Vivekananda puts this well. Applies to all knowledge.
Nishikanto - mystic poet, painter, sadhak He ceas’d; but left so pleasing on the ear His voice, that list’ning still they seemed to hear. - Homer (Odyssey; Translation: Pope) Read a pen-portrait of Nishikanto by Batti at motherandsriaurobindo.in/disciples/batt
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Kindly read Dr. Nirod Baran. A close disciple of Sri Aurobindo who sacrificed his medical practice in Kolkata to join the freedom movement. He was not only his close disciple, sadak and personal physician he along with Aurobindo wrote the epic SAVITRI that came into culmination
Nolini Kanta Gupta, a foremost disciple of Sri Aurobindo and a great spiritual personality, once asked to speak something about his life. In the recorded talk, he spoke some profound things. Amrita was Michelangelo, Sri Aurobindo ..Leonardo de Vinci who embodied the Renaissance.
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He who seeks the Divine is sought by the Divine, says Sri Aurobindo…once you have chosen, the intermediary twists are irrelevant…you will be taken, one way or another, into the Kshetra your heart’s adoration is set on…you are set brother…all is good for you.
Sri Aurobindo said the biggest deficiency of Greek philosophy was that they didn’t discover the Purusha That is, they didn’t know of the Pure Consciousness that is behind every activity and movement in the world They remained stuck in the intellect & couldn’t find the way out
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Hindus have been following touch me not, enter they not, eat me not...trad dictum! It's because of Sri Ramkrishna, Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Lahiri Mahashoy, Ramana Maharshi, Paramhansa Yogananda..... Sanatan Dharma is spreading the world & India is awakening...
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Of all institutions from Vivekananda to Shri Aurobindo to Ramswarup/Sita Ram Goel to present day authors and other institutions like RSS, THE institution (from the point of view of total contribution and current contribution) which stands out as far taller is Geeta, Press
Aurobindo gave the best explanation for why India’s rise was both inevitable and necessary: ‘… the Sanatan Dharma is life itself, it is a thing that has not so much to be believed as lived. It is to give this that India is rising. She does not rise for self, or when she is
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Gandhi wanted to satisfy his ego. India’s freedom was his platform. If he really wanted India to be free quickly he’d have accepted the proposal from Sri Aurobindo. It was Sri Aurobindo who first thought of “poorna swaraj”
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The people worth deep reading and then truly understanding Indian religions and caste were Sri Aurobindo and Anand Coomaraswamy at independence. Sadly, both were ignored. Every kind of ignorance is now peddled as knowledge by our colonised intellectuals.
Sri Aurobindo's perspective on Chakras 6;Visuddha(Throat), Ajna (Forehead), Sahasradala (Crown), Soaring beyond Chakras
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The repetitious drumming of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and “The Mother” in mandatory morning assembly created in me a lifelong distaste for those two characters. Btw, willing to bet that almost no graduate of MIS has any affinity with them despite a decade of force-feeding.
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Nice comment but searching for the alternative is also important. I don't think anyone else surpasses them as regards philosophy or psychology. Savitri as a poem has no comparison. Hope, you change your opinion.
Greatness of Sri Aurobindo is widely recognised now. Any dislike for him can't be considered as a virtue. The Doctrine of Passive Resistance formulated by him was adopted by Gandhi as main political weapon. His philosophy of Evolution has percolated into myriad streams of thought.
Spirituality attracts many who think they can have mystical experiences and achieve some Siddhi. Creating a new path also possesses some at some point. So it's instructive to read a brilliant analysis: Obsessive-compulsive spirituality by Dr Ramesh Bijlani auromirayoga.blogspot.com/2010/12/obsess
Sri Aurobindo comes after Vivekananda and before Gandhi; gives a decisive shape to Lal-Bal-Pal. His thinking doesn't match with Tagore or Subhas. His most important task, however, is to defeat Hitler. For that, he sides with the British. Churchill becomes his instrument in WWII.
It's only by learning what The Mother & Sri Aurobindo represent that one can know what type of changes to aspire for. Otherwise, all political parties perpetrate regressive policies. Capturing power by piggybacking on religion has corrupted the democratic system beyond repair.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the most important subjects for human civilisation. They orient in the right evolutionary direction. Self-study is required as they are yet to be included in the school and college syllabus. Worshipping them as the one Supreme Divine is pioneering.
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