August 26, 2019

German romanticism, American transcendentalism, and Bengal Renaissance

Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar Director #SavitriEra Learning Forum (SELF since 2005) #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

Narad's Arrival at Madra. By RY Deshpande. Never read anything so focused on those 89 lines. Marvellous textual commentary! Absolute masterpiece!

Sir, I would like to humbly bring another view to the statement all knowledge is contained in the a certain ultimate sense yes, for he knows the Brahman knows all, yet in the modern application of it or even in the discovery of a progressive ladder that leads there is...
..a work that has yet to be done..for at least the Rig Veda Samhita concerns itself with the bringing down the greater powers of Self into the evolving human..the latter aranyakas and brahmanas lay down the ritual applications and the why and whereof..and related speculations.
And yet the work done here is stupendous..the discovery of the RV Samhita itself is not fully understood..the great psychological complexity of it..unfathomable what beings the Rishis were..but we need to be clear about what Veda concerns itself with and its derivatives
Sir, if one is not ready the higher knowledge does not open up anyway!!
Sir, respectfully, the Vedic attitude is way more than what is understood is not clearly documented because it is complex..the tricky is not in birth varna, not entirely in swabhava, and not entirely in specific disciplines we undertake..
One like Sri Aurobindo got to the Vedic realisations and more..He certainly didn’t follow the traditionalist path..and so with Mother and my view that not recognising the fundamental attitude needed harms the Dharma..not external forms..a deep need and cry..
That the Veda no Brahmana..borderline shudra perhaps..I have approached Her with aspiration and She has shown a little so far, but too much by normal standards, feels like sacrilege to put it here..but am no traditionalist and I have no fear or taboo..

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have written many things and the responsibility is theirs. Direct disciples too have repeated many of them out of loyalty. The challenge today is to avoid making false promises as regards spiritual power since Integral yoga is not at all result-oriented.
When I wrote ten years back "The divine manifestation of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is an unprecedented phenomenon which... is nothing in comparison to what is yet untold about them," it created a mild flutter. Their deed indeed remains largely unfathomed.

I think, I have answered your curiosity here
Possibility is the most important word in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy. Emergent Evolution as popularised by Bergson, Whitehead, or Morgan. The Mother added emphasis on the mind of the cells & their transformation
There were plays and epics, treatises on ethics and cosmology, religious scriptures, discourse on theology, philosophy, and theosophy; and diverse literature on atheist persuasion as well. Then came The Life Divine by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo replacing all cobwebs of confusion.
German romanticism is indebted to Integral thinkers like Duns Scotus (1266–1308), Giordano Bruno (1548–1600), and Jakob Böhme (1575–1624). American transcendentalism and Bengal Renaissance too have their roots. Also the Cosmic Movement of Max Théon (1848–1927) and Sri Aurobindo.
Any admirer of Sri Aurobindo has to go through a prolonged phase of exploring Homer, Heraclitus, Plotinus, Dante, Blake, Nietzsche, Fichte, Spencer, et al in order to develop an integral understanding of him. Those who suffer from West-phobia must shed their inferiority complex.

A "Johannine Age" would seem to be much the same as Aurobindo's "Age of Subjectivism", and is what Blake described as his "New Age" after the fall of his demon god "Urizen".

Sri Aurobindo, Gilbert Simondon, individuation and cosmogenesis via @YouTube

I’m a huge admirer of Sri Aurobindo but I really struggle with how to make sense of his claims about the supramental descent. How can we empirically verify it? When will physical immortality be manifested on earth?
Which essays in particular? Btw, I’m not sure how my tone has come across in my tweets but I’m not trying to be confrontational, just trying to make sense of something which baffles me. As I said, I admire SA greatly and have learnt a lot from him.

West-worship has reduced cultured  Hindus to the level of consuming the garbage of the West like edible gold, this while the West is turning Hindu in all its habits, including eating.
Since the rise of invasive super-cults of Christianity & Islam RELIGIONS have been the most murderous, the most violent & the most tyrannical forces on earth. Communism & Nazism too are no less religions than these two. Even political corruption & power-mongering is far better.

7.1) The Mother instructed many Ashramites on how to express beauty through art. One of them was Huta, with whom Mother worked on the now famous 'Meditations on Savitri'..
But before starting the work, the preparation work had to be done..

Recently, a propagandist article titled ‘Who killed Sanskrit’ was published in Deccan Herald by a certain Sumit Paul, who seems to have taught Persian and Sanskrit at Bhandarkar Oriental Research Insitute, Pune.
The article is completely one-sided and [not even] half-baked. 1/n

Read the inscriptions themselves carefully, not interpretations by joker secular historians with an agenda, they say no such thing, Ashoka says he became closer to the dharma after the war, this has falsely been extrapolated as conversion
Ashoka was already a Buddhist before the war, the trigger for his conversion was meeting the boy-monk who was the son of yhe rival prince he defeated to become Emperor, and even earlier as governor on Vidisha he already was in contact with the Sangha.

No doubt Internationalism is the future of man but to rush prematurely towards it would only mean the hegemony of few powerful nations over the rest of humanity under the garb of globalisation and internationalism. This would crush out many beautiful things that each nation has to contribute leaving a big vacuum in our evolutionary groupings. Each nation, like an individual, has its own unique soul which must be brought out and work together for the good of the world. Each nation must discover its own spiritual roots to nourish its individuals.
A rash internationalism may well end up with a few nations once again dominating the rest since human nature has hardly changed since the two great wars.

The One and the Many in Radhakrishnan's and Hick's Thinking
S Sugirtharajah - The Expository Times, 2019
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[PDF] Matter-Consciousness: Duality, Complementarity & DNA
S Rengarajan - DNA Decipher Journal, 2019
… Einstein When the society embraces spirituality true progress is attained. Aurobindo [S]quare root of 1% of world population (7,000 mystics) together can beam the cosmic transcendental radiations. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi The …

The Perfect Imperfect: Democracy, Sovereignty, and the Ethics of Self-Ruination
U Kumar - Cultural Critique, 2019
… of sovereignty. In her second chapter, Gandhi examines practices of descent associated with four spiritual masters or Gurus from India, namely Sri Ramakrishna, MK Gandhi, Sri Aurobindo, and Ramana Maharshi. She stresses 

Śivajñāne jīver sevā: Reexamining Swami Vivekananda's Practical Vedānta in the Light of Sri Ramakrishna
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[PDF] 29th Annual Convention of National Academy of Psychology (NAOP), India
C PATRON - 2019
… Page 3. About Pondicherry Pondicherry is the abode of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. This union territory is synonym to peace and harmony. The typical tranquility and spiritual embrace of Puducherry beckons the sojourners to the cosmopolitan city …

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