January 23, 2024

The Life Divine should be included in the college syllabus

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

15th Sri Aurobindo Relics Instalation Ceremony// Matrupitha, Nuapatana. No views · 7 minutes ago ...more. Try YouTube Kids. An app made just for kids.
16 hours ago — Ram Janmabhumi and Sri Aurobindo Sadhanalaya. A brief reflection by Dr Alok Pandey. Read More. https://auromaa.org/
10 hours ago — Why this petition matters · On March 29, 1989 Sri Aurobindo's sacred Relics were installed · It behoves all friends of Sanatana Dharma and above all, the devotees ...
5 hours ago — Sri Aurobindo goes on to describe her transcendent, universal and individual aspects, and their relations with our world. In Savitri, the character Savitri ..

Are we ready? After the #Ayodhya ceremony, I put the Modi establishment's #Vishwaguru idea to a reality check for @WIONews
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Ram Lalla and Modi’s Trial by Fire: What #Ayodhya Ceremony Means for the Republic
There must be a glide path to a #RamRajya in which communal harmony matches economic resurgence.
My piece for @TheQuint on
#RamLallaVirajman #Ramlalla #RamMandir


This timeline of the history of philosophy is pretty good, except for the part where process philosophy supposedly ends in 2000! If anything I'd say the last quarter century has been something of a renaissance in Whitehead studies. 



Continued dominance of Hindutva in the national scene will keep Sri Aurobindo relevant for the scholars since he is the only alternative. The Life Divine should be included in the college syllabus so that people know his philosophy beyond his oft-repeated opinion on nationalism.


#Replug | From Vivekananda to Aurobindo, no one’s idea of Hinduism matched the Hindutva of the RSS


In ‘Hindu Rashtra’, Ashutosh traces the opposition between MS Golwalkar’s views and those of Mahatma Gandhi.


Becoming the Father of Modern India: Rammohun Roy and the Politics of Paternity

P Kulkarni - Journal of Hindu Studies, 2024
… Barindra Ghosh, Sri Aurobindo’s younger brother, was recognised as the father of the Bengali Revolutionary Movement. Amid a revolutionary Bengal of the 1930s, Rammohun Roy was elevated as the father of modern India. In the post-independence …

[PDF] The Nation as A Mother (Vandemataram): A True Spirit of Nationalism in Anandmath

VA Kumari
… The 19th century colonization prompted Bankim to attribute the powers of goddess Durga, to the mother that is motherland which was later acquired by Sri Aurobindo also. Nationalism is essentially the transfer of the focus of man's identity …

Time for revisiting Bankim Chandra Chatterjee's political ideas–with special reference to Anandamatha novel

PR Shantha
This paper focuses on the impact of Samkhya philosophy on the political thoughts of Bankim Chandra. Bankim Chandra is regarded as “The Father Of Literary Renaissance” in modern Bengal and he is considered as harbinger of national …

Tagore in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Translation, Archives and Histories

M Kämpchen - Nodes of Translation: Intellectual History between …, 2024
… 25 The Swiss translation of poems from Bengali to German, prepared by Aurobindo Bose and Ilse Krämer, needs a mention. 26 The German text is, however, more in the nature of a summary and lacks the accuracy of a philological translation …

[PDF] Gandhiji's search for the individual's moral foundations

KBG Segalerba
… With Text, Translation, and Commentary in the Words of Sri Aurobindo; The Bhagavad Gītā (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, English … With Text, Translation, and Commentary in the Words of Sri Aurobindo. Edited by Parmeshwari Prasad Khetan …

Translation in Colonial Maharashtra

M Kulkarni - Nodes of Translation: Intellectual History between …, 2024
… As Margaret Chatterjee argues, both Aurobindo and Nietzsche were Heracliteans and" philosophers of the dawn," who sought to infuse … Rajwade was familiar with and admired the work of Aurobindo. However, he found the sage's mysticism rather … 

India and Identity-Some Reflections

FH Sarwar, B Ganguly - 2024
… It is to be noted that neither Vivekananda nor Aurobindo spoke the “them and us" language. 20 So, to check these conflicts we have to control the encroachment of Hinduttava ideology. This is the one way to preserve the Indian identity of Unity in Diversity. …

[PDF] India's Freedom Struggle: Role of Revolutionaries

J Arun
The Indian freedom struggle began in true earnest in the post-1857 mutinies period. Earlier in the 18th and early 19th centuries, the arrival and gradual supremacy of the British colonies in the Indian subcontinent was not frowned upon or resisted based …

[PDF] Unsung Heroes Immortal 'Ranis' of Azad Hind Fauj and their struggles

S Tandon, D Tripathi
… 250 ladies under the supervision of Lotika Ghose, the niece of Aurobindo Ghose, were part of the 2,000 young volunteers that Bose recruited for the cause. The members in the force were known as Bengal Volunteers, and they are typically …


C Pillai, A Ghosh, CO No, A Fazal - BA HISTORY
… 4 Ideas of Radical thinkers such as Tilak, Subramania Bharathi, VO Chidambaram Pillai and Aurobindo Ghosh 5 Ideas of Egalitarian thinkers like Periyar and Ambedkar … UNITIV Radical Thinkers-Bal Gangadhar Tilak-Subramania Bharathi–VO …

Murshidabad During Anti-Partition & Swadeshi Movement: A Study

P Das - India and Identity-Some Reflections, 2024
As all we know that Bengal remained always in the forefront of the Indian nationalist movement. Bengal not only provided the leaders of the movements but also the people form each and every corner participated in different time in different …

Cultural Change in India: The Making of Colonial Modernity and Beyond

R Singh - Culture Change in India
… Advocated by spiritual exemplars like Dayanand Saraswati, Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo, physical exertion and the cultivation of a certain body type posited a notion of moral supremacy that could be gauged through the visual register …

[HTML] Dr. Muhammad Umar Riaz Abbasi

H English
According to Iqbal, the purpose of education is to serve as a mechanism for achieving a harmonious equilibrium between individualism and collectivism. Within this utopian society, Iqbal emphasizes cultivating individuality as a core value while …

[PDF] An integral approach to the study of problems of philosophical anthropology Nargiz Medzhidova

N Medzhidova
… In this regard, the works of the founder of integral yoga, Sri Aurobindo, the integral approach to the problem of consciousness in the works of German philosopher Jean Gebser, the works of integral theorist Michael Zimmerman, and the works of …

[HTML] Jessica Namakkal. Unsettling Utopia: The Making and Unmaking of French India

C Gurkaya - 2023
… In parallel, the chapter highlights how Mirra Alfassa, as the sole successor of Sri Aurobindo … Mirra Alfassa gave long speeches about the fraternity between all nations that appealed to … nation-states—the very ideals Mirra Alfassa championed …

Transforming Caste Domination and the Challenges of Structural Transformations and Transformation of Consciousness: Ambedkar, Shankara and Beyond

AK Giri - Journal of Human Values, 2024
… We find the latter in many streams of spiritual visions, including thinkers and seekers such as Buddha and Sri Aurobindo. But I take an approach to consciousness which is simultaneously social and trans-social, historical and trans-historical …

Contemporary Contributions to Critiques of Political Economy and Creative Planetary Futures: Political Economy, Moral Economy, Moral Sociology, Spiritual Ecology …

AK Giri - Contemporary Critiques of Political Economy
… It also means ethical, moral, and spiritual transformation of state as suggested by Kierkegaard, Gandhi, Sri Aurobindo, and Martin Luther … dialogues between Marx and Gandhi, Marx and Sri Aurobindo, among others about manifold relationships …

[PDF] The Personal Elements in the Poetry of Toru Dutt

AN Prasad, SK Thakur - The Quintessential, 2023
India is a country of great poets and philosophers. The Sanskrit literature which is one of the oldest literatures of the world has given birth to a number of great poets and dramatists, artists, and philosophers who stunned the world by the virtue of their …

[HTML] Unpleasant happenings in a so-called 'Culturally Developed State of Bhadraloks'

S Chatterjee
… In Pondicherry, Sri Aurobindo dedicated himself to his spiritual and philosophical activities. … “When the Sri Aurobindo Ashram was formed in November 1926, Sri Aurobindo entrusted its full … Before conclusion, a few paragraphs written by Sri …

Human Development Model Based on Yogic Wisdom for Well-being and Self-actualization: A Conceptual Framework

K Ranisha, S Kumari, U Dwivedi - Journal of Human Values, 2024
Ancient Indian philosophies consider self-realization as a fundamental concept and aim of human life, which appears theoretically similar to the self-actualization concept of the West. This article compares and contrasts the self-actualization …

[HTML] Living in Essence: A Correlational Study of Self-Transcendence and Utilizing the Enneagram Personality Typology System

AJ Vidrine - 2023
Over the last few decades, the Enneagram personality typology system (EPS) has gained popularity in the United States as a tool for personal growth through self-or type-transcendence. Most research studies on the EPS examined specific impacts of …

Introduction: Practical Indian Ethics in the Global Cosmopolis

P Bilimoria, A Rayner - The Routledge Companion to Indian Ethics, 2024
… In an interesting essay, ‘Indian Thought: Between Tradition and Modernity’, JN Mohanty argued that public, though non-academic philosophers like Tagore, Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo have managed a synthesis of the traditional and the modern …

Women and Values in Traditional India: A Feminist Probe

AN Balslev - The Routledge Companion to Indian Ethics
Reflections on womanhood, as documented in the classical literature, may largely be described as a male discourse. Ancient texts of various genres appearing over a long span of time depict images of womanhood in an utterly contrasting manner …

The Future Is Now: An Introduction to Prefigurative Politics

EG Piccardi, L Centemeri, A Komporozos-Athanasiou… - 2024
The gloomy prospect of climate change and ecosystems' collapse calls for an urgent rethinking of all aspects of our life: how we work, produce, eat, spend, take care of each other, relate to nature, and organize our societies. Prefigurative initiatives are …

[PDF] The Relaxation System: A Theoretical Construct

R Haider, A Mehdi - 2023
… Devane travels well to the Sri Aurobindo ashram an ashram is a place of Hindu contemplation and education in India. While meditating, he had a concept at which point he predicted that he was hopeful to find a birth control method that acted on the …

Alternatives to Capitalism in the 21st Century

H Gerhardt, F Adlof
We often evaluate and criticize existing society. This book is less about criticism of how things are and more about alternatives. In times of terrible global problems and great gloom, it examines how things could be better. It is an exercise in idealism, but …

20 Time is out of joint: Disruptive seasonalities of the AnthropoScene

S Strauss - Changing Seasonality, 2023
The time of Covid was marked as much by its monotony as it was by its global scale, and that is an odd combination indeed. The cataclysmic fear and uncertainty that the pandemic unleashed in 2020 brought our worlds to a halt, sending people out of …

Tracing the drivers behind corporate social responsibility through the lens of a systematic review of literature

D Singh, S Jain - JIMS 8M The Journal Of Indian Management And …, 2023
Purpose This paper attempts to review and synthesize the literature on the drivers of CSR in a systematic manner to identify the growth trends, the most influential authors, articles of this area of research coupled with tracing the geographic regions/countries …

[PDF] Life after Acid Attack: A Study of Namita Gokhale's The Book of Shadows in Feministic Perspective

AP Charumathi, M Premavathy
An acid assault can have a catastrophic, psychological effect since the survivors frequently experience social isolation, shame, and terror. Furthermore, the physical wounds that remain may act as continual reminders of the horrific experience …

Don Quixote

HV Khimta - 2023
" I tell thee Sancho, this desire of honour is a strange bewitching thing."-Don Quixote This novel by Cervantes has enchanted generations for centuries leading to various interpretations and explanations. This book presents yet another interpretation of the …

What Dwells There?

OMG da Cunha - 2024
Museum visitors partake in the effect of what we can call the domestication of the view. They witness the constant changes in how objects are allowed to exist in a museological space. In this way, visitors are challenged to cultivate new sensibilities …


… El anima tendría un poder numinoso sobre el ser humano convirtiéndose en un puente entre nuestro mundo interior y exterior, así la diosa Kali es designada por Sri Aurobindo como “Krishna revelándose como un temible Poder y un Amor iracundo …