May 15, 2020

We're Hindu, but we're not like them

Why blame Google? They have incentive to focus on languages with widespread use.  Several others very well-intentioned like Aurobindo Ashram have tried building Unicode. What prevents the @MinOfCultureGoI from putting their muscle behind this?

In these diff times, our religious, spiritual organisations r doing yeomen servic.Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry has silently done grt service. They hv dntd 1 crore to PM Cares fund, 50 lacs to CM Fund, and distr 25 lacs worth of masks, PPEs etc thru  associates and devotees.

My article on 'Niṇyāvacāṁsi: Essence of the Vedas', looking beyond Sri Aurobindo's psychological model of conceiving the Vedas to incorporate its spiritual dimensions, to highlight how the Vedas embody the transcendent Satya.

Mahabharata was more than a quadraple of millenia ago yet I felt so sorrowful today lamenting how one civil war eliminated all the royal/divine genealogies and wiped out the vaidika civilisation at its epoch in one blow. We started from scratch never to recover, reclaim it back.

My daughter tells me- Realise who matter to the world now- Not lawyers, not bankers. It is the food producer, the medical profession, the public transport, the domestic help who comes to the house...
Believe me, the world will be a far more peaceful place. Dishonesty in the world will come down by close to a hundred percent

I repeat it’s not abt Muslim invasions of past but the ongoing genocide & ethnic cleansing of Hindus since last 100 years or so which is causing anti-Muslim backlash. Add to it the religious aggression & social violence by Ashraf supremacists against weaker caste Hindus in India.

'I understand Hindus are upset over the Muslim invasions of the past, but they must move on & not oppress Muslims today,' Emirati royal Sheikha Hend Al Qassimi @LadyVelvet_HFQ tells ThePrint's National Affairs Editor @jomalhotra in #ThePrintUninterrupted.

It is precisely by trying to prevent the descent into the old rancorous and atavistic form of Hinduism that today goes by the name of Hindutva, Bengal became an intellectual powerhouse. Succumbing to that very thing it was designed to prevent now would be a beyrayal to that cause

You want to claim this guy for Hindutva? Aurobindo more than anyone else embodied the spirit of Bengal renaissance. True, he wasn't part of the Gandhi-Nehru secular camp. None of Bengal renaissance intellectuals were. But that doesn't mean they belong to the Nagpur camp either.

The movement in Bengal was overwhelmingly a Bengali movement. They also called themselves Hindu primarily because they were completely unaware of what "Hindu" means in rest of India. If "Hindu" is what the cow belt calls "Hindu", Bengal renaissance is totally incompatible with it

Why them, without twitter and facebook even our generation of Bengalis would not have known what exactly is "Hindu" in North India. We used to call ourselves Hindu unequivocally. Now we have to add "We're Hindu, but we're not like them". Aurobindo wd be forced to do that as well.

To the Bengali audience, who instead of Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Tapan Sinha, Ritwik Ghatak, Rituparno Ghosh, Aparna Sen grew up or chose to remain "exposed primarily to commercial Hindi cinema", now feeling Ray spat on their face...maybe it is not Ray, it is the face. @GargaC

4. And as for your Dravida nationalism, who do you think started this project of making Hindi the lingua franca of Indian Hindus? The language itself was born under British patronage at Fort William in Calcutta with that express purpose.
I am also yet to meet a person in Bihar who does not understand what is spoken on Pakistani television. In fact they understand it much better than the official Hindi created and used by Babus in Delhi. So, how do you know what are they speaking and understanding: Hindi or Urdu?

Our friends at @CEGA_UC pulled together research insights from development economics for the #COVID-19 crisis:

Elizabeth Anderson's Epistomology of Justice is available to read FREE now in the Southern Journal of Philosophy:

Miguel Centeno unpacks the impact of systemic crises on democracy in light of the ongoing #Covid19 pandemic by examining how civil, political, and social rights fare under societal pressures

Odias are one of the most tolerant, peaceful & inclusive lot in this country. The last folks to agitate, create inconvenience or cause trouble. The guys who get up to vacate a seat for an old lady in the bus. The world perceives us as simple, unadulterated & perpetually weird.

As regards the local part, Sovereignty to the States is the only solution. Otherwise, it remains a slogan. PM's speech is a text book example of how Central authority is woefully unaware of local problems and necessities. It's an impediment in a country with such huge population.
Asiatic Society founded by Sir William Jones in 1784 was responsible for large-scale transformations in the Indian society in the subsequent years the reverberations of which are being felt even today. Sri Aurobindo too has made crucial interventions which need to be internalised
There must be a reason why Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo were born in opposite sides of India and never met during three decades. Present generation must probe into this whole scenario for a wealth of information and insights is waiting to be discovered. This is an Evolutionary task.
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