May 07, 2024

Bringing the child’s culture into the curriculum

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

In this quote, Sri Aurobindo enlightens us that education doesn't end when we complete our studies at an educational institute. Rather, it begins after that ...
SAVITRI Book 2 (The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds) Canto 2 (The World-Stair) Find text at:

Do higher fees in schools mean BETTER quality education?

Let’s look at this alternative school in Auroville that shows us how this is ABSOLUTELY not true! 

Note: if you want to volunteer in Auroville, read till the end.

I visited this school in the beginning of this month and made a documentary about it! 

Watch it here:

How did they start this school?

This school started in the late 90s as a music school for dropouts as a way to give them a space to express themselves. 

“Isai” = music 

“Ambalam”= public space

But after the impact of the mid-day meals in schools and increased retention, the dropouts began to reduce. 

Gradually the music school turned into a research school for rural children around Auroville!

What philosophy do they follow here? 

They follow something called “INTEGRAL EDUCATION”, integrating the mind, body and vital. 

They try to give as much importance as possible to each of these aspects. 

Examples for each aspect

1. Mind: academics, research, extra curricular activities.

2. Body: judo, Kurash, silambam, swimming.

3. Vital: meditation, working with nature, collaboration (team work in classes), plays, art.

They do not have exams till 8th standard. For boards they follow NIOS.

What makes this school different?

Here are the top 5 unique things:

1. Making learning visual


3. Cultural integration 

4. Equal importance to sports

5. No fees

1. Making learning visual

They want children to be able to express and see their own thoughts as well as others to see how everyone thinks. For this to be effective, they have created blackboards on walls and created circular seating arrangements!


They have a STEM land in school where children start with Scratch and then move higher up from there to more complex coding concepts! 

They also learn how to work with circuits, basic electronics, games around problem solving and they also conduct science experiments!

3. Cultural integration

The school focuses a lot on bringing the child’s culture into the curriculum so that they feel confident and empowered about their environment. 

e.g they write and perform plays inspired by local stories, play local games and read local stories.

4. Equal importance to sports

Each teacher gives equal importance to sports as they believe that it contributes to the child’s well-being. 

For example, if the teacher has not completed a portion from the syllabus, they will not compensate that with a sports period.

5. No fees

Until recently there were absolutely no fees as the parents could not afford to pay anything. But since the last 2 years, parents have decided amongst themselves to pay 1-2k per month. 

Whatever else is needed for the school is done through fundraisers!

In this way, regardless of their financial backgrounds, all children get access to this holistic education.

Volunteering opportunity:

This school is very open to volunteers coming in and teaching different subjects so do reach out to them via mail if interested. 

You can figure out your accommodation and food through your conversation with them!

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May 01, 2024

Ananda Reddy, Sraddhalu, and Beloo Mehra

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

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Xi knows that China is not rich enough yet to follow a consumption led model like the US. In the annals of economic history, only India has been foolish enough to believe in a consumption led model with a $2k/capita GDP.

Colonial Discourse and Suffering of Indian American Children 

This is an important book co-authored by Kundan Singh and Krishna Maheswari ji, just released by Springer with an open access. Anyone can download the book free of cost.

The Supreme Court has stayed the Madras High Court order of 15th March quashing the order constituting Auroville Town Development Council issued under its Governing Board and posted the case for hearing in the week beginning 8th July 2024 #Auroville

Modesty is not the underestimation of oneself but a psychological heuristic to avoid the excesses of vanity and the abyss of nihilism. It stems from a recognition that much of our life is contingent on the contributions of others & circumstances beyond us. I think.

In this unique conversation between four people with deep interest in Hinduism, historian and author Hindol Sengupta speaks to the popular podcaster and author Kushal Mehra, lawyer Nikhil Mehra who practices at the Supreme Court of India, and Harsh Madhusudan Gupta, investor and author on the idea of Nastik and Astik or theist and atheist (translated loosely in Hinduism) triggered by Kushal Mehra’s new book called Nastik. But this translation is far from adequate both in text and in the experience of a world torn apart by faith-related strife. In a free-wheeling and free-spirited conversation which is sometimes funny, and yet deeply personal and profound, the four delve into a unique subject like never before.

Watch the full video -

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#Atheism #Nastik #Aastik #faith #religion #Hinduism

The May issue—Hindutva’s consolidation of a varna autocracy is destroying the republic; Why the Biren Singh government gives a free hand to Arambai Tenggol; The Adityanath government’s persecution of Christians; The limits of Nitish Kumar’s social coalition; and more.