December 31, 2018

Inner peace, relaxation, and greater self-control

Secularism is the core safeguard India needs

The Asian Age-14 minutes ago
A Hindu state may not have raised much cavil if it had respected Sri Aurobindo'sbelief that “Hinduism … gave itself no name, because it set itself no sectarian ...

Window Seat | Mrinal Chatterjee 30.12.18

Odisha Diary-30-Dec-2018
Three of the newspapers, with which Aurobindo Ghosh ( born August 15, 1872; who later turned into Rishi or Sage Aurobindo) was associated with shows the ...

In the aftermath of Bhuj Earthquake, two attempt discover the epicentre ...

The Asian Age-29-Dec-2018
I was then in class 12 (or its equivalent as per the education system of Sri AurobindoInternational Centre of Education) and had opted for a one-to-one special ...

New Year, equality and Gita

Daily Pioneer-28-Dec-2018
(Essays on the Gita by Sri Aurobindo). To understand the subtler sense of the Gita, we must disentangle our mind of the Materialistic view of the Existence ...

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It's going to be a game-changer in the future when it's realized the base scientific descriptions of reality we hold as truth are as antiquated and antediluvian as the mythologies that science gleefully "rationalizes" away. But, it's always a step in the right direction.
True, Hegel was deeply analyzing his own being & thought in relation to world and objects to arrive at absolute idealism. Wouldn't this be more of a 1st-person endevour like vipassana? Spirit as world evolving into higher complexity and sophistication would be a 3rd-person approach almost universally found in west (Schelling, Gebser, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin) not typically found in Eastern thought outside of Aurobindo. My point was only that focusing on 3rd-person pov can ignore 1st-person, and lead to say physicalism common in academia & such.

Whatever is causing trees to work together, research shows that forests don’t neatly fit the “survival of the fittest” version of Darwinian evolution that lingers in our minds, even 150 years after it was...

We are wired to focus on bad news, but the world is getting better. Much better.
@sapinker joins @amitvarma in episode 101 of The Seen and the Unseen to discuss why this is so, and why Enlightenment values are essential to this progress continuing:

So let us debate effectiveness of the 2 sets of myths while preserving maximum personal liberties for the individual.  After all both sets purport to accomplish the same set of goals.  Over to you.

Thought For 2019:  Ideology Is A Trap, Whether You’re  Left, Right Or Centre via @swarajyamag

The 10 Best Books Of  2018 via @swarajyamag

If u were wondering why Guha types pitchfork Perumal Murugan etc 
“Non-threatening provincial intellectual a particular favourite of Indian Eng writers who need hyper-moral reasons to subdue their more potent contemporaries.” Great insight  @manujosephsan

"Marx finds in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations a whole range of criticisms of capitalism that sound just like Marx"

Jonathan Wolff on the five best books for an introduction to political philosophy 
#philosophy #readinglist

@JohnPatLeary translates the new language of capitalism in the 21st century, and explains how the words and ideas of market logic inject themselves into our vocabulary and values. Leary is the author of  Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism'

"Life is a struggle, and there is a focus in fairy tales on what we can gain from the struggle to bring meaning to our lives."
A #readinglist by Jack Zipes, editor-in-chief of the Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales

Why Amartya Sen’s “The Argumentative Indian” is the answer to all the contemporary debates | @amufarrukh

‘No Nation for Women’ flows with haunting lyricism born of pain, suffering and violation
When the quality of the writing makes the facts more chilling.

30 years since he was killed, Safdar Hashmi Zinda Hai

RIP #MrinalSen Sen directed the Odia movie Matira Manisha based on Kalindi Charan's novel of the same name. The movie, though critically acclaimed, was not so well received by Odia cinegoers. #Khokabhai 's popular song Udi Gale Gendalia is from this movie

Original Hindi Film Song : Ye Samma, Samaa Hai Ye Pyar Ka ये समा, समा है ये प्यार का Film ‘Jab Jab Phool Khile’ 1965). Sanskrit Version by : Dr. Harekrishna Meher (As per Original Hindi Tune)  Lyrics : वेलमिदम्, इदं वेलं प्रेमदम्  Blog Link :

Divyavani Sanskrit Radio is an initiative of Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture(SAFIC), Puducherry, the first ever 24 hours online Sanskrit Radio which globally broadcasts a variety of programmes in Sanskrit.
Listen to Divyavani online via...

Oh the painting.. the ISKCON folks nail this..wish every other ashram or math follows their aesthetics.. Sri Aurobindo Ashram has its own design aesthetic.. but too refined for common tastes...

Watch around 2 min. Our entire Physical Education contingent with two huge white columns of alumni of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education singing the Bande Mataram. We do it with utter utter pride and love. Everytime. Even in the audience.

Only Aurobindo can express this so well. In fact "dasyu" in many  instances is the same as "vrtra" but western Indologists including  Michael Wit(less)zel translate it as a race of enemies - aka Dravidians.

No one from Odisha in both the lists. Ila Patnaik, wife of Prof. Ajay Patnaik, is not Odia by birth.
[ThePrint intellectuals list didn’t make the grade. So, I nominate 36 brilliant Indian women] via @ThePrintIndia

As this year is coming to a close, it's worth remembering that nothing has been proved to be true as regards the world or human affairs. Suppositions by science, philosophy, or different religions are juggled with limited applicability and validity. So, quest for truth is a must.

Postmodernist perspective can lead one to see all themes as myth but philosophy of Sri Aurobindo acts as an anchor and point of departure. He too avoids fixed solutions but provides a firm rationale for perceiving the Evolutionary undercurrent behind events and discursive choices.

Those who certify or count as intellectuals have not read an iota of Sri Aurobindo. This speaks of their flawed vision and warped logic. Political permutations dominate discourse but a lot many other concerns need to be addressed; whether 'Knowledge by identity' can be practiced.

Every school of thought has avid peddlers and so, the acute necessity to cut the clutter. Each endorsement is meant to seduce and therefore one must be astute enough to find his way to Sri Aurobindo. Once there, one may feel frustrated due to difficult prose but persistence pays.

Recording my regards towards Niranjan Mohanty, Dharanidhar Pal, Bhaja bhai, Madhu bhaina, Anadi bhai, Purnachandra Mahapatra, Haraprasad Mahapatra and others with whom I was associated in The Mother's work in Odisha in the eighties. (Pic: Champaklal, V. Madhusudan Reddy, and Prapatti)

When I was in the Primary school in the early sixties, the sight of the teacher holding a cane and applying it liberally was normal. Verbal whipping, similarly, seems to be necessary, even today, to make people accept Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda

Plasim Radar

My year in review - The biggest thing that happened this year was that Neoliberalism’s Demons was published (and it remains available direct from the publisher or from our evi...

The Science of Astrology – Pseudo or Genuine? — M.S. Srinivasan - There is no other subject or field of knowledge which is looked down upon with such contempt, ridicule and scorn by the scientific world and ra... As we have discussed earlier, our horoscope is not a chart of unalterable fate, but indicates life-possibilities, which can be altered by human will or invoking divine Grace. For example, if a planetary combination indicates the possibility of mental degradation at a stage in our life, we need not accept it as our fate and go mad! We can prevent it by making a conscious effort to bring inner peace, relaxation and greater self-control to our mind, inner detachment from our thought and feelings and praying for divine Grace.

Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 10 - Though, as we learn from his confidential letters to his wife, he was being led by the Divine within, he had arrived at a stage when a crucial experience...

Pleasure or Satisfaction Is Not the Standard for the Ethical Being of Man - There are many people who have put forth the standard of living a life for the sake of pleasure or self-satisfaction. They hold that we have a natural rig...

Philosophy of action - In case you missed it, I would like to recommend a website on philosophy of action which is a great single go-to page for almost anything related to the to...

Risk taking, guts, and show of superiority and dominance - New Year, equality and Gita Daily Pioneer-11 hours ago (Essays on the Gita by Sri Aurobindo). To understand the subtler sense of the Gita, we must disentang...

December 29, 2018

Risk taking, guts, and show of superiority and dominance

New Year, equality and Gita

Daily Pioneer-11 hours ago
(Essays on the Gita by Sri Aurobindo). To understand the subtler sense of the Gita, we must disentangle our mind of the Materialistic view of the Existence ...

Assorted tweets:

Hindu Marriages between Hindus are declining ... this is a major issue ... What could be the solution that Hindu Boys and Girls get married ...

With mslm-run Bollywood setting the example, it's going to get worse. Can't ask people to stop watching movies. What to do?

Hindus have gotten used to secular brainwash and hedonism. H males are escapist and females feminist.
It's actually not. Sex is the biggest human strength as well as weakness. H remain unmarried till 30s, females open to mingle with anyone, H males not know sex, busy w exams, jobs.  Contrast with katu@s: males grow up fkng around, marry early, females in burqa, & married v early.

Very true Garima. One of the reasons the H girls and women are driven to them is this false bravado, risk taking, guts and show of superiority and dominance. It is a psychological warfare and they understand a woman's mind very well.
Rightly said. It is easy for a liberal secular H girl/woman who is deracinated from her roots due to secular liberal upbringing to fall into their trap.

Jo bhi kaho dum hai,  no wonder girls get driven to their falsehoods.  They combine cheating with bravado!
It's a game of psychology.  No woman wants to marry a Chomu by choice.  Ek taraf kuan,  ek taraf khai.  Lol
Sometimes,  I m amazed at their guts.  Unbelievably risk taking.  A few die thinking they hv gone to jannat. Nothing deters them.  Hooked on to their goals.  Crazy!
Have seen so many cases of jihad with great details.  Darr nahin lagta inko,  I mean,  lagta to hai but bheed mein nikal lete hain.  Besharmi ki hadd hai!!
I hv spoken to various ex Muslims.  Met some of them.  The authority with which they talk n walk even after reversion is a thing to tell.  No goal is big for them.  I hv spoken in detail with some of them.
Yaar,  how do I explain. Firm n caring (fake) is also/ may be domineering?  Is a woman ok with complete freedom without being cared for properly?  I don't know how to explain.
Love doesn't see logic when it is happening.  Everybody thinks my guy is liberal like shahrukh khan!  Ye waisa nahi hai.
Ya,  possessed in various senses.  Also,  most these victims r already vulnerable in some sense.  Or visibly deracinated.  Lesson for every Hindu girl is - do not drop your guard even for a moment with a Muslim man!  No matter what.
Sexual grooming,  even where the girl's needs do not exist yet.  Anyway,  good night now. Reg.

I hv understood ... You mean they love to be controlled and possessed!

“Violence has always been a source of inspiration for great dramatists and novelists, such as Homer, Shakespeare and Tolstoy”.
Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker (@sapinker) picks the best books on the decline of violence in the modern world.

“Books that have real scholarly rigour—that are serious history, but well-written and engaging enough to reach a wider audience: that’s the Holy Grail” @HistoryToday editor @_paullay recommends the best history books of 2018

“It’s been semi-jokingly said that the Reformation is a bitter, 200-year-long dispute about the exact meaning of each of those four words: this, is, my, and body”
A Reformation #readinglist by Peter Marshall of @WarwickHistory

"If you go back to Hume, Locke or Descartes, you find that they weren’t writing for professionals in university, they were writing for their educated peers. Every educated mind should be engaged with the great questions."
@acgrayling on Ideas That Matter

"If you want to read literature that sets out to create a holding ground for raw human material - for human struggles, difficulties, and celebrations - read George Eliot."

Music is forever. But what I miss in today's bollymusic is the high notes of violin, trumpet, french horn and trumbone. Of course the percussions too. May be due to the era I started understanding music by LP, RDB, Bappi Lahiri and Rajesh Roshan.
Let me share each of them.

RDB was more inspired by Spanish and Italian music. Irony is being a son he followed very less his great father whereas LP being SDB's assistant were successfully carried forward his legacy.

Apr 18, 2011 - Uploaded by Silika Mohapatra
Odia Folk Number Voice: Tusar N. Mohapatra Visuals: Chilika lake, Puri, Konark, Bhubaneswar.

The mutual relationship between Indus script (2600 BCE) and Brahmi (500 BCE) remains contested amongst scholars. My view is that overwhelming evidence supports Brahmi being derived from Indus.
Here's my revised essay that touches upon some of this:

Audit of Human Life

Ethical Principles Are Not Essentially Constructs of Reason–They Arise from the Divine Impulses in Man

If foreigners like D, E, F, or G tweet or write, it's treated as gold whereas Indian A, B, or C are era gera! As long as people are content with easy options and avoid search for quality, genuineness, and sincerity, #SavitriEra will remain a chimera. Let's expect change in #Y2019

Hero and heroine run away from home and build a cottage in a jungle. Then they look at each other with delight writ large upon their faces: a familiar scene in many films. RW intellectuals celebrating a book, an essay, or a lecture in euphoric gusto often gives a similar feeling.

Savitri Era Learning Forum: Increasing number of pseudo gurus and external forms of worship and rituals #SriAurobindo

December 28, 2018

Increasing number of pseudo gurus and external forms of worship and rituals

Being a Hindu in India: The Agony and the Ecstasy

I am yet to come across a single western scientist-writer who has spoken about Swami Vivekananda or Sri Aurobindo and their thoughts on evolution, while ...

Sri Aurobindo and India's Rebirth by Michel Danino: Review

Free Press Journal-20-Oct-2018
The above incident mentioned on page number 164 of Sri Aurobindoand India's Rebirth edited by Padma Shri Michel Danino, French-born Indian author and ...

Sri Aurobindo's Vision of Future Existence

Free Press Journal-03-Sep-2018
Sri Aurobindo believed that if we could make the ascent to overcome our limiting nature, if we could further rediscover the hidden spirit in life, if we could come in ...

Assorted tweets:

A solution to conflict of religions...
It is not by revival of religion or religious spirit that the conflicts of religions can be resolved. The solution lies in transcending the outer forms of religion and insisting on the purity of spiritual experience.

The followers of Hindu or Sanatana dharma must re-awaken them into the spirit of Sanatana dharma. Merely following the external forms of worship and rituals and building temples after temples will in no way save this Dharma.

The last effort of the Asuric forces in keeping the people away from Truth and Light is to resort to the domain of spirituality, religion etc. That is why there is an increasing number of pseudo gurus now a days. Spiritually such gurus will have an unfortunate end for sure.

Sanskrit is full of a natural flow
and the most systematic language capable pf generating a creative impact on the learners. Learning Sanskrit from an early age would therefore instill in the children a sense of systematic or scientific inquiry or a positive curiosity.

Sanskrit, essentially, has a powerful vibration against the negative emotions. Using much of this language consciously in daily life helps developing positive energy.
Only a conscious use of Sanskrit can bring the change...using the language with an a of growing inwardly can yield much result...

Sanskrit, being a Mantric language, has the power to uplift and illumine and enlighten. It has a great power to elevate human consciousness to greater heights. It is through this power that Sanskrit can help most resolving many contemporary problems that the humanity faces.

"It is of utmost value to a nation, a human group-soul, to preserve its language and to make of it a strong and living cultural instrument. A nation, race or people which loses its language cannot live its whole life or its real life." - Sri Aurobindo

The Gita is perhaps one of the most profound texts on Indian spirituality which provides  sufficient guidelines for finding solutions to almost all practical problems of human life. The teachings of the Gita, when put into practice, can liberate humanity from all its suffering.

Please visit and read my word essays in the blog section.

I paraphrase Sri Aurobindo, “He who dithers when called upon to slay, wrecks an incalculable havoc in the world”. The Universal Vision, Vishwarupa was given to Arjuna, the proud warrior rather than anyone else. Humility has its place and no more. Another view.

But it has been pointed out to me that both Vivekananda and Aurobindo were in favour of non-veg allegedly. How does that go with "Hinduness" by definition and practice? These two cannot change their food habits or views on food anymore or vote for BJP for shuddhi.

No Invasion Or Migration, But Interaction: What This New Genetic Study Suggests About Prehistoric India. The Aryan invasion model was replaced by a migrationist explanation. Now, a new study seems set to replace the latter with an interactionist model.

"It is interesting to speculate what Churchill would have been like with the 24-hour media. What would Lincoln have been like? It has created this extra layer."
Alastair Campbell (@campbellclaret) discusses his favourite books on leadership.

“We’re living in unequal societies, but what makes the inequality noxious and very inflammable socially, is that we’re also living in very unfair societies.”
@williamnhutton, political economist and principal of @HertfordCollege, on fairness & inequality

"You need to do some preparatory work, some ground breaking, in order to build the right kind of ethical understanding of your time." 
A Philosophy of Information #readinglist by Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy & Ethics @oiioxford

"I don't wake up in the morning reminding myself I don't believe in God." @microphilosophy and @philosophybites on atheism #readinglist

''We cannot entirely escape, and we should not ignore, the racist and sexist codes that are so prevalent in our society. It’s better to jam them, mess with them, disrupt them'' @shaviro on Joseph Khan's film 'Bodied' via @CinemaScopeMag

Netflix and self-regulation of content in India. 
Read Sanya Dhingra's @DhingraSanya full report here:

Degree, naukri, textbooks and fees: How India’s education mafia works
Former secretary, government of India Anil Swarup @swarup58 writes:

Nobody tells you the real problem in the farm crisis which is that there was no real money backing MSP.  There is simply not enough money with Govt. to buy even a fraction of what was on offer by farmers.  MSP was a sham.

In 21st century Bharat, when Indians are wondering if Hanuman was a Dalit, a twist in the tail: “Lord Rama ate meat and drank alcohol”

"Safed dadhi" and "Kaali dadhi" are confused and fast losing the plot! via @ThePrintIndia

Vaidikji @DrVaidik thinks he is a bigger expert than them.. not first or last to have such delusional fantasies..

How GN Devy challenges our concept of knowledge.
From July, @MartandKaushik in:

Interview | Human rights activist Sultana Kamal speaks about the multiple rights abuses plaguing Bangladesh, the lack of a third front and why the election may not be conducted fairly.

Hindutva gang’s nationalism activates only against Pakistani cricketers, actors and singers! It is not nationalism, it is fear of losing in the competition.

5 hours ago - Uploaded by AuroMaa Org
Talk No 4 from a 9-part series "The Goal of the Human Quest" with Dr Alok Pandey, recorded in Sep 2018 at ...

There Is No Separation Between the Outer Life and the Divine Reality

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo insist on seeking the Divine as the central principle but what we encounter in life is a web of relationships and group dynamics. All these find reflection in art and literature down the ages but don't point to any solution. Harmony however remains aim.

Plain & Simple: Seeking some highest self and deepest Reality #SriAurobindo #TheLifeDivine #FiveDreams @NathTusar

Savitri Era Learning Forum: To be calm, relaxed, and confident [What marks Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of the aswa or horse is... an illustration of the might that comes to a man who has mastered the powers which a horse stands for in Vedic parlance...]

Savitri Era Learning Forum: Progress, Poverty, Liberty, Markets & the State #SriAurobindo @NathTusar

December 27, 2018

To be calm, relaxed, and confident

[PDF] JC Bose's Scientific Inventions Confirmed the Truth of Consciousness
A Mukhopadhyay - IJOHMN (International Journal online of Humanities), 2018
… that strange life whose truth an Indian scientist has brought to light by rigidly scientific methods, are all movements of consciousness.” Sri Aurobindo confirmed. Introduction … Mother (Spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo) had …

R Velmurugan
… The young Bengal revolutionaries Aurobindo Ghosh made trip from the Tiny settlement of Chandernagore to Pondicherry.2 Besides Aurobindo Ghosh, a number of leaders like Subramania Bharathi, and VVS Aiyar were already taking shelter in Pondicherry …

Dec 10, 2013 - What marks Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of the symbolism of theaswa or horse is a consistency that is carried over into his epic both for an artistic recreation of the Savitri legend as well as for an illustration of the might that comes to a man who has mastered the powers which a horse stands for in Vedic parlance ...

Assorted tweets:

Just in:  Biology and ‘gyana’ of living with a dice-loving God: Samir Shukla As the year is about to get over, it is tempting to look back at it to find out what may make it memorable for the future generations. Trump or Modi may get some faint…

"Even though women were often denied a place in the political forum, when it came to religion they had a lot more power than many people are aware of. ” 
Bettany Hughes (@bettanyhughes) delves into priestesses and goddesses in ancient religion.

"If you don’t know any Kant or Plato or the pre-Socratics, you’re not going to understand a lot of what’s motivating Nietzsche, what he’s reacting against."
Brian Leiter's (@brianleiter) recommendations on Nietzsche

"The quality of great literature is that it contains timeless truths. It is like a kaleidoscope – our understanding of the text will change according to the way that we ourselves change."
A #readinglist on Ancient Rome by Tom Holland (@holland_tom)

“The horse needs the rider to be calm, relaxed and confident because that will transfer through to the horse.”
Mary King MBE, the World Championship winning horse rider, discusses her favourite books on the #equestrian life.

An interesting read by @BernardoKastrup about the nature of time. His article hints toward the importance of mindfulness / present-moment-awareness from a slightly different angle than usual: @NondualScience

Psychologists are of the view that in a poor country like India there is a whole  world of pent up emotions/feelings. Overt display of religiosity during festivals act as a safety valve for the release of these bottled up emotions. If such things are not allowed, ppl could go mad
Some thoughts on why festivals are necessary & important

Friend of mine had theory that Indian batsmen are the wristiest in the world because no one masturbates as much as Indian guys and this makes their wrist muscles very strong. This guy also theorized that Indian didn’t produce genuine quicks because Indians don’t eat beef. Discuss

Amol Palekar: India Needs the Ambiguity of Grey, Not the Intolerance of Black & White via @thewire_in

The Value of Religion and Art to the Human Spirit

From a series of 15 contemplations, written by Indra Sen.
"Ah, to get over being a...

#ScrollMagazine | Astad Deboo looks back on his 50 years in dance and the time he travelled on a ship with goats

After being accused of sexual harassment, Suhel Seth gets married to girlfriend Lakshmi Menon

Abhinavagupta — and the loss of India’s intellectual and cultural integrity via @dna @MakrandParanspe

#_From_The_Archives_ | @SGurumurthy : Patriotism, nationalism, nation and country are not ind­ependent concepts. They are so inter-related that none of them can be comprehended in isolation

This is scary. As scary as influence of American soft power in Indian security establishment which @BharatKarnad talks about in detail in his latest book 'Staggering Forward'.

This week I wrote a column about the increasing, all-consuming fakeness of the internet

Barkha Dutt was the first Indian newsperson to speak with a natural accent in English instead of that haw haw Anglophile accent (of which the worst example is Karan Thapar) & transformed newscasting.Wish we also had good cricket commentators who spoke in their own natural accents

I to always say, leader follower relationship is that of mental slavery. Hence no leader vanguard Icon or god. Basically they are same. #BanEVM

The whole history of Evolution and hereditary traits form human behaviour which changes with one's age. One learns from different teachers and leaders throughout his or her life and hence any sense of autonomy is false and smacks of arrogance. Reading Sri Aurobindo is the answer.

It's no secret that writers, artists, and intellectuals need a measure of financial as well as political protection for carrying on their creative pursuit unhindered. But if they mortgage their conscience by sacrificing all parameters of objectivity, then ethical standards suffer

India is a British legacy, an anomaly. Linguistic States are real Nations which must get liberation for people's self-determination

Sri Aurobindo on Consciousness and Force: Disharmony between and within each plane of Consciousness

THE TIGER AND THE DEER, a poem by Sri Aurobindo

Dec 9, 2014 - Uploaded by Hindusthan Record VintageGlory
The album “India And Her Future” is a compilation of spoken words, hymns and devotional songs based on the ...

Jan 6, 2016 - Uploaded by New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove
Debashish Banerji, PhD, is former Dean of Academic Affairs at the University of Philosophical Research in Los ...

Plasim Radar

Longings for The Mother (7): Mother, You were Mother, but we were not Children -Ah, to get over being a grown-up, responsible, anxious, apprehensive, calculating, important, ‘wise’, was a relief — a real relief. And to be a simple li...

The Value of Religion and Art to the Human Spirit - For most people, the vast majority of our time, and the primary focus of our attention, is spent on material needs and desires and human relationships, in ...

Catherine Keller: The Cosmopolitical Entanglements of Process-Relational Theology -In what follows, I offer some reflections on the feminist process theologian Catherine Keller’s book Cloud of the Impossible: Negative Theology and Planeta...

The Rest of the World, pt. 2: Guest Post by David Kishik - [Editor’s Note: The following is the first part of a guest post by David Kishik, whose The Book of Shem: On Genesis Before Abraham was recently released by...

Progress, Poverty, Liberty, Markets & the State - Such a relief to hear @piyushgoyal espouse balanced views on religion and community based issues. I hope we have more like him who are open minded and deve...

Favorite Music Videos, 2018 - Here is a rough list of my favorite music videos for 2018. It was complied fairly casually, so I may well have forgotten something. As for the order, the t...

The case for individual teleology - The big problem with the relative lack of philosophical attention given to qualitative individualism is that the ideal has had … Continue reading →

A conversation with Yuri Slezkine - As the final installment of the Fall 2018 book forum on *The House of Government*, forum co-curators Sonja Luehrmann and Todd Weir interviewed author Yuri ...

The Bridge of Love - One more love story? Aren’t all love stories alike? Maybe. But this one is different. Pondicherry is a unique place in the world. It has beautiful villas b...

Ramkaran Sharma, 1927-2018 - From Robert P. Goldman on the Indology discussion list comes the sad news of R.K. Sharma’s passing: Sharma was one of the great stalwarts of Sanskrit Studi...

- In The Atlantic, the spectral presence of Smart Compose. Some might think I’m being histrionic when I say that Gmail’s auto-reply function fills me with *...

THE ART AND SCIENCE OF EXECUTION — M.S. Srinivasan - (Review of the book Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy and Ramcharan, Business Books) Contemporary management ...

To Thee Our Infinite Gratitude (Writings on the Passing of Sri Aurobindo) - To Thee Our Infinite Gratitude Writings on the Passing of Sri Aurobindo A series of essays written in commemoration of Sri Aurobindo’s passing. The words o...

Death in the forest - *Something had come there conscious, vast and dire.* *Botanical Name**: Gomphrena Globosa* *Common Name**: Globe...

Sri Aurobindo was a universal person - It's futile to try to understand Divine Mother by recounting some of the events from her life spanning nearly a century but even that seems to take many ma...

Remembering Mona Pinto on her 107th Birth Anniversary - Dear Friends, Ethel Anne Lovegrove better known as Mona Pinto (11 November 1911—21 May 2004) came to Pondicherry in January 1937 and married Udar Pinto in ...