September 05, 2019

Better to say that it is unknown

Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar, Director, #SavitriEra Learning Forum (SELF)

IMO this is unlikely. If you read Aurobindo's view on the development of language and etymology of words - he goes back to a very basic time when these words could have been developed and used without writing. Vedas developed with langugae itself is what I think
You know Sanskrit of the Vedas?  Because the Sanskrit we learn comes with Panini's grammar. Long long after Vedas
Your views are your views. You are welcome to hold them. Writing them down as you have done makes it so much more permanent and accessible no? No memory shemory business.
Here's the problem: If you don't know about exact links many 1000s of years ago, better to say that it is unknown rather than making up stuff and publishing as if it was all known. That is what linguists have done. That aside why Tamil alone? Ask abt Kannada, Telugu & Malayalam
No. I am not accusing you of anything. Simply pointing out that much is unknown. That said language is likely to have come long long before scripts. My personal hypothesis is that the insistence on oral transmission of Vedas was because of lack of script in the hoary past.
No dispute there. But I suspect the Vedas, which I think are self-described as "sounds" are meant to be oral only and not transmitted by writing. Quran and maths CAN be transmitted by writing. Not Vedas. The meter, the sounds are critical

Well the Masters always stood for the Integral Truth, and what could be a greater example of what you asked sir than when #SriAurobindo found worthwhile qualities even in the imperialistic British!
(2 Sep 1943, CWSA, Vol. 35)
You may be interested to know sir that Togo Mukherjee was the grandson of the great Jatindranath Mukherjee alias Bagha Jatin :)

Greatest! Sri Aurobindo was most probably meaning the integral sadhana of Muhammad. He was a fighter, ruler, administrator, spiritually enlightened guide to the unenlightened people of the desert lands.
Yes. No one comes anywhere near R.C. Majumder in the truthful presentation of facts of Indian history. Guha leads the leftists's worship of Gandhi. Dipesh Chakrabarty says Gandhi's Gita is better than Sri Aurobindo's Gita!!!! Hahahahaha!
Mother Worship is deep rooted in Islam n Sufism. " Woman is the radiance of God; she is not your beloved. She is the Creator Rumi ( Sri Aurobindo used the word Creatrix in Savitri )." To the Sufi Allah has always been the Beloved and the Sufi has always been the Lover.

my relationship with Sri Aurobindo has more to do with my life. First began to understand what Carl Gustav Jung was saying ( because of experience) then came to Aurobindo. Frankly if it had not related to my life would be nowhere. Sadly he understands India in a way few do as 1/
2/ his understanding is even better than Tagore ( who is more tilted towards the Bengali liberal aristocracy but an adept). Sri A's own followers among the old Indian aristocracy hardly do anything to carry his message around. So will have to wait.
The Hindu elite: the top layer of the Congress Party ( Nehru/Gandhi & the rest)...... the intellectual class ...... the artistic elite & then the old feudal aristocracy ( but they were stripped of their power/wealth so retreat maybe understandable). Brahmins too.
observe the nature of the Tibetan system you can understand it's ability to get together. It maybe varied but has a central theological/political focus. Of course the tragedy of India is that while the old feudals/oracles in Himachal are limping or gone .....Tibetans thrive.
True. Needed a leaner centralized system more comprehensively cosmopolitan ( this is too UP/Punjabi centred) & then local systems. Breaking old aristocracies was a bad idea because they had a better hold over the complex local culture. Even the British did better.

Niralamba Swami was a great nationalist and freedom fighter, most known for the freedom struggle movement aside Aurobindo Ghosh. Jatindra Nath Banerjee is the real name of this saint. From great revolutionaries, both changed to yogis and they rose to prominence between 1871-1910.

BBC News - How Britain's opium trade impoverished Indians

A Vedic Index – Meaning and explanation of some important Vedic symbols, words, images, and concepts in the words of Sri Aurobindo. Get it here at a special price.
Chapter Three discusses how eminent Indians like Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and Lala Hardayal received the ideas of communism. Chapter 4 examines how bolsheviks managed their national units and nationalism within them through the Comintern. Book link

What is #progress? Why we don't need anymore for #materialism? Why we should restart from the #International labour 1866? #Mazzini holds the keys, still today. With Madame Blavatsky, Sri Aurobindo, Mohandas Gandhi & other friends.

Sakharam Ganesh Deuskar's Desher Katha inspiring revolutionaries in Bengal and Sri Aurobindo joining hands with Tilak and Moonje or later Hedgewar refining his nationalism while studying in Kolkatta can't be lost sight of. Thus, it's more synthetic and undergoing metamorphosis.
Religions are discovering that they can't fool all the people all the time. As education and awareness rises people will take a critical look but commercial and entertainment dimensions will linger. Since you are aware of Sri Aurobindo, you should be happy; he predicts collapse.
"The present age of mankind" (Sri Aurobindo is concerned about the whole mankind or the human race and not just India or Hindus) is undergoing "a graded psychological evolution of the race" -The Human Cycle - The Curve of the Rational Age (CWSA-25-XIX-192)
[it has to ask, first, whether the tradition contains at all any still living truth
secondly whether it contains the best truth available
whether they are right in their agreement
whether it is not an inert and false acquiescence
whether there are not greater and better purposes]
You may not be aware, but you have paraphrased what Sri Aurobindo highlights in the very first chapter of The Life Divine: “Today we see a humanity satiated but not satisfied by victorious analysis of the externalities of Nature preparing to return to ...“
That's nice. Task is to popularise Sri Aurobindo's view of the past, present, and the future. Educated Indians haven't been able to benefit by his writings either due to prejudice or lack of access. But it provides an alternative narrative than Hindutva and Congress-Left combine.
I supplied some hints but they aren't exactly as you propose. I have no other means than to rely upon what Sri Aurobindo has said and then joining the dots. And, it turns out to be fairly accurate, by and large. As historians have banished him, present view of the past is warped.
A lot many things are there in Sri Aurobindo's writings like trigunatita bypassing ethics or being heroic despite committing crimes; he also uses the term vibhuti. So all those who have carried the burden of mankind have been instruments of Evolution. Churchill was but not Subhas
I avoid quotations but can offer my own impression; Sri Aurobindo didn't find him worth pondering over. Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud posed the major challenge for him which snowballed into Hitler. Fascism continues in various forms and fighting it is the most important task
It's not easy to know truth of anything as history is distorted. We read planted and sponsored versions like rock edicts of Ashoka. Further, you are trying to understand someone on the basis of his present image. If one begins from zero, he might have passed through some askesis otherwise how could he attract people around him. Different episodes of one's life is important like Sri Aurobindo's.
Each person is a combination of good and bad. In one phase he may be good but later gets derailed, or vice versa. So painting someone in one colour may not be correct.
Right from 1947, Kashmir has been the bone of contention leading to wars with Pakistan and antipathy towards Muslims. Ram temple movement added momentum to which the so-called appeasement issue was yoked. Hindutva stalwarts try to twist the narrative by equating Islam with Jihad.
Despite imposition of Hindi and English local or coloqal languages amazingly hold the fort. Awarding Sovereignty to new nations constituted on the basis of local languages is a most logical demand. Odisha was the first such State formed in 1936. Megalomania around India must end.
Tragedy of India is the British legacy of being huddled under a single nation whereas the reality like Tibetans is local. So I have been campaigning for Sovereignty to States so that various forms of hidden spontaneity come to the fore. Each language must find full efflorescence.
For many discovery of a 1000 years old sculpture is much more important than what Sri Aurobindo wrote 100 years back as if his poems like The Rishi, Ahana, or Love and Death don't mean anything, not speak of Savitri. How can an entire nation be so callous!
Mother worship is common in India especially in Bengal and it was easy for Sri Aurobindo to tap the emotion. Westerners however are too rigid and suspicious in this respect and hence The Mother is still far off for most of them. Transcending either aspect is certainly a challenge
Another misconception is that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo never founded a new religion as they have clarified a number of times. But there was persistent accusations from several quarters that it's being turned into one. So I thought it fit to just name it as Savitri Era Religion.
Rainbow & the Other: Workshop on Sri Aurobindo at Jadavpur University
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Assorted tweets collated by @NathTusar,
Director, #SavitriEra Learning Forum (SELF)