March 14, 2023

Life shows pulsation of cognition

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956), Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (2005), Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006), and President, Savitri Era Party (2007)

I want to be abundantly clear. I’m not against all of A.I. There will clearly be miraculous, positive ramifications for all of us. Of course. However, we need to tread very carefully, and pay close attention to what automation is doing to our souls and our relationships with fellow men and women, the world over. Additionally, what will the incorporation of this technology in our everyday lives do to our ability to effectively and constructively think and communicate? Outsourcing of these faculties may make things “easier” but certainly not better for our children in the long run.

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Thoughts on MonkTok
There's no reason we can't have physics and soul at the same time, . Just requires a bit more imagination. Dawkins’ scientism is so fervently monotheistic!
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But what are the origins of religion? Not tradition, clearly, but some sort of momentously transformative moral insight or mystical experience that erupts like hot magma from the core of our being and then, yes, subsequently cools into the hard rock of traditional dogma.
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origins are the incest prohibition. Originally The father kept all the women, including the daughters, then the sons gang together and kill and eat the father, share out the sisters. Then they fear turning into the father and so sacrificed, and instead create a totem. religion
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I guess I don’t look to sex obsessed Freud for my cues on religion
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Fair enough. I was mostly being playful with that comment. Freud opened a door (well, he inherited & furthered many 19th ce. German thinkers who opened the door, eg Schelling, Carus, etc.), Jung walked through it.
Freud states clearly that the sex drive is only one amongst many. Its uniqueness references the diploid cell. It is a drive that is outside haploid drives as it needs other. This is why Freud 'appears' to be sex obsessed, but that is a misreading. death drive should help
If you're listening, , I'd love to see you engage with some actual intellectuals on these questions, eg, Bruno Latour. You'll find he's well ahead of many of your shallow criticisms. Still you'd do well to read & respond to "Facing Gaia"
Listen to this dialogue between & on Value
There is still heaps to explore; like reconciling mythohistory (esotericism) vs deep time (science), and divinisation, supramental, omega point (Sri Aurobindo & Teilhard) vs entropy, heat death & cyclic universe (physics & cosmology). This will be on future webpages & books.
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The history of science as he was really seeking a foundation for his scientific project. I really try to emphasize clear and distinct ideas, what he means by them, and what can be mathematized in our experience.
Teach one bumblebee to open a box for a sugary reward and the knowledge will spread through the colony, which shows that these insects maintain a kind of minimal culture
Life evolved from rudimentary organisms to human beings. The purpose and meaning of such evolution could be attributed to the emergence of organisms' goals to survive and reproduce. Over aeons, organisms develop "internal representations" of things in their environment 1/2
that have significance to their survival and reproduction. I believe this is how "consciousness" begins to evolve, and which is what I think you guys refer to as "culture" 2/2
But what is quite astounding is that even what in our view is the smallest manifestation of life shows pulsation of cognition which contains in it its infinite varied powers that come to get revealed down the deep time. प्रतिबोधविदितं says the Upanishad.
Sri Aurobindo said repeatedly: 'Man is a transitional being, he is not final. He is a middle term of the evolution, not its end, crown or consummating masterpiece.'

Ram Swarup

M Gandhi, H Assassin
… Swarup was influenced by Sri Aurobindo, whom he held to be the greatest
exponent of the Vedic vision in our times. [9] … Sri Aurobindo … Sri Aurobindo Ashram …

Vedānta and the Possibility of a Heart-centric Education

A Mitra - Science and Spirituality: Bridges of Understanding, 2023
Our conception of education... must take note of the child as a whole, as heart as
well as mind, will as well as mind and heart. Unless we train the feelings and the
choice, our man is not educated.–Sister Nivedita 1923: 24 (emphasis in original) …

Ideas of Indigenous Resilience through Triangulated Model: Ecological Society Experiences of the United States of America and India

B Sengar - Indigenous Societies in the Post-colonial World …, 2023
The present study in the book chapter discusses about emerging thoughts to
develop a framework for a discourse on response and resilience of Indigenous
communities in postcolonial world. The study remains an empirical intervention …

India as a Civilizational State

AG Volodin - Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2022
This article is focused on the “civilizational state” phenomenon, using India as a
case study. The basic characteristics of the “civilizational state” are outlined, and the
reasons behind the interest in societies such as India, China, Iran, etc., are given …

India British Period (1800 CE-1947 CE)–Philosophy And Religion

S Sharma
Multiple accounts of Western travelers to India suggest a remarkable tolerance
between the various religious sects as they lived their daily life.(Ref 1). The British
period saw the deterioration of the Indian society through social and religious …

[HTML] Philosophical Theology for a New Age

RC Neville - Religions, 2023
Having distinguished the primary philosophers of religion, those whose
philosophies of “Everything” entail something about religion, from those who study
only or mainly religion, this article discusses the necessary comparative base for the …

[PDF] Handmade Papers: Innovation, Technology, and Design

A Madhukar Thakker, D Sun - Journal of Natural Fibers, 2023
… The Auroville Papers 1996 experiments and creates multitudes of beautiful HMP
from surplus cotton rags, papers, papyrus, pineapple, and banana fibers. They
produce a wide range of stationery, jewelry, and cotton Mache artworks with the …

[PDF] The Paradox of Collective Climate Action in Rural US Ecovillages: Ethnographic Reflections and Perspectives

C Schelly, Z Rubin, J Lockyer - 2023
Are ecovillages suited to the challenge of climate change and radical social
transformation? While often framed as social experiments with the potential to
support dramatic social change, we argue that ecovillages should be seen as more …

Quantum Leadership Through Yoga Sutras

AK Maheshwari - … -Based Leadership and Management, Volume 1: Vedic …, 2023
… We will discuss how their innovative tools of massive social action based on Yoga
Sutras, or the principles of Divine Union, effectively helped resolve some of the
grand challenges of their eras. These case studies will help identify principles for QL …

Wholeness of Consciousness-Based Leadership and Management

AK Maheshwari - … -Based Leadership and Management, Volume 1: Vedic …, 2023
… The eight limbs of yoga sutras range from the yamas and niyamas, which are the
observable … quantum leadership who leveraged different limbs of Yoga Sutras to
create oneness and well-… This chapter concludes with guidance on how these …

Conversations with Other-than-Human Creatures: Unpacking the Ambiguity of “with” for Multispecies Rhetorics

EA Szymanski - Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 2023
… yoga with blocks can mean placing stiff foam rectangles under one’s hands to find
stability in a balancing pose, wherein “with” indicates a subject-object relation
between a human and a tool that the human employs. Doing yoga with cats can …

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M Wolf
… During Modi’s first and second tenure as Prime Minister, the Hindutva ideology—and
Modi’s populism—engulfed not only the politics, but also … In so doing, we show
how Hindutva nationalism has drawn on the ideas of culture, nostalgia, aspiration …

Minority Vulnerability in South Asia and China: Towards a Post-Nationalist Imagination

C Mallampalli - International Journal of Asian Christianity, 2023
… China’s program of “de-extremification” among the Uyghurs, Myanmar’s military
operations against the Rohingya, and Hindutva-inspired violence in India illustrate
strong-handed homogenizing impulses, even by governments that profess to …

[PDF] Gender, Caste and Subjectivity: Revisiting the# MeToo Movement in India

A Pan
… In fact, Writing with Fire shows how dominant politics, armed with religious
sentiments, utilises social media to promote and strengthen Hindutva ideologies. In
such a scenario, Dalit women can be seen to occupy an extremely marginalised …

[HTML] The neoliberal roots of authoritarian protectionism

P Chacko - International Politics, 2023
… Hindutva social norms and cultural mores which are Brahmanical and patriarchal,
positioning left-liberals, Christians and Muslims (particularly men) as enemy others
to be excluded, while lower castes are to be hierarchically incorporated into a …


M Ahmar - Strategic Thought, 2022
… “In fact, the Babri incident announced the raucous arrival of the Sang Parivar onto
Indi’s national stage, perhaps the beginning of a journey that one day culminate with
an adherent of Hindutva in India’s diving seat. However, what, is troubling is that the …

Theories of Decolonisation; or, to Break All the Tables and Create the World Necessary for Us All to Survive

A Césaire - Decolonisation and Legal Knowledge: Reflections on …, 2023
… In India, this type of nationalism, which co-opts and distorts the language of
decolonisation, is exemplified in the long-historied rise of Hindutva–form of right-wing
nationalism that has occasioned violence against anyone …

Conclusion: Another University Is Necessary to Take Us towards Pluriversal Worlds

A Roy, GG Márquez - Decolonisation and Legal Knowledge: Reflections on …, 2023
Our strategy should be not only to confront Empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it
of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our
stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness—and our ability to tell …
Absolutely fantastic piece by on the word "Paraiah" and the Parayyar community. STOP USING THE WORD "Pariah".
Agree 💯% with in this. Open the Archaka. Bring in a unified not homogenised Indian Archaka /Purohita Service. The birth based system is falling apart. A worth based system is the future. Adapt or Perish.
Awareness of Sri Aurobindo is increasing but many misunderstandings persist. Ashram and Auroville don't fully represent the philosophy of the Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Different systems followed by the local centres possess no definite validity. No particular book has the supremacy.
Performing rituals spreads complacency. Spirituality, on the other hand, takes up all activities as worship, with an attitude of surrender to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Aligning with the evolutionary intention happens only through the intervention of The Mother & #SriAurobindo.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo teach to aspire for a better world instead of worrying about the present state of affairs. People of goodwill around the world needn't feel powerless. Higher consciousness will descend to help at the right time. This is collaboration with the evolution.
Savitri Era Party, opposed to AAP, BJP, and Congress, seeks to establish a modern and democratic political culture as conceived by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Savitri Era Religion, similarly, aims at freeing people's minds from the clutch of mythology, rituals, and superstitions.
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Communication is never complete or perfect. Even in case of written words which are supposed to be exact multiple interpretations precipitate. Scholars have toiled with tangles of hermeneutics since ages. So expecting others to be at one's own level may not be fair. Many just nod
Inculcating curiosity both scientific and philosophical on ontological matters in students is a big necessity. Govt privileging mythology and superstitions poses huge barrier to this. Sri Aurobindo is an acknowledged philosopher and poet but his writings are yet to enter syllabus
Difficult to swallow any interrogation or investigation process being labelled as targeting or political vendetta. No one in this country enjoys any immunity from legal action. Further, no action against a particular person can't be cited as a reason for demanding amnesty for all.
Securing funds for contesting in the elections is actually the culprit. All kinds of dishonest practices are adopted by the so called leaders. This is reason why good people find it difficult to survive in politics.
Both on the front of philosophy and politics, Sri Aurobindo is the best guide. What he wrote on religion too is inescapable. Whether acknowledged or not his predictions are being increasingly imbibed by the public discourse. People find it difficult to digest but they are logical
Following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo facilitates freedom from mythology, rituals, and allied superstitions. Enlightenment values burnished with Vedic wisdom provide a robust philosophical substratum. No obeisance to the priests, monks or sundry imposters. Individual growth is key
Western scholars don't discuss Indian philosophy and try to keep the discourse confined to their own thinkers. In Sri Aurobindo, however, we find surpassing of both Western and Indian philosophy. Plus, he has the added advantage of yogic vision illuminating the path to the future
Devotees have direct relationship with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo who are worshipped as the one Supreme Divine. Thus, there's no system of any priests in Savitri Era Religion. Further, there's no prescribed mantra or any ritual. Each follower is free to choose his method of yoga.
Being a senior citizen implies needing assistance and sympathy. But in Twitter it's added responsibility. People are busy in their selfish motives but for us being a watchdog and safeguarding ethical values is the task; being an impartial observer and offering objective opinions.
Rainbow & the Other: Supramentalisation is a bio-spiritual necessity for survival Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006) and President, Savitri Era Party (2007). Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.