June 28, 2019

Not concerned with evaluation of evidence

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The Mughals were an integral part of India – so why are they being labelled foreigners? https://t.co/I5Gd0dZS7X
[Replug] https://t.co/LtBW6V1dzo

this thread. and this is only part of the diverse evidence that can be gathered so easily. the overlap between a lot of post-colonial studies and the RSS world-view is not a coincidence, both are routes to power, and are not concerned with evaluation of evidence. https://t.co/ATFl8Srt5j

Thanks to @shankasur, I just read this piece on caste as a British colonial invention. Of postcolonialism theory's many pernicious lies, this is the worst. Let me break it down. 1/16


SAFIC is going to post many interesting and amazing facts about Sanskrit and Indian culture. To be updated please follow us.

Sri Rama In Iraq is more an archaeological Rorschach than reality and this P.N. Oak-like Obsession about a global Vedic civilization in a literal sense should stop! https://t.co/I6BoSeFwGc via @swarajyamag

There is definitely over enthusiasm based on vague pictorial similarities. However, there is a serious issue that deserves scholarly attention. India was the largest economy and human civilization for a very long time. It definitely influenced the religions around the world.

Egypt especially seems to be strongly influenced by India, through the Mittanis who married into the Egyptian royalty and perhaps even earlier to them. The religions definitely have a parallel. See. https://t.co/GgVrvzUckD

Jung's fascination with mandalas not only reflected our transition to a four-d cosmos, but the emergence of a new consciousness structure as well -- also rendered as Blake's "fourfold vision" and fourfold "Albion". This is also Aurobindo's "fourfold Atman".

There are also some unique signatures of India in other ancient civilizations, like the statues of the humped Zebu bull, or the prominent Lapus Lazuli stones, which were mined only in North-west India (Afghanistan). No other way to get them.

In olden days the temples were where the exploitative priests loitered around brainwashing gullible people with their lies and deceit ... now they hang around  top university halls as professors.. a #wikipedia,  #quora admins & as  media editors & movie makers..

Yes. The story tellers, fib spinners, elaborators, actors, media of all types are vehicle of brainwash & mindcontrol. Earlier they were only in temples & kathakalatchepams. Now they are in every junction of people. Psychology & dramatics are their tools.

For the realisation of the RSS’s ultimate goal—turning India from a secular democracy to a Hindu religious state—it is not enough to bring religion into politics; religion itself needs to be politicised. Dhirendra K Jha: https://t.co/0JTyiNon9x

Sri Aurobindo postulated AIT to be untrue but he wrote under different circumstances and on scant evidence. So current scientific consensus to stand by AIT is in order till conclusively disproved by people like blog_supplement. Hindutva-driven sociological studies not dependable.
Each individual has to find the right intellectual resources by applying sufficient critical scrutiny. Chasing celebrities is an easy trap for adolescents to get misguided. Even education system or media can be misleading. Political preference also deprives of authentic knowledge.
Pushing a narrative and telling the right thing are two different things. Obviously, people are driven by material gains and no escape from such compulsions. Sri Aurobindo, however, provides diverse perspectives to sense current priorities and imperatives. https://t.co/yA7GHvJTdf
Feel Philosophy: Fighting against fascists is no less fascist https://t.co/QhvWCfcUaj
Posted by Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF - since 2005) for eradication of intellectual malnutrition. @NathTusar
Rainbow & the Other: Outrage is contagious; Truth is not https://t.co/idxz6jpdC6
Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF - since 2005) for eradication of intellectual malnutrition. @NathTusar

Strangers in my home https://t.co/joqsKap2xL In this article the authors examine how disaster can disrupt the boundaries between the private, parochial and public realms, allowing strangers to freely enter the home https://t.co/6xKPIB3UhT

"Karma is the sole ruler in #Jiivi. What goes around does come around in this world. Instead of leaving it up to God to deliver justice, the film questions his very existence," reviews @Iamnavein @Vetri_Sudley @actorkaruna  https://t.co/h3oimfltFJ

According to Gopinath Rao (East & West Vol. 35) the old tribal shrine at Jaganath Puri was usurped by Vaisnavas and the walls of the temple even today displays gory murals recording the beheading and massacre of Buddhists.

Nearly fifty years after humanity’s first steps on the Moon, the team at @NASA_Johnson restored the Apollo Mission Control center to appear as it did in that era. Join our experts on @Reddit starting at 1:30pm ET to ask about our work to preserve history: https://t.co/DTkfmRW28G https://t.co/W9xCgQ50so

Dear Friends,
We are taking the opportunity of sharing with you five videos of the Mother which have been uploaded in the youtube channel of Overman Foundation. 


Conversations with the Mother on the subject of flowers in particular and Nature more generally form the first new title introduced in this issue. Throb of Nature is a compilation of the author’s notes jotted down from his conversations with the Mother. 
In Sri Aurobindo's Commentaries on Krishna, Buddha, Christ and Ramakrishna the author brings together comments made by Sri Aurobindo – in his major works and in his letters to disciples – as well as a few comments by the Mother, on the lives of these avatars and their particular roles in advancing the evolution of humanity. Sri Aurobindo saw all four as messengers who came to earth with a special mission.

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June 25, 2019

Vama Marg is individualistic

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A sensory sociology of the future: Affect, hope and inventive methodologies, by @rcecoleman https://t.co/2axDb6gOOT https://t.co/RCkvVJxrV4

There’s a lot of frustration with the way we communicate science, but real ideas on reform are hard to come by. Read Gene Lim’s take on two practical ideas for change. #ScienceOpen #sciencetwitter https://t.co/psEBgp3uTP
Most babies have rhythms, sleep eat play cry sleep eat play cry sleep... it seems like adulthood brings on a more stable and aperiodic way of being.  Are there any 2-3 hour repeat cycles happening in your adult life? #psychology #babies #dailyrythyms

What's the connection between TS Eliot and bullshit? He invented the term in an unpublished poem, a century ago. Since then, it has gained traction - not only as profanity but as a major theoretical framework. https://t.co/XSolFZqCwU

"What light through yonder window breaks?" #cats #shakespeare https://t.co/4OFkc7umAO

Banksy’s work are on show in Lisbon for summer 2019, entitled Banksy’s Genius or Vandal? (Eye roll) The exhibition features original works lent by international private collectors and galleries. (Irony dies multiple times in this exhibit) https://t.co/QneCdnODbi

Yes, entrenched cunning ruthless exploiters using beliefs as sheepskin hold all the keys. And are strong inciters of people.
They use every word from every type of critic to provoke obsession among mass.
They use mass psychology. 
Critics too need mass psychology.

That always is the limitation of rationalists & reformists. This category approaches straight. While parasites & exploiters are devious, monolithic, organized. Thus reasoning is uphill task. 
Rajaram & Sati is a sample. 
Buddha is another sample.

Is Freedom of Expression a one-way street for the liberals? writes @mvmeet  https://t.co/wseBXyp0iL

@acorn: It is not Star Wars yet, but space has undoubtedly become a military theatre. It is time to rethink our approach https://t.co/V0C0QeXlRZ

Journalist and MP @Swapan Dasgupta's swapan55 book, "Awakening Bharat Mata: The Political Beliefs of the Indian Right", (published by @PenguinIndia) is a selection of writings by such thinkers as Sister Nivedita, Sri Aurobindo, Bankimchandra Chattopadhyaya, RC Majumder...... RG Bhandarkar, Veer Savarkar, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Sardar Patel, LK Advani, Girilal Jain, and others. Review, rate, discuss it at 
https://t.co/KW5w6uGleE https://t.co/OgRtss9wts

My talk at #Swadeshiindology conf SI3: #Dravidianism, its lack of linguistic basis (AIT based western historical linguistics); followed by coauthor @YamunaHarsha on its lack of history, honesty & integrity: https://t.co/vp1TWqwwFF
Track2/session2: Mod #Hinduphobia & Dravidianism
An earlier talk of mine, on Integral Unity in Indian Mathematics, journey from 1-to-0 & back: https://t.co/pUa1heRR0k

My interview explaining Hinduism, and Yoga as its practice. Suitability of Dharma as a better descriptor of Indic traditions, than Religion: https://t.co/EUzy2VuFiA

Another reason why anyone reading Indian history needs good grounding in Sanskrit. Fake propaganda cannot be done when one knows Sanskrit. https://t.co/czqKjG3dwK

Also, get your hands on the @LeftwordBooks volume - Liberate the Colonies, the texts on anti-colonialism from the early Communist International meetings (1917-1924): https://t.co/5H7wXQRKAt. Essential volume, 45% off this week.

I am surprised I need to even explain this. Bahujans are at least 70% of India's population and if a majority of us had voted for BJP, the votes share would have been double of what they got. And it is this majority that stands between Modi & Hindu Rashtra. 1/n https://t.co/8EwaPrLgPA

And it is also a stupid boiler plate argument to claim Marxists are wiped out by pointing to the useless existent Parliamentary left parties. As if they own Marxism and as if our existence or rise is dependent on them. 2/n https://t.co/E9UjUpHaqW

CPIM is a "Bahujan" Radical Marxist party? 🤣🤣🤣
How many Bahujans are there in its Politburo?
Why don't you first educate ourself a little before you start mindless debates and waste my time? https://t.co/oZaCIMC2fq

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was a champion of secularism and firmly against communal politics! https://t.co/UzL4lIe3NG

My piece for the Mid-year special of @TheWeekLive for the 150th birth anniv of Gandhi, contrasting the two irreconcilable poles of Indian history- Gandhi and #Savarkar n how their legacies continue to divide the Indian polity. https://t.co/y4VjURAKz6

Amit Shah has simply followed the Congress playbook and turned it into an art form. The Congress scum who killed Sikhs in 1984 destroyed the lives of witnesses, tampered with the judiciary— in short, they did everything that Shah did.The communists in Bengal, SP, BSP no different

There is no doubt that most of what the BJP is doing now has one or more precedents, set more often than not by the Congress. But the crucial difference is that unlike with culprits in the past, for the duo there are absolutely no limits.

Indira Gandhi playbook really; Modi really reminds me of her, except much worse and overtly communal.

Supporting the right party is the only solution instead of suffering the hegemony of established ones. Spreading the desired ideology should be the strategy and encouraging an environment of rationality and sense of responsibility can turn the tables on the present perpetrators.

Debates prior to Sri Aurobindo must be understood for locating him properly.
[Where Nietzsche or Emerson say to be more individual, Kant tells us to be more universal – to act according to the same moral law that everyone else should act under. -Amod Lele] https://t.co/C0MISaBS5d


Sri Aurobindo on the Psychic Being --The true soul real in us https://t.co/uJ8PPcqtES

Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharata. Analysis of Chapter V Kurukshetra from Essays on The Gita by Sri Aurobindo https://t.co/dGsX0Jpz4R

Globalist Ideologies are Dakshina in nature. Among religious ideas, Islam is the epitome of Dakshina Marg. Doesn't allow any room to anyone. Communism too is Dakshina Marg. Any ideology which tells you to follow, rather than to chart your own path is deceiving you.
Everyone of them had to clash with the society. The clash between society and a powerful person is the most ancient battle in the history of mankind. Clash between collectivism and Individualism. Vama Marg is individualistic.
Aghora's are the real Vama Margi. Shakta's at large follow Vama Marg. Vama Marg is individualistic. Real Vama Margis are better as lonely. They know & worship death, that's why so many Ugra devatas in the Vama Marg.

June 14, 2019

Aesthetics like nutrition should seek the right-mix

The irony of disowning one's culture

The New Indian Express-04-Jun-2019
It is not wise to confuse the treasures of our heritage with the Hindu religion as it is understood and interpreted today ...

'I am a man of India as a whole': Manoj Das

The Hindu-23-Mar-2019
Manoj Das, one of India's foremost bi-lingual authors, writes in his mother tongue, Odia, and in English. The 2001-Padma Shri recipient who ...

Manoj Das to be conferred with Nilimarani Award 2019 on Jan 6

Bhubaneswar: Award-winning Indian author Professor Manoj Das will be conferred with the first Nilimarani Award 2019 for his extraordinary ...

Unsung Warrior~I

The Statesman-12-Jun-2019
At this time, he visited the ashram of Motilal Roy, a renowned devotee of SriAurobindo and was imbued with his religious philosophy. After a few months Motilal ...

Unsung Warrior~II

The Statesman-1 hour ago
Inspired by the ideological moorings of Sri Aurobindo, he was far above a noxious egomaniac and could always view things with insouciance and equanimity.

What Kind of Nationalism Do We Need Today? Exploring Tagore on ...

Economic and Political Weekly-11 hours ago
Unlike many 19th century thinkers like Ram Mohan Roy, Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo who rooted indian cultural unity in canonical texts, Tagore ...

Understanding the Indian right

THE WEEK-10-Jun-2019
While he seeks to trace right wing political and economic beliefs through the writings of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Sri Aurobindo, Nirad C Chaudhuri and ...

Into the mind of the modern-day Chanakya

India Today-08-Jun-2019
Shah's great-grandfather and grandfather had been the nagarsheth of the princely state of Mansa. It is said that the family had also hosted Sri Aurobindo, then ...

As Modi swears in, read Sri Aurobindo's powerful nationalism speech ...

On this very same day (May 30), Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo delivered a fiery speech on nationalism that cemented the bedrock of India's freedom struggle ...

Evolution, Religion, and Indian Traditions-whose Clash Is It Anyway?

Sri Aurobindo refined these ideas further. His ideas on evolution become explicit by some of his statements he made in various essays, lectures, and interviews.

Goddess of generalisations fails Gandhi and Ambedkar

The Sunday Guardian-01-Jun-2019
Here was the Mahatma who, to use Sri Aurobindo's words, was “a European…in an Indian body”. But Roy, after explaining how Gandhi “has become all things ...

Hinduism and New Age
P Oneness, R Cosmopolitanism - Modern Hinduism, 2019
… emotional relaxation. They also include the growing crowds outside the Pranic Healing Centre in the Aurobindo Ashram in New Delhi, which people approached in search of relief for mental and physical ailments alike. And, most

Modern Hindu Dharma and Environmentalism
P Jain - Modern Hinduism, 2019
… Similarly, the teachings of Sri Aurobindo (1872–1950) inspired the founding of a community near Pondicherry in South India called Auroville, in which ecological restoration and progress towards sustainability have been central goals (Sullivan 1994) …

Hinduism in the Secular Republic of Nepal
DN Gellner, C Letizia - Modern Hinduism, 2019
Page 288. 15 Hinduism in the Secular Republic of Nepal David N. Gellner and Chiara Letizia INTRODUCTION Nepal looms large in the modern Hindu imagination for three reasons.'First, it encompasses a large stretch of the holy mountains, the Himalayas …

Modern Hindu Diaspora (s)
V Sinha - Modern Hinduism, 2019
… These included the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON),
Sathya Sai Baba movement, Radhasoami Satsang, BK Raja Yoga Centre, Eckankar Satsang, Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Sri Aurobindo Society, Tran …

Assumptions and Ground Realities
S Bhattacharjea - Early Childhood Education and School Readiness in …
… In India, this basic principle has been articulated in different ways, for example, in Gandhi's belief in “correlated teaching” that would draw on the child's environment for ways of exploring topics or concepts, or in Aurobindo's model 

Kipling, Yeats, and the empire of men
A Pradhan - Kipling and Yeats at 150: Retrospectives/Perspectives, 2019

Assorted tweets:

Happy to announce SAFIC now has a brand new website (same easy-to-remember URL of course!). Please browse through and learn about  our various projects and activities. https://t.co/Y0Be8MyBe4
Upcoming Event from SAFIC- an International Conference on “Spiritual Perspectives on Creating a Conscious Humanity” October 18-20, 2019 For more information, visit: https://t.co/zyp6mKW6Z0 https://t.co/3RlBYRIdyx

Sri Aurobindo brings in a far greater psychology elaborating the Upanhadic planes of being in The Life Divine n the Letters.

Everyone wants to be a hero, but no one wants to use the brains & strategy, or do the work of a hero.
That's the unpleasant reality of Hindu activists.
Everyone wants to fight for dharma, but only a handful know what's dharma, leave alone uphold it & live it.

Well said. Unfortunately its not even true that everyone wants to fight for dharma. Most Hindus r only concerned w/ job, family, house & some periodic celebrations which is all the "Hinduism" they care to indulge in. Dharma is by definition the province of heroes of force & thot. https://t.co/ToN8fVwkEi
Our personality can be a vehicle & a medium & a channel for the Divine Consciousness. But for that it is necessary to break out of the illusory shell of the ego. The lower deformation must surrender to the Highest Truth, the outer surface play of nature to the innermost Divinity. https://t.co/aogER7bjWi
We see only our human weaknesses & limitations.
She sees through them our supreme Divine potential. https://t.co/aogER7bjWi
I think it wud prob b more correct to say Sri Aurobindo had accomplished what he had to in the political field for the time being, i.e. lay the seed & groundwork for full independence, light the fire that once lit cud not b extinguished. Even his yoga grew out of his nationalism.
He had reached a point where he cud see that the awakening he had initiated wud inevitably result in freedom, only a Q of time, soon or later. But what India wud do with this freedom was the real Q now. And the rest of his life he spent in laying the foundations for future India.

Remember the incident in #SriAurobindo Ashram when in WW 🏗 was badly affected by shortages of cement! Sadhaks used to complain to the Mother! Once while returning from Her room,They saw a  line of trucks coming out of nowhere !Said the Mother:you mortals don’t believe in Divine!

Sri Aurobindo, and not Goel or Shourie, is the last word on human behaviour and collective psychology. Reading him can orient one in the Vedic Evolutionary vision for the mankind and liberate from ill effects of parochialism. Recognising the true teacher of the nation is the key.
May be your impression is in order to a large extent since it's a human weakness to safeguard self-interest. Fortunately or unfortunately, however, one can't think of modern India without the Bengalis. From Ram Mohan Roy to Mahalanobis, they have contributed in diverse fields.
Despite facing setback on several counts, Europe still provides leadership on diverse facets of human civilisation and culture. Blanket condemnation of Colonialism or Christianity shouldn't blind us to these areas of excellence. Admiring and acquiring the best should be the norm.
People in general take great satisfaction in not availing the services of an architect while constructing a house or renovating it. As a result, our country is suffering from a huge design-deficit. Sadly Bollywood sets or Web portals, on the contrary, demonstrate design overload.
Modern schooling practice of confining students in classrooms deprives them of the joy of labour or creative physical endeavour. Subjects we teach at school have become outdated in the Internet age. Abolishing the prevailing syllabus and evaluation system is the only sane option.
History and Mythology lessons should be abandoned so that the new generation is not mentally burdened. Those peddling unsubstantiated formulations must desist from charlatanism. Citing old texts is no assurance against trickery. Preventing frauds is an important responsibility.
Each and every major narrative needs some measure of corrective. Western scholars have failed to accommodate or appreciate the Indian scenario and Indian public intellectuals are averse to an Integral view of things. So no need to be overwhelmed by the dominant political paradigm
Aesthetics like nutrition must strive for the right-mix and avoid intoxication by a few dominant components. Not being natural or duly imparted by education, this aspect of personal development is a difficult proposition for many. Further, Media offerings often warp the scenario.
Politics as well as philanthropy run on principles of Business Management. There's no reason why they should be different. Personal development, however, is an altogether separate arena. Professional expertise shouldn't delude one to be too adept at facing life's twists and turns.
Each religion is a bundle of superstition and people have no option than to carry forward that burden. They are fighting with each other without having any hand in creation of the religions. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have clearly said about the end of the reign of all religions.
There can be various opinions about the past which keeps on changing but the truth is that contact with European education and culture gave the Bengalis the first mover's advantage. Their position is secure in history; no one can dispute with that or remove them from the pedestal
I have not read him but many perceptive persons are recommending the books by Nigurananda (Professor Sachidananda Sarkar). You may check. There would be many others like him.

The "dramatist" school of social philosophy (Kenneth Burke, Hugh Dalziel Duncan) has some very interesting insights.
Also, Rolf Jensen's *Dream Society* (ugly and exploitative as it is, and more like Huxley's dystopia) also points to the transformation of *reality* into psychodrama, as does the emergence of "marketing 3.0" or ("holistic" or "spiritual" branding, so-called).
Jensen's *Dream Society* is quite evidently the meaning, too, of Kurt Andersen's *Fantasyland*, and buttresses Gabler's (and Postman's) earlier writings on how "entertainment has conquered reality" -- ie, loss of discernment between the "in here" and the "out there".
But this is also consistent with Aurobindo's "Age of Subjectivism" (in *The Human Cycle*). There is, in those terms, an implicit logic and pattern within the apparent chaos of the affects.

A must read if you want to have insights into ancient Bharata, especially Tamil Nadu,social values & finess , role of the devadasi, their personality, &their downfall. The more u read, the more u would realise that it was a progressive society which regressive cultures invaded. https://t.co/e1NWrIdatN

“All my books address this issues of dislocation, migration, movement.” - @GhoshAmitav #Live from the #Delhi launch of #GunIsland
“Often when you write a novel, you realise that certain characters truly assert themselves. They become larger and larger than life” - @GhoshAmitav
#Live from the #Delhi launch of #GunIsland

Two hours a week spent outdoors in nature linked with better health https://t.co/fYgEQrTVBk https://t.co/0D6p3uw4dT

Plasim Radar

Mechanical Mind - The useless mechanical mind is very active, while the useful recording mind has fallen silent; it can’t do any thinking or even note down the experienc...

Prabhat Patnaik puerile Theory of Money - Why does paper money have value? The answer is because it is legal tender. You discharge your contractual obligations and pay your taxes by using it. Your ...

Catherine Prueitt hired by the University of British Columbia - Continuing the good news about Canada: Catherine Prueitt has accepted a position in at The University of British Columbia. Congratulations to her and to UBC!

- On the claim of science. For Heidegger, “each supposition is always already grounded in a certain kind of *acceptio*. Only when the presence of something 

Isha Upanishad: the Methods of Realisation, Part 4, the Human Standpoint and the Link to the Divine Standpoint - The description of seven ‘worlds’ or states of consciousness, in the Vedic terminology includes 3 in a higher hemisphere, and 3 in a lower hemisphere, and ...

Deepening the “zero-sum binary” - Via Islamic finance, “rites” have increased their power over “rights” in Malaysia.

The Anthropocene as Psychodrama - Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time, And all our yesterdays have lighted ...

The right-wing reaction is part of the legacy of the fall of the Soviet Union - In Neoliberalism’s Demons, available wherever fine books are sold, I argue that the right-wing reaction is not a necessary outcome of neoliberalism — in pa...

Antithesis of Yoga - Antithesis of Yoga is a non-fiction novel about Auroville’s first 25 years. Jocelyn one of the early settlers in Auroville since 1969, chronicles the sto...

A Sellarsian solution for the self? - The conflict between Buddhism and qualitative individualism is a major difficulty for my own philosophy. In addressing that conflict, there … Continue read...

June 08, 2019

Fiction says nothing concrete; it does not deliver clear judgements

Irrationality is very much part of the uniqueness of our inner cosmos, as is our rationality. Instead of playing one against the other our irrationality can be managed and rituals play an important role in it.  https://t.co/wT939wJUao via @swarajyamag

Fiction says nothing concrete about improving relationships, establishing financial security, or controlling the breath for greater calm and energy. It seems ambiguous: it does not even deliver clear judgements on the characters it has itself presented... https://t.co/708EEPOmJx

Marketime: Electoral victory is not ideological victory https://t.co/pinJ2hQQ4y

Exclusive Concentration like Extended Release or Paramarasa limiting itself like in Alethea is another way of looking at Democracy vis-a-vis Conscious Evolution. Dwapara or Tretaya being in certain ratio of Satya or Vaikhari and Madhyama as some proportion of Pashyanti analogical

By emphasising more on the spirituality aspect Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry has neglected the political dimension of Sri Aurobindo's vision. Savitri Era Party has been inspiring and influencing people for taking part in this important venture from 2007 https://t.co/mxqwPMre10

I used to be perplexed how such a large number of intelligent South Indian brahmins are confident of the future of Hindutva when the North Indian version represented by RSS is so intellectually impoverished. But their common resistance to Sri Aurobindo explains it to some extent.

Since someone says that he sees my tweets,
I'm beholden but don't take them too seriously.
Twitter is a toy for literate old persons,
Who tend to litter to vent a hundred deprivations.
#MayDay is for remembering the human condition,
And being aware of their impregnable conundrum.

Beautiful Bhakra https://t.co/hrO82nkc1g

P VAN HECKE - 2019
… (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Religion, Conflict, and Peacebuilding. New York: Oxford University Press, 2015. Aurobindo, Sri. Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library. Vol. 2. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, 1972 …

[PDF] Futuristic Amalgamation of the Past and Present in Literature-Draupadi as Historian: A Paradigm Shift
LK Suresh - International Journal, 2019
… It is not a story about a particular set of events but a story of civilization and the human condition itself. It documents the human predicament which is beyond time. Aurobindo says, “…Mahabharata is the creation and expression of a collective national mind …

[PDF] Beauty in Identity: Dual Definition of Identity of Padmini in Hayavadana and Jasmine in Jasmine
… In Aurobindo's words: “The search for beauty is only in its beginning a satisfaction in the beauty of form, the beauty which appeals to the physical senses and vital impressions, impulsions, desires … The Human Cycle. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, 1997 …

[PDF] Rana PB Singh1
S Vivekananda
… His teachings and life philosophy have influenced several notable personalities in India and other parts of the world, like Subhas Chandra Bose, Aurobindo Ghose, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore …

[HTML] Seeking'lines of flight'in Bangladesh theatre
… Because the ideology of Shwadeshi Movement 'was derived from Hindu religious scriptures, like the ”Bhagabata Gita” and their message were conveyed through Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya's “Anandamath” and …

Plasim Radar

A Series Inspired by India’s Rebirth – 3 - Author: Beloo Mehra (2019). Published under the title ‘When Young India Awakes’ in Sri Aurobindo’s Action, Vol. 50 (2 & 3), pp. 16-19. Continued from Part ...

Analysis of Isha Upanishad, Knowledge and Ignorance, Part 2 - In The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo analyzes the issues raised here in the Isha Upanishad in his discussion of “the materialist denial” and “the refusal of t...

Universal Love - Some say that X had universal love which he used to share with others. X is a man full of impulses of love and kindness which are spoilt by his excessi...

Alan Gibbard & why 'intuitions', 'judgments', and 'coherence' are all worthless - There is a view, popularized by Parfit, that an ethical 'reason' is a non-naturalistic 'fact' known to us by intuition. If this is so, then it would seem t...

Liberal rights and religious rites - While *Constituting Religion *provides a detailed case study of Malaysia, the argument Moustafa develops has important implications for much of the Musli...

How can we get rid of or overcome certain practices, beliefs etc? - ​ *How can we get rid of or overcome certain practices, beliefs etc?* *And is getting rid of them necessary? * *If the answer yes, then how can we do it ?...

Kusum-ben Nagda: In Memoriam by Anurag Banerjee - Dear Friends, On Sunday, 12 May 2019, one of the senior-most inmates of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram community as well as one of its most loved members breathe...

The Nature of Matter in Indian Thought – M S Srinivasan - In our earlier discussions on the nature of matter, we have studied in some details. The discoveries of New Physics in the series of articles, The Nature ...

Reading Sanskrit texts “unaided” - A student has asked me this question, which I thought might be interesting to open up to a broader audience: After how long and how much study does a new s...

Gods of Our Lesser Natures - In the culture of the 21st century, brands and brand names have become the major and minor deities of our secular pantheon, and the totem gods and meanings...

Burning Man and the Seeds of a New Story - Mission at Tenth special supplement Vol. 7, 274-279 (2018) “Carnival of Consciousness: Practice as Research in Black Rock City” A Submission by Matthew T. ...

Ten years of Love of All Wisdom - I opened Love of All Wisdom to the public, with three first posts, on 1 June 2009. That was ten … Continue reading →

- In the National Post, categorizing the retrograde in the world, in a review of Denys Arcand's *The Fall of the American Empire*. If only Arcand could get ...

Konttho (Bengali Film) review - If you have had a smoker in your family you will appreciate this film more than those who don’t know what it is to see someone destroy himself with cigaret...

母親的話(第二輯) - 母親的話(第二輯) 《母親的話》記錄了室利阿羅頻多修道院院母,人稱“母親(The Mother)”的著述及與弟子們之間的對話,內容涉及日常生活和瑜伽修行的諸多方面。 版本詳情 作者: 法國院母 密那氏著述;徐梵澄譯 頁數: 405頁 出版發行: 室利阿羅頻多修道院印刷所華文部出版 出版日期: 1958年7...

You’re On God’s Time Now - The following is the text of a presentation I gave last summer in Berlin. While some of the ideas and problematics articulated here are ones I wouldn’t fra...

Unearthing the Path: A Photo-Essay - In my ongoing ‘decluttering’ journey, I have decided to clean my blog as well. I have started a process of sorting through old blogs and will be keeping on...

Accepting weaknesses helps to cultivate compassion and humility - Who Put the Super in Superhero? Transformation and Heroism as a ... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6343428/ by SL ROSS - ‎2018 - The mere tho...

24th April Special - Newness of the New World - by Aryadeep - Today, 99 years ago, the Mother returned to Pondicherry for good. As I have often done in the past, I present here certain interesting things to mark the ...

24.4.1920: Mother’s Return to Pondichéry - This Darshan Day marks Mother’s return from Japan after WWI, to stay for good in then French ‘Pondichéry’ and start her real collaboration with Sri Aurobin...

Believe in the Vedic Evolutionary ontology of Sri Aurobindo - Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar While it's understandable that electoral politics and its compulsions will dominate the national sce...

Monthly updates and newsletter articles - From Jan 2019 we will not be updating this blog. Please refer to our website at https://sriaurobindosociety.org.sg/ For newsletters and articles, please r...