July 13, 2020

Bat, bacteria, butter, and boulevard

Maya Deren, are you from this planet, with your windows, shadows, unsteady sunlight, falling stairs, bizarre climbing onto a dinner table, a cliff, and infinite rooms, chase a gigantic flower #cinema #surreal #film #shortfilms https://t.co/3VA2cxobTz
how you split yourself from afternoons strewn with beach pebbles on an expanse of sand, a key, a chess piece, lose and find objects in iterated dreams, wave to yourself or run away like stranger
a piece of broken mirror for a veiled face that says too much, yet nothing, plays on silently like the record on that record player?
Meshes of the Afternoon (1943)
At Land (1944)

Thomas Nagel asked what is it like to be a bat. Since forty years have passed one must extend the question to bacteria, butter & boulevard.

Socrates: Who are his parents? Diotima: He's the son of Plenty & Poverty, partakes of both natures, is full & starved by turns. #symposium

What it is like to be a fish. No water to claim. No home to name. #thestateofbeingstateless https://t.co/z4WX7GCeAa

Another book (well, several of them) published by @BloomsburyAcad recently: Stephen Phillips' complete translation of the Tattvacintāmaṇi, in three volumes. It is definitely a library purchase! But I daresay an important one. https://t.co/VlkEt5YrQg

The heart of politics is not about the policy. It’s about the values. I can disagree with you on eight out of 10 issues, but if you’re an honorable, honest, empathetic human being, we can do business.” Trump is none of those things. Biden is most or all

"I think it is very natural for everyone to want to see their ancestors and their nation as heroic. And if you can’t do heroic, then the move is to see yourself and your nation as a victim."
Sound familiar? 

You Want a Confederate Monument? My Body Is a Confederate Monument https://t.co/HHoMK9N23h

Finally got around to this interview by @_michaelbrooks over at the stoa with @peternlimberg. Highly recommended for people interested in @MattPolProf ongoing writing & thinking on the new engaged left or @jdj_writes integral leftism. https://t.co/u9maGb1Vfp
"Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."

An integral left isn't about taking a polarized stance but finding bridges; maybe first, it is working to realize that apoliticism or centrism isn't being "free" of sides. I recommend checking out the linked article.
Unfortunately, Ken Wilber's integralism picked up a version of neoliberalism decades ago. Again, an integral left is working within a tradition — in the spirit of Aurobindo Ghose no less - of emancipation and spiritual freedom. https://t.co/vmcj58wC9I

Three suggested readings:
1) #SardarPatel's Letter to Prime Minister #Nehru (Nov 7, 1950): https://t.co/uCgvm9eo2Y
2) "Tibet In Darkness" by #Osho: https://t.co/KKel15Nk5F 
3) Sri #Aurobindo on #ChineseAggression on #Tibet and India (Nov 11, 1950): https://t.co/kmVu2Ms0fB https://t.co/xtlFWYwqnI

..."Seven years in Tibet" by Heinrich Harrer is a must read.
Film (Brad Pitt) too is worth a watch.

[Idols of the Mind vs. True Reality: Puri, Bhakti Madhava: 9781734908954 https://t.co/oETyTXhO4H]  https://t.co/bwn7crhjGf

Monica Gulati #SriAurobindo

The Cordoba Mosque in Spain became a Church.
The Hagia Sophia Church in Turkey became a Mosque.
But both were originally pagan mandirs. 
The Greco-Roman syncretic pantheon was worshipped. Polytheist places of worship were destroyed by proselytizing monotheisms who then fought.
As a Hindu, I see in those temples my story. I refuse to be bound by the territory of India in my spiritualism and that is because the very territory of India is in large parts defined by said spiritualism. Once you understand that, you understand what Aurobindo also understood.
More importantly, I see in those temples the only way to co-exist. Which is why I believe, you can call it a prophecy or you can call it Dharmic teleology, but those temples will be revived by humanity within this century. The arc of our moral universe shall bend towards justice.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the leaders of Evolution. They are firmly in charge of the welfare of the entire humanity. They don't distinguish between nations or religions. They are working for Supramental manifestation. All must try to understand the significance of this task.
Despite my shoestring knowledge on international affairs, India, USA, and China going the USSR way is an Evolutionary inevitability. When and how early peple accept this reality depends upon how much Coronavirus can act as a catalyst or thrust its threat to make them fall in line
One is rightsizing for efficiency. Second is Sri Aurobindo foresees a #WorldUnion which can take shape and function efficiently once the hegemony of huge nations are over. So, more democratic and federal sentiments can grow to encompass global proportions. https://t.co/Cx6YQuApn5
I was born and brought up in a traditional agricultural family in an Odisha village with round the year religious festivals. Now, like many others, I worship The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the Supreme Divine and try to follow their teaching. Castles of old religions will collapse.
No one has taken birth by his choice, yet this overdose of enthusiasm to defend own country, religion, language, or culture is curious. Basically, it's brainwashing in a systematic manner resulting in inertia. Sri Aurobindo, on the other hand, asks for Adventure of Consciousness.

ARYA appeared every month from August 1914 to January 1921 in which Sri Aurobindo wrote a dozen books chapter by chapter. If one searches for Theory in the Indian context, these are of foundational nature. Thus each PhD scholar should consult them for idea https://t.co/N2vOxDWHZn
A whole century of various reform and reinterpretation movements had created a chaotic situation. Bande Mataram movement too had left its scar. Sri Aurobindo thought of examining issues from the very basics with the aid of Western science and philosophy. It was an epochal moment.
This was a major trigger and puzzle.
[In 1903, three years after Nietzsche’s death, George Bernard Shaw published his play “Man and Superman,” in which he equated the Übermensch with an overflowing “Life Force.”] Nietzsche’s Eternal Return | The New Yorker https://t.co/chJtgXQB3p
[In Process and Evolution and Yoga and Human Evolution (1909) Sri Aurobindo begins to articulate his vision of human evolution... what has been called evolutionary spirituality can be traced back to Sri Aurobindo's work.] - Richard Carlson, Thu 02 Apr 2009 https://t.co/GGFDioT1X7
There are a few Western handles sympathetic to Sri Aurobindo but they seem to be always in search of some Western thinker for juxtaposition. No one can admit that Sri Aurobindo is the foremost philosopher. Bengalis too suffer from this syndrome and fail to recognise his supremacy
How knowledge and meaning are facing stiff opposition even in 2020 is really remarkable. Sri Aurobindo wrote new interpretations of the Veda and Upanishads but no one is willing to even acknowledge it. Savitri Era Party will continue to push the right narrative despite resistance.
The Ideal of Human Unity is most pertinent at the moment. #COVID19 is also forcing local autonomy which may lead to Sovereignty to the States of India. #WorldUnion too can take a definite shape. Savitri Era Religion will play an important role in this wide-ranging transformation.

Conditions Required for the Emergence of the Supermind in Earthly Life https://t.co/lhgN5n7Rf7

July 09, 2020

Free speech is the lifeblood of Democracy

The open letter by some prominent intellectuals in @Harpers does make sense.
It is an appeal to all, and not just Trump & his friends, to not stifle free speech under some or the other pretext.
Free speech is the lifeblood of democracy. 

"By moving from ‘politically correct’ language to a historically correct account, this book helps us understand why Hindutva ideology has become commonsense and why secularism appears anti-Hindu."
My article: https://t.co/KwFb0Uc4dN
"Identifying and confronting the weaknesses of secular ideology and practice at this moment of its worst crisis must become a project of our times. This would be painful, but willingness to face it is a sign of confidence, evading a sure sign of death."
"The only way to respond to this historic setback is to face up to the mistakes of secularism and do a course correction. Abhay Dubey has started this conversation. Let us hope that this early silence would be followed by vigorous debates." https://t.co/KwFb0Uc4dN

LiveLaw Invites You On a Webinar On "Patriarchy, Misogyny & Sexual Assault: Women And The Courts " [Navroz Seervai, Senior Advocate And Gulanr Mistry, Advocate] https://t.co/vjhUgU9MEV

Does #DomesticViolence account only for married women abused by their in-laws and husbands? Or does it also affect children born in such marriages? #domesticabuse https://t.co/Ubdta2hmRy

#EPWReadingList: The Godhra riots in 2002 represented a fundamental shift in India’s polity and was also a testing ground for political Hindutva. https://t.co/b2aDHQmWjt
#EPWDistilled: How are women’s bodies constructed across castes, classes, regions, religions, and other categories? https://t.co/bqWHPID8Cc
#EPWReadingList: In India, racism, casteism and colourism are not mutually exclusive - they may often overlap. That does not mean however, that racism does not exist. https://t.co/cRO4v1k20v
“What is your vocabulary of resistance? What are the metaphors that help you make sense of the world?” https://t.co/OtWb0KNStQ
What has been the focus of the feminist movement in the last decade? https://t.co/dhgEFDMHsx
Addressing sexual harassment at work requires a reconceptualisation of the concept and an overhauling of the legal structures that aim to mitigate it. https://t.co/VxKWxspjoi
The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019 and the Surrogacy Regulation Bill, 2019 reinforce the idea of family as a patriarchal, heterosexual and casteist institution and fail to account for other models of "chosen families'' https://t.co/tEd72OgsOt
#InQuotes: Historians have been guilty of focusing too much on empiricism, rather than seeking to dwell on the nature and philosophy of history. https://t.co/PrYjaHuEyU

"I think it is very natural for everyone to want to see their ancestors and their nation as heroic. And if you can’t do heroic, then the move is to see yourself and your nation as a victim."
Sound familiar? 

Don't read lte tetter read this from @OsitaNwanevu  https://t.co/TUJh8jHOXJ

The Roman historian Tacitus, on life under the deadening weight of tyranny https://t.co/IDRGH3rHBu

Ridiculous & shocking that @INCIndia is forcing its party members to wear RFID tags & tracking their movements. Immoral & unethical surveillance of cadres by leadership of #Congress

As poets, academics, journalists, authors, students, and assorted other dissenters are jailed across India, we must at least lend them a ear. Priya Ramani reads letters, poetry, books & notes from prison.

Unmasking Freedom - Israel Shamir  -https://t.co/owWpQVlS44 via @vijayvaani

He has come out as brilliantly as he does in  in his commentary and earlier his bowling . History being written by the conquerors...so true, same sentiments in this sensible piece albeit in a different set up.https://t.co/duXYMR35jG
Very sensible article . Very perceptive .https://t.co/duXYMR35jG

YSR was a criminal turned corrupt politician. He and his family promoted Christian conversion in Andhra and today 25% population of Andhra is Christian. Let me now if I left anything @cbkwgl? 

After all the eulogies that were written recently, here’s a sharp assessment of #PVNarasimhaRao https://t.co/1vPRMbz5HG

The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked a petitioner seeking shutting down of Ashrams run by 'fake babas' to serve the petition upon the Centre in order for them to come up with suggestions regarding the the possible course of action.
Read more:  https://t.co/dqcyigu7NG https://t.co/0Efhp4NVxn

“Studies show that not all practice is effective, but concentrated practice focused on precise skills can lead to large improvements in performance” https://t.co/5D70n3bWM1

People are dropping their guard out of impatience and something called “optimism bias”, which makes one think one is excluded from potential negative effects. It’s a psychological trap, especially for those untouched by any sense of loss or tragedy in life.

True.  But,  I was recently reading Brian Weiss,  where he mentioned about divine intervention that changes the course of life, despite destiny.  Do you agree with it?  I remember Shri Aurobindo also having said something similar.

'J'irai au pays de neige' - Film on Alexandra David Neel's life being screened open-air in the Ashram school courtyard tonight.
She met SA in Pondy before Mother came in 1914. French film 'I will go to the Land of Snows' partly shot in Pondy. An Aurovillian plays SA.
Was first foreign woman to enter Tibet, Close friend of The Mother, she heard of Sri Aurobindo from the Richards in Paris after 1910.
A short and rather interesting introduction to the Integral Yoga, visuals aside. "Evolution Fast-forward": http://t.co/s81YdSi9 via @youtube
The ROSE is my flower-formula of choice this week, month, year, and life. ROSE = Remember, Offer, Surrender, (cultivate) Equanimity!
Brilliant article on Sri Aurobindo and his work: http://t.co/ldH6cD7m
Gulmohar tree in Pondicherry - the erstwhile French colony and home to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. #GulmoharWSJ http://t.co/O9NkCtOaGD

Don't miss this talk on Sri Aurobindo and Kashmir Shaivism Speaker Dr @MaheshKaul2 Ji. Lock your day and time- 10/7/2020 at 12.00 PM (Noon). 
For further details click on Pic/ attachment. https://t.co/KaLe6JNFog

It is time we reminded ourselves of the prophetic words of  Sardar Patel and Sri Aurobindo as we face renewed threats across the Himalayas. It is true the situation today is different from the one in the 1950 or 60s. https://t.co/XUtMntOT6N

Opinion | It is worth noting that unlike many other Indian spiritual thinkers, Sri Aurobindo never lost interest in the nation and the world from the political point of view, writes Prof Sachidananda Mohanty.
Opinion | Sri Aurobindo, in his last testament, said: “The basic significance of Mao’s Tibetan adventure is to advance China’s frontier right down to India, and stand poised there to strike...," writes Prof Sachidananda Mohanty

Dear Tathagat ji, namaskar. I am fully ready for the debate. For the sake of historical truth.
Let me first state my basic beliefs.
1: Almost all historical personalities (except evil ones like Hitler) have done something right & something wrong. 
We shd look at both sides. 1/n
5/n We are entitled to admire historical personalities for our own reasons.
But we become Blind Bhakts if we refuse to see mistakes they committed ...esply the same mistakes we see in leaders we decry
Both #Jinnah & #SyamaPrasadMookerjee committed blunders that led to Partition
6/n Since 2014 many supporters of Hindutva ideology have, alarmingly, started maligning anyone who disagrees with them (myself incl) as traitors, "anti-national"
They've taken a 'theka' for nationalism
Did you as Governor ever admonish them?
As I said, I'm ready for the debate

There is no debate if you decide to deliberately lie through your teeth.
I cannot believe that you did not know that the Syama-Haq cabinet was AGAINST the Muslim League. NOT OF the Muslim League.
Therefore you are lying.
I have taken a 'theka' for exposing liars on this subject.

Theoretical abstraction and genealogical amnesia gives rise to such convenient reductionist notions.
[The market is value-neutral. In other words, the dualities of right/wrong, good/bad etc. are not intrinsic to it.]

Be it Darwin, Nietzsche, or Freud, Sri Aurobindo finds fault with their ontological frameworks beginning at the middle. Same is the case with Austrian school. The Life Divine and The Human Cycle provide comprehensive answers to human dilemma and perplexity

Assuming a theory vacuum before a particular date is perhaps not accurate. Darwin's theory of Evolution also begins at the middle alerts Sri Aurobindo and goes on to complete the cycle by incorporating Involution. Rothbard's portrayal of man and purpose of action too is inchoate.

A thread from Rosenberg & Birdzell’s “How the West grew rich” (1985):
“..the dominant fact about economic institutions that emerged in Europe after the decline of feudalism is their wholly pragmatic character & their lack of ideological commitment to any economic principle..” 1/n
Practice precedes theory. That’s the insight in this.

First codification; then implementation. First laying down the tenets and then following them. Thus be it Quality or Dharma, the blueprint is essential for building. Domain knowledge, therefore, is crucial; respecting it essential. This is the lesson number One of Dharma practice https://t.co/XAXTE5irXJ