November 09, 2023

Sri Aurobindo expounded a profound psychology which recognises spirit, mind, and body as being interdependent

Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, SELF (2005), Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006), and President, Savitri Era Party (2007)

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Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

19 hours ago — Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi Branch. Sri Aurobindo Lane, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110 016. Birth Anniversary of. Pt. Barun Kumar Pal ji. 14.11.23 (Tuesday).
10 hours ago — The aim or purpose comes with the identification with the soul, the psychic being, which is connected to the divine spiritual being that is One and which is ...
Inevitable Wars and Illusionary Peace Sri Aurobindo's Realism |... Over the ages, there have been several attempts by philosophers to theorise the actual causes ...
Talks on Sri Aurobindo's "Essays on The Gita" by Dr Ananda Reddy - Chapter 8 - Part 2 - p 70-71 (18-02-08)

(Sri Aurobindo had granted an interview to a correspondent of The Hindu in early 1915. This interview was quoted in full by Lala Lajpat Rai in his book Young India along with an introduction titled Arabinda Ghosh—Vedantist and Swarajist.) 

“But it is equally necessary that we Indians should

Listen to श्री अरविंद अष्टोत्तर शतनामावली (Sri Aravinda Ashtothara Shatha Namavali) - 108 Names of Sri Aurobindo - by Gangadhar. 

Song by Chinmayee Maheshwari.…

Some are of the opinion that the future of the earth is dark but Sri Aurobindo strongly believes that human society is moving towards a brighter destiny. His appeal for the cooperation of all for descent of Supramental consciousness. No need for old customs in this grand journey.

It gives the impression that Dayananda came after Vivekananda. Overlooking all that happened before the latter is also a blind spot. Ideally, the review should start with Chaitanya. 

From the psychoanalytical perspective, Nitish Kumar said about himself more than what he said by way of advising others. Discussion on sex thoughts in old age is a rarity and should equally draw attention as his reported comments. No one should be prevented to speak his mind.

Yeah in the discussion one did get the impression that Dayananda came after Vivekananda. Perhaps the discussion could have even started with Ram Mohan Roy to show how Christianity impacted Hindu society & the thoughts of its leaders 

Swami Dayananda & Roy's assertion that monotheist thought was present in Hindu texts & polytheism being the corruption of the original thought is perhaps the effect of contact with the missionary

When you suppress the truth by banning lectures, seminars and discussions, it means you are afraid of free and fair debates to help people decide what is right 

You have lost the debate even before it started. When both sides are heard without noise it is a true debate 

The beauty of Indian democracy is that your social status, caste, privilege and educational qualifications do not determine your ability to be in public life. The voter chooses who he wants to be represented by. Drop the arrogance and petulance @PrashantKishor

India's Democracy: The Competitive Authoritarian Propensity?

R Mukherji, SH Zarhani - Pacific Affairs, 2023
This paper explains and corroborates the mechanisms by which civic and political spaces opposed to Hindu nationalism have been attacked, especially after the arrival of the right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government …

“One-Dimensional” Being: Indian Youth Culture and Cyberspace Nationalism

CK Anuranj, A Sircar - The International Journal of Critical Cultural Studies, 2023
A deep understanding of the cultural and political dynamics of Indian youth is a matter of critical concern today. This article theoretically analyzes the relationship of Indian youth to the nationalistic discourse in the digital age through the lens of …

[PDF] Book Review of Dwipantarer Katha's The Story of Deportation

S Bhadra - Contemporary Literary Review India, 2023
… Barindra Kumar Ghosh, who happened to be the younger brother of Aurobindo Ghosh (the revolutionary who later on became a spiritualist and started staying in Pondicherry where he had created a religious site which still exists). In this memoir …

[PDF] Global Currents in Local Harbours: Zulfiqar, Re-Orientalism and Otherised Muslims in Bengali Culture

A Chakraborty
… to the contrary, Mukherji’s Zulfiqar becomes aligned with both the discourses of Islamophobia currently rampant in various parts of United States and Europe where the Orientalism has re-asserted its presence with a vengeance and the ideology of …

Vision of an Integrative Indian Psychology

JBP Sinha - Psychological Studies, 2023
… They are integral parts of human functioning. Unlike in the west, they need not be dissolved into a synthesis or resulted in the one … Most people cannot take a straight route, but take the arduous route of yoga and meditation meticulously. They …

[PDF] World Mental Health Day 2023: Increasing awareness of mental health in India & exciting opportunities for the future

S Rej, N Sasi - Indian Journal of Medical Research
… Sri Aurobindo expounded a profound psychology of the mind, which recognizes spirit, mind and body as being interdependent. The different spiritual methods teach the human mind to submit to the Self or God18. In our opinion, today’s mental health …

Subjective Well-Being: Introduction and Conceptual Frameworks

T Bhatnagar - Subjective Well-Being in the Indian Context: Concept …, 2023
This chapter discusses the introductory and conceptual understanding of subjective well-being (SWB). The field of SWB research has evolved and matured with a lot of work done globally as well as in India. India is a vast and diverse country. It is …

[PDF] Journey of Resilience and Social Transformation: Resonant Voice of Dalits in the Select Works of Rajarao and Rohinton Mistry

RK Goswami - Eduzone: International Peer Reviewed/Refereed …, 2023
Dalit literature has emerged as a potent literary movement to challenge ‘skewed’societal norms and confront deep rooted prejudices coupled with caste-based discrimination. The Dalit literature genre is replete with tales of unspeakable atrocities …

[HTML] Crossroads for Organizations: Time, Space, and People

G Shanahan, S Dahlman, E Husted
As a field of research, organization and management studies has always been concerned with alternatives. From Follett’s (1918) seminal work on neighbourhood groups and Selznick’s (1949) account of grassroots organizing to Rothschild-Whitt’s (1978) …

Thai Massage: Therapeutic Uses and Benefits

RT Baht
… It has always been an integral part of Thai culture and has found a place in both traditional medicine and the daily life of the Thai people. … , energy balancing, stretching techniques and yoga-like body movements. The recipient is guided …

[PDF] “Hum Kaagaz Nahi Dikhayenge”(“We won't show our papers”): The Narratives of Bodies and Belongings at the Anti-CAA Shaheen Bagh Protests 2019-20

K Bhatia - Samyukta: A Journal of Gender and Culture, 2023
… In this case, therefore, this historically minoritarian status has been utilised by the Hindutva fascists, who ‘used the democratic route to assume power’, to question the Muslim peoples’ rights to claim India as their homeland. (Hameed 2020, 33) The …

Gender in development: What lessons for addressing inequality on the grounds of religion or (non)-belief?

M Tadros, C Shutt - World Development, 2024
… Hindu religious leaders, including those who have been influenced by Hindutva teachings. These leaders have now engaged in efforts to … Shah’s description above highlights that powerholders’ advancement of Hindutva is all encompassing …

[PDF] An Evaluative Study of Political Thinking of BR Ambedkar: A Critical Underpinning

I Aditya
… of consolidation of dalit- bahujan power particularly against the Hindutva forces representing Brahman-Bania nexus with the global capital. These forces which form the core of the Hindutva have now realized that their ‘soft Hindutva’ is no more …

[PDF] Interfaith dialogue in India: Its need and challenges

NU Islam - Journal of Language, Literature, Social and Cultural …, 2023
… The emergence of Hindutva as a key counter-ideology in recent years has served as a catalyst for the escalation of India's secularism debate. Hindutva ideology, often known as religious nationalism or Hindu nationalism, is a nationalist ideology that …

[PDF] Where next for feminist foreign policy on countering anti-gender backlash?

A Khan, E Tant, J Michalko - 2023
… In response to critiques of such erosion of rights and freedoms, the Indian government defends its Hindutva policies in anti-colonial terms. This use of religion and culture appeals ‘to disenfranchised or alienated groups in times of economic …

[HTML] Orchestrating self-empowerment in tribal India: Debt bondage, land rights, and the strategic uses of spirituality

P Mader - World Development, 2024
… For these reasons, in an India increasingly divided into separate tribes by Hindutva politics, finding ways for Adivasis to challenge … rangers, police, army, mining companies, informal moneylenders, MFIs, traders, Hindutva activists, and …

[PDF] Selfish Agendas, Transcendent Justifications: Examining the traditions of violence and peace/peacebuilding within Hinduism in India.

Religion has often been called upon to stand trial for the massacre of the masses. For as long as human civilization has existed, people have always sought to engage in violence against a perceived enemy for the protection of life, rights and justice. Yet …