April 25, 2012

Emergence of matter, life, thought, & justice

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  • 21 Apr [Nepotism is a phenomenon as old as human society. And, as per evolutionary biology, it is the source of all cooperation in nature. -Bellow]
  • 21 Apr [Righteousness is inherently based on subjective perceptions of injustice. One feels not merely justified, but also noble and selfless. -RS]
  • 21 Apr [Mosquito-human balance cannot be eliminated merely by eliminating mosquitoes. Mosquitoes need alternative supply of nutrition. -RPS, 2001]
  • 21 Apr [This is not a mere stone for us. There is divinity in it. This stone feeds us. It also makes your cars run smoothly on the road. -SK, 2005]
  • 21 Apr [In my world of museums, concert halls, and bookstores, there is plenty of search for beauty, but there is no place for the holy. -GD, 1999]
  • 21 Apr [Children are inspired seeing Sachin in a Ferrari; how will they react if he rides a bike? Take away the idols and you ruin the temple. -LS]
  • 21 Apr [I marvel at the existentialist dilemma of the thinking Indian who worries about where this country is headed & feels morally superior. -SN]
  • 21 Apr [Lift any mattress inside any home in India and you will see a proud collection of plastic bags lovingly gathered over a period of time. SD]
  • 21 Apr [Imagination is a very powerful tool, it has both muscle & strength. Not the butterfly's flitting, but the eagle's swoop & soar in flight.]
  • 21 Apr [Writing seems an entirely self-contained activity, work pursued for its own sake, a very personal and solitary quest.] http://www.hindu.com/thehindu/lr/2003/07/06/stories/2003070600090100.htm
  • 21 Apr [Relationship between reader and book is recognised as wise and fruitful, but is also seen as exclusive and excluding.] http://www.hindu.com/lr/2004/08/01/stories/2004080100230400.htm
  • 21 Apr [Neat people don’t care about process. They operate on two principles: Never handle any item twice, & throw everything away. Suzanne Britt]
  • 21 Apr [Along with scientific understanding, there must also be aesthetic appreciation and emotional communion with Nature.] http://fdi.sasociety.in/cms/index.php/fdi/article/398
  • 21 Apr [Why, when it comes to religion, do so many sociologists suddenly stop being sociological and become ideological and ignorant? -C. Smith]
  • 21 Apr [Jean-Luc Nancy says - there is no “being” without “being-with” first; that identity essentially exists in community.] http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/20/arts/music/being-singular-plural-at-guggenheim-museum.html
  • 21 Apr [Society for Positive Philosophy & Interdisciplinary Studies. “Contribution of Contemporary Indian Philosophy to World Philosophy” -30 June]
  • 21 Apr [Laclau's antagonisms are political but their role is theoretical, to deal with the problem of establishing Saussurean differences. -voyou]
  • 21 Apr [Duality is not produced by some peculiarity of humans or smart animals, but happens in any relation between any two entities at all. - GH]
  • 21 Apr [Lee Braver's A Thing of this World: A History of Continental Anti-Realism is one of the most important and ambitious books. -Graham Harman]
  • 21 Apr [Civic pluralist freedoms based on religious ontologies more varied than those highlighted in liberal philosophy’s imaginary. Robert Hefner]
  • 21 Apr [If you confuse "liberal" with "leftist," you will lose the ability to perceive political reality. -Gagdad Bob] http://onecosmos.blogspot.com/2012/04/photosynthesis-pneumosynthesis.html
  • 21 Apr [Media comment boards are dominated by idiotic and offensive posts. Just one editor to pick out selected useful posts would be enough. -GH]
  • 21 Apr [Freedom of speech means that you can’t face judicial punishment for what you say. It doesn’t mean you won’t become a social outcast. -GH]
  • 21 Apr [Critiques of science in India have been drawn partly on Gandhi’s critique of technology as instrument. -Asha Achuthan] http://www.sciy.org/2012/04/20/postcolonial-hybridity-and-the-terrors-of-technology-argument-posted-by-asha-achuthan/
  • 21 Apr [The quest for absolute knowledge is a betrayal of the very meaning of philosophy. We are lovers of wisdom, not wise. -Graham Harman] Jignasu
  • 21 Apr [Whereas Žižek has only one catastrophe, Meillassoux allows for four: the emergence of matter, life, thought, and justice. -Graham Harman]
  • 20 Apr [For Bellah, religion is a means of social action. Book's looseness is its power: more imaginative, more provocative, and more suggestive.]