February 28, 2019

Auroville symbolises love and peace

The concept of #Auroville—an ideal international township devoted to human unity—came to #theMother in the 1930s. On 28 February 1968 with ~5,000 people of 124 nations Aurovile was born. On 28 February 2019, Auroville celebrates its 51st #FoundationDay. https://t.co/k1Uue8bauP

[Re-plug] Kashmir, before the advent of Islam, was a vibrant seat of learning and made staggering contributions to Indic culture in fields as diverse as arts, sciences, literature and philosophy writes @subhashkak1. https://t.co/yLlSfJNlah

Gandhi’s beliefs on privacy are influenced by his pernicious positions on caste and race. For him, “The state in which all men think only clean thoughts succeeded upon by clean speech and act would be determined by the notion of ‘cleanliness.’” https://t.co/4HwRiTxXie

“One of the things we’ve all met is the accusation that we are strident or arrogant or vitriolic or shrill. What do we think about that?" @RichardDawkins @danieldennett, @SamHarrisOrg and Christopher Hitchens conversation is now available as a book:
https://t.co/Q1QLacANE3 @rdfrs

We’re saddled with biological drives to accumulate and multiply. 
Culture is a chance to evolve past all that and create poetry instead. 
But into that cultural space we’ve plugged a money mechanism built on the same impulse. 
And it's skewing the evolution of our species.

"Our brains aren’t just hapless and quirky, they're devious. They intentionally hide information from us, helping us fabricate plausible pro social motives to act as cover stories for our less savoury agendas." https://t.co/XkxLuSYmCF

6. Total Silence is Maintained when Odiya got Classical Language Status Showing "Charjapado" as its Own.
7. Silence-> When Assamese are Trying to get it Now sowing 7th Century Excavations from Goalpara district.
8. Cutting off Historical Background Ensures Weak Foundation

Odia Twitter community have both professional and serious amateur composers, singers, lyricists, researchers, film makers, photographers, visual artists, literary writers, culinary artistes and many more along with techies. We must channelize ourselves better o make a difference

Granting Sovereignty to the States to manage their own affairs, including Foreign affairs, is the most appropriate solution to all problems the country is facing today. People must prepare for this futuristic measure by abdicating the grand narrative of an unusually large nation.

Archaeologists have traditionally focused on the material culture of humans. Now they're digging up cultural remains of other tool-using species to elucidate the rise of technology. Pioneering primate archaeologist @PrimateArch reports in the March @sciam https://t.co/liNXW4nAW6

The 1st c. Christianity symbol wasn't the cross; but the anchor, during the period of persecution that has been found in ancient catacombs. It brings together the cross & nautical Christian symbolism, & it symbolizes the Christian hope in Christ amid a turbulent world. https://t.co/QC0ubdcikJ

Charles @mudede breaks it down, explaining the true insanity of our economic system:  https://t.co/KMr8i3OWJa

A Strange Relationship Between Vegetarianism and Depression | Psychology Today https://t.co/qBJ6Ncej5i

Fraternity as an Organizing Principle of Society Fails Without Liberty and Equality https://t.co/98kgwDhiu7

One meets so many ek se badhkar ek experts on all topics from war to wc on Twitter that it's intimidating sometimes with a perpetual feeling of inadequacy. Invoking Sri Aurobindo however compensates to some extent [hound of heaven or Dakshina whose function is to discern rightly] https://t.co/9viBDQkDC5

Thought-provoking interview on work and burnout with Josh Cohen, psychoanalyst and literary critic, for @five_books: https://t.co/Rn42GuZsHI
His book, Not Working: Why we Have to Stop, was published earlier this year.

Hindus of Bengal led the entire freedom fight against the British. What Arabindo Ghosh started, Subhas Chandra Bose finished. We document the blood an ethnicity shed for the liberty of their mother land. Blood, tears, torture and pain. Read  https://t.co/r9wLfAI2KU

Finally, Sri Aurobindo's epochal pioneering role gets due acknowledgement. Thanks. Remembering another brave revolutionary https://t.co/laKBUiPHcq

Vivekananda was a product of his time. He was very much influenced by Christian missionaries and that shows in his writings. He deserves our respect but some of his writings should be taken with a pinch of salt. Shri Aurobindo had better clarity in his thoughts.

vivekananda is a pundit with limited knowledge . Aurobindo is a gnani with unlimited knowledge and wisdom

Sri Aurobindo started writing in public just a few months after his return to India in 1893. Vivekananda is generally considered senior to him but in terms of scholarly output, Sri Aurobindo comes first. This may not be known to many people. (Request to readers to verify/confirm)

Plain & Simple:English of Savitri series by Shraddhavan https://t.co/g5XlLitEwl [Mirra Alfassa's quest for spiritual fulfillment inspired her to traverse oceans and seas to reach India which was considered the fountainhead of mysticism] https://t.co/kEMwuXgS22 #Auroville #Savitri

Marketime: Carey arrived in India in 1793; Sri Aurobindo returned in 1893 https://t.co/w9tv4RFbcW [Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF)] #ShipraRiviera #Indirapuram #Ghaziabad https://t.co/YGoEhdLyp7

Birth anniversary of Mother of Aurobindo Ashram observed

India.com News-20-Feb-2019
Puducherry, Feb 21 (PTI) A large number of people from across the country thronged the Aurobindo Ashram here Thursday to pay homage to Mother (Mirra ...

Gandhi and his India

Daily Pioneer-16-Feb-2019
Secret societies had started earlier In Maharashtra, and in Bengal, revolutionary organisations began to develop, mainly owing to the efforts of Aurobindo Ghose ...

Narendra Modi must use Balakot to consolidate India's rajasic ...

Observer Research Foundation-11 hours ago
Across planes of time, space and beyond, on battlefield Kurukshetra, Sri ... and action in which he feels himself protected from the battle,” wrote Sri Aurobindo.

Gulzar shares an incident when he was 'pretty upset' with Satyajit Ray

Bollywood Life-5 hours ago
Considering the fact that Gulzar has translated a huge volume of work of Rabindranath Tagore from the original language Bengali, asked about his fascination ...

Onu Hossain: untimely departure of a writer

Dhaka Tribune-7 hours ago
Throughout his life, Rabindranath Tagore had been a great fascination to him, and Tagore's work was part of his meditation and research. In his deathbed he ...

Illuminating Asia's future

The Hindu-26-Feb-2019
Yet both nations were, in the evocative words of Rabindranath Tagore, “lamp bearers” in their modern histories, joined in the struggle against colonialism and ...

Tagore had called nationalism an evil epidemic: Political theorist ...

The Indian Express-21-Feb-2019
Talking about Tagore's idea of nationalism, Parikh remarked that Tagore considered that nationalism led to replacing the reality made up of the people of a ...

7 Progressive Women In 'The Stories Of Rabindranath Tagore'

Feminism in India (blog)-19-Feb-2019
'Stories by Rabindranath Tagore' is a television series based on the novels and short stories of the Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. It was directed by ...

February 26, 2019

William Carey, Prafulla Chakraborty, and Ram Swarup

The rise of a novel India

Millennium Post-20 hours ago
Ram Swarup was referring to how with the likes of Sri Aurobindo, Lokmanya Tilak and others, the struggle for India's freedom also became a movement for a deeper civilisational and cultural self-renewal, self-recovery and self-assertion.

The Hedgewar-Golwalkar impact

Daily Pioneer-23-Feb-2019
Lokmanya Tilak had died in 1920, and Sri Aurobindo had withdrawn from revolutionary politics. But the spirit of their zeal and pride in being a Hindu lived on... Excerpted with permission from Rajesh Singh’s Portraits of Hindutva: From Harappa to Ayodhya; Rupa Publications, Rs 295

Terror calls for a hard martial response. And that should entail no guilt

More recently, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi, all countered challenges from Christianity and/or Western ideology. In the martial sphere, ...

Use education as a means of individual empowerment, Heggade tells ...

Milbank Monitor-16-Feb-2019
The likes of Annie Besant and Sri Aurobindo were harbingers of change, and work of Annie Besant in women's emancipation and empowerment then lives on ...

Bengali Radicalism: Is it suicidal?

Daily Pioneer-15-Feb-2019
Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and Rabindranath Tagore moulded the philosophy of Hinduism in their own ways, ...

Exam and Peace

The Indian Express-13-Feb-2019
Even though an empathic look at the educational ideals of Rabindranath Tagore, Sri Aurobindo and J Krishnamurti would suggest that there is no dearth of ...

Bharat- Is there any unifying factor of this nation?

As Sraddhalu Ranade describes and puts aptly the words of wisdom from Sri Aurobindo. He explains beautifully as to how the Bharatiya mind is different from ...

Indore: Live life thinking less about milestones, IIM-I director

Free Press Journal-11-Feb-2019
In his address, Sri Aurobindo Aashram spiritual speaker Sraddhalu Ranade said, “Current education system is designed like a factory where students are the ...

How a British barrister and 'early' Congressman shaped India's liberal ...

Deccan Chronicle-10-Feb-2019
Norton, reportedly, was hell bent in getting a conviction for Sri Aurobindo, as the "intellectual brain", apparently cued by a police report, behind the series of ...

Birthday Celebrations of the Mother

India Currents-09-Feb-2019
... lecture entitled “The Deep and Beautiful Mystery of the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.” The talk will present the life and spiritual experience of the Mother ...

Mirra Alfassa: The Mother Of Auroville

Feminism in India (blog)-06-Feb-2019
It was the revolutionary-turned-ascetic, Sri Aurobindo of Pondicherry, who assisted Mirra Alfassa in attaining her goal. He also gave her an exalted position as ...

Sabarimala and the way ahead

Daily Pioneer-06-Feb-2019
To paraphrase Sri Aurobindo's observations on Western psychology, the secret of the beauty of a lotus flower cannot be unravelled by analysing the composition ...

NCERT revises history to include more national icons

Deccan Chronicle-05-Feb-2019
Spiritual leaders such as Sri Aurobindo Ghose and Swami Vivekananda, saints of Maharashtra, Dnyaneshwar, Namdev and Tukaram, along with the Rishi order ...

NCERT's new history books introduce nationalist icons; including ...

The Indian Wire-04-Feb-2019
Spiritual leaders Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda, freedom fighters Lala Lajpat Rai and Vallabhbhai Patel, Peshwa and Maratha general Bajirao Ballal, ...

Unity in Diversity

Economic and Political Weekly-01-Feb-2019
In the pre-independence period particularly, M K Gandhi, Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo (to name a few) provided an ontological ground for this principle.

What 'sedition' means in our time

Telegraph India-31-Jan-2019
Like him, Sri Aurobindo and Lala Lajpat Rai, too, were sentenced. Mahatma Gandhi had to face this charge also in 1922 for writing a series of essays ...

Astha Butail portrays an age-old tradition in her show 'In the Absence ...

Architectural Digest India-31-Jan-2019
“The trigger was when during childhood I was exposed to the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, where Sanskrit is not taught like a sixth language, ...

To recognize and see in Shri Shri Shivakumara Swami, the essence of what ... During this talk he also recalled the words of Sri Aurobindoand alluded to the ...

Assorted tweets:

[Springing to his feet and throwing away his black coat Carey cried 'No Church for me today.... If I delay an hour to translate and publish this, many a widows' life may be sacrificed.' By evening the task was completed.] Vision of Raja Rammohun Roy - Reeta Bagchi - 2004

[... Deoghar to test them. Prafulla Chakraborty took over the charge of exploding the bomb and others took the strategic positions. The moment the bomb fell, it exploded with a bang and a piece of the rock flew up and fell killing Chakraborty on the spot.] https://t.co/V8hYRPYCD9

[Georges Van Vrekhem (recounts) the unexpected but well-documented role of the Indian philosopher and sage Sri Aurobindo in the action against Hitler before and during the Second World War.] https://t.co/DbK2r3M7NF

Karma, acc. to #SriAurobindo, is a subtler concept than the popular view of it as a system of reward & retribution..In one sense, it's a kind of feedback mechanism for the soul evolution
If interested, one can read His views here :)
https://t.co/d35jGrXmdo https://t.co/bKT3YhsXOE

[I strongly recommend to all students to take some classes dealing with topics which are far away from them in history, culture or geography. Even if they want to specialise on, art-history or medicine, they should reach out to gain a broader perspective.] https://t.co/6YCLr838Zd

The Failings of Equality as a Principle for the Organisation and Functioning of Society https://t.co/CKvWOR8kRO

Promoting honest, astute, and dispassionate scholarship is the need of the hour to rectify distortion of history and the overall narrative accumulated so far. Courage needed to face Sri Aurobindo's work which is subversive of the tradition and religion. https://t.co/267RIdYTnj

What you are alluding to is not without a grain of truth but it's a complex subject with a large number of persons and institutions as stake holders. Not easy to appropriate or hijack what The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have created so assiduously; no one can claim he/she understands
Please don't generalise in that manner. Ashram and Auroville are different and the latter is a tiny enclave struggling for its existence. Devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are spread across the country. In Odisha alone, there are thousands of Centres and six hundred Schools.

You are a well read person and I respect your views. In any case, you are only supporting or justifying a fait accompli out of political love. Hope, you reconsider on this a decade hence. I however stand by my verdict and feel proud that no one has objected except @krishnarjun108

The PM is wrong
Savitri Era: I won't allow anyone to wash my feet https://t.co/BeOE0J36sm Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar Director, SELF, SRA-102-C #ShipraRiviera #Indirapuram #Ghaziabad #UttarPradesh 201014 
#SavitriEra of those who adore,
Om #SriAurobindo & #TheMother

VIP VAK: Sri Aurobindo knew the Origin of all languages https://t.co/sv9oQ3hg6N [So, if you want to get into the spirit of the Rig Vedic poetry make Sanskrit your mother tongue. It is as simple as that. When you want to read Savitri make English as your native language, ... - RYD]

Feel Philosophy: Offering a corrective to parochial philosophy https://t.co/aNsYeAi32a

the Orchid and the rOse: Bruno Ganz, Gary Gutting, and Roderick MacFarquhar https://t.co/aWwcgyZYJQ

Because Thou Art: Art ought to be an enabler https://t.co/K7AWNqsMTC Churchill took to the canvas. Milton visited Galileo. Exhibitions have now proliferated. Satyajit Ray-Mrinal Sen rivalry. Naipaul said India is building as if it has no history. New War memorial is underwhelming

Deeply moved by Modi's act of washing  feet of sanitation workers, shows his deep personal level of renunciation, but IMO it's not Raja Dharma, Bharat at this time needs leader who follows Kshatra dharma, Modi got mandate to act boldly and liquidate enemies, not for feet washing
Neo vendatists and Gandhi et al  have deeply distorted the Sanatana Dharma of Sri Krishna, they have caused deep distortions,  the result is even men with great spiritual discipline and at high places pretend humility or misjudge it, real humility is following his sva dharma
A leader is not a servant, he should inspire people to follow the right path according to their sva dharma, this is the sanatan dharma,  his service to people is through inspiration of the right kind, not pretending servile behavior disregarding the etiquette of his sva dharma

Plasim Radar

Why bother to look at material from South Asia, when there is so much interesting stuff in “our” tradition? - From time to time and never by scholars, I am confronted with some variant of this question: “Why bother to look at material from South Asia, when there is...

Savitri Study Class 24-02 “The Human Mask of God”, pp. 634-637 - Savitri reveals that she has indeed assumed a human mask to redeem earth and humanity. But Death then argues that if she has indeed discovered her soul a...

The Failings of Equality as a Principle for the Organisation and Functioning of Society - There are many forms of potential equality in society. The first of these is the equality of all citizens to exercise their franchise to vote into or out ...

I won't allow anyone to wash my feet - Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar I won't allow anyone to wash my feet and no one should. It's against personal ethics and modern valu...

The English of Savitri Volume 5 - This is the fifth volume of the English of Savitri series based on transcripts of classes led by the author at Savitri Bhavan, in this case from 6 January ...

The Higher Ranges of Consciousness–M.S. Srinivasan - There are many mansions in my Father’s kingdom, said Jesus Christ. Here is a brief outline of the mansions of consciousness beyond the ordinary mentality...

L’Anniversaire de Mère le 21, et le nouveau Darshan qu’Elle m’a donné… -(Traduction en français de l’article précédent) Habituellement je ne prévois aucun évènement extérieur pour un Jour de Darshan, de façon à pouvoir me conce...

Does Śāntideva think bodhisattvas are happy? - A while ago William Edelglass put up a paper for discussion on academia.edu about Śāntideva and happiness. I made some … Continue reading →

13 problems of Sankhya; Vedanta proposed Brahman - The shared accent patterns between Greek and Vedic indicate that these patterns are older than both, and certainly not anything newly introduced after Pāṇ...

The secularist killjoy: A reply to Schaefer and Smith - I am grateful to Donovan Schaefer and Caleb Smith for their productive, provocative responses. Both in their different ways have written about debunking an...

Seventy Photographs of the Mother taken on 21 February 1972 - Dear Friends, 21 February 2019 marked the 141th Birth Anniversary of the Mother. As our humble homage to Her, seventy photographs of Her taken on the occas...

- Absurd Being reads Martin Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy (1/7)

With demons like these…: A Response from Adam Kotsko - I would like to begin by thanking all five contributors for their engagement with my work and Sean Capener for his labor in coordinating the event (and sel...

On the Matter of Life: Towards an Integral Economics - I’m posting a revised version of a long essay I wrote back in 2010. It draws on thinkers including Sri Aurobindo, Jean Gebser, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, ...

Hampi Continues to Live – Part 1 - In this several-part series, we relive a few moments from our recent trip to Hampi and surrounding areas. The pictures and the accompanying words weave a...

Four Lessons from Home Renovation - During the months of December 2018 and January 2019, we spent about 5 weeks getting several long-overdue renovation and repair projects completed around th...

Monthly updates and newsletter articles - From Jan 2019 we will not be updating this blog. Please refer to our website at https://sriaurobindosociety.org.sg/ For newsletters and articles, please r...

Favorite Music Videos, 2018 - Here is a rough list of my favorite music videos for 2018. It was complied fairly casually, so I may well have forgotten something. As for the order, the t...

The Bridge of Love - One more love story? Aren’t all love stories alike? Maybe. But this one is different. Pondicherry is a unique place in the world. It has beautiful villas b...

Material Time - I’m slowly walking along the isthmus in Svaerholt, Norway. My legs are tired from climbing hills and mountains and I can’t move any faster through the gra...

Goddess Kali and the Big Destructions of Nature - Behind all the destructions - the big destructions of Nature - earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, cyclones, floods, etc., or the human destructions - wars, r...

February 24, 2019

13 problems of Sankhya; Vedanta proposed Brahman

The shared accent patterns between Greek and Vedic indicate that these patterns are older than both, and certainly not anything newly introduced after Pāṇini.  Within Indian linguistic history of accents.  The three accent system of the older Vedic texts was weakened to two accent system of the Śatapatha-Brāhmaṇa, and eventually lost in later Sanskrit pronunciation.  However, the Vedic recitation traditions preserved the older accent patterns, albeit in slightly variant forms across different regions.  The history of writing systems is an entirely different subject.  The writing systems developed out of the Brahmi script first used in Ashokan inscriptions.  It took several hundred years for Devanagari to develop out of Brahmi in certain regions of India.  As one notices from the Shiksha texts, the Veda reciters were opposed to writing down the orally preserved Vedic texts, [reading from a written text was called a Pāṭhaka-Adhama, the worst reciter] and hence the written forms of the Vedic texts developed very late.  Pāṇini himself predates the emergence of writing systems reflected in Brahmi and was dealing only with oral form of Sanskrit.

Madhav M. Deshpande
Professor Emeritus
Sanskrit and Linguistics
University of Michigan
[Residence: Campbell, California]

Vladimir Yatsenko wrote:
Dear Deshpande,

thank you for your thoughts. I have the same thoughts and understand what you mean. To come close to this mantric poetry of the Rishi, we have to recover three things: meaning (Sri Aurobindo's interpretation), poetic rhythms of chandas (meter) and the accent in the words (Udatta). Moreover the meaning of the verses depends on the accent in the words. Anudatta and Svarita are playing only indicative role, pointing to Udatta, the proper accent.
For example, in the Vocative case the word is always accented on the first syllable, when it stands at the beginning of stanza, and unaccented when in the middle or at the end.
The same with verbs (except in relative sentences). The unique accent in the words is maintained throughout the Rigveda, it means we are dealing with authentic text, the way how Vedic Rishis were reading it. The accent is much older than Panini or Brahmanic literature. It was already lost in the Aitareya Brahmana and other texts. Accent is a unique opportunity for us to hear the diction of the Vedic Rishis. 
Udatta is only marked by anudatta and svarita, but it has to be pronounced much higher (5 tones higher in accordance with research in Indo-European languages). If we read it with proper accent we get an idea how beautiful the poetry was. It is very different from what we are used to. I will send you some recordings to hear the difference.

Shubham astu,

238. There is a long line of those, from Raja Rammohan Roy (1774-1833) to the first prime minister of divided India, Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964).
239. They all accepted with enthusiasm the premises of scientific rationality on which modern India was to build its national life.
243. So they drove a dichotomy into our dharma of totally denying this world which is deliberately and absolutely false.
244. There is an equally long line who opposed them from Swami Dayananda (1824-83) to Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856-1920) and Aurobindo (1872-1950).

Vivekananda was a product of his time. He was very much influenced by Christian missionaries and that shows in his writings. He deserves our respect but some of his writings should be taken with a pinch of salt. Sri Aurobindo had better clarity in his thoughts.

They want bloodbath in this land of peace. It’s my conviction that this time they will be defeated. Because the time of an Indic renaissance, as visualised by Sri Aurobindo, and many great thinkers, has come. This is not about political parties. This is about us.

Implying that Sri Aurobindo had similar views as Savarkar is not based on facts. Sri Aurobindo differs in great many respects even from his close associates like Lal-Bal-Pal. Hope, you bring out these crucial points when necessary. Thanks. #FiveDreams #WorldUnion @SavitriEraParty

Gandhi’s covenant seeks to bring about the elimination of the sin of secrecy by demanding of men that they lead their inner lives and outer lives as if under the watch of a judge of morals. 
Shaj Mohan and Divya Dwivedi: https://t.co/ChtpCvce7E

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”
India Post has a glorious opportunity to take forward India’s legacy of being the spiritual guru of the world.
Do read: https://t.co/gxRTK4KNkK

Not sure, if it's in his personal or official capacity, but typecasting fellow citizens and behaving so patronizingly is utterly indecent and immoral on the part of the Prime Minister of a Democracy. The ritual is nothing but insulting their dignity and violation of human rights.
Violates the very principle of equality and honouring basically amplifies the lack and vulnerability of the employees/citizens. This is simply abominable in a modern society. But, depends upon one's value system if one doesn't feel abhorrence for this ritual or rather praises it.

Why Namak Haraam was an important signifier in both Amitabh Bachchan & Rajesh Khanna’s life
@amitupadhyaya writes in #ThePrintOpinion: https://t.co/1P811BUAh3 https://t.co/LQfY9JZsOz

All six sub-schools of Vedanta have proposed Brahman that transcends both Purusha and Prakriti because of the above problems of Sankhya. Moksha and re-birth and karma concepts are still kept in the monistic Vedanta. Brahman is revealed in Nirvikalpa Samadhi (highest state of Samadhi), where the subject-objects (Purusha-Prakriti) division proposed in Sankhya disappears. This division is valid in mundane conscious level and in lower levels of Samadhi (Savikalpa Samadhi). These are considered subjective pieces of evidence for both Vedanta and Sankhya. However, the top-down approach still have the problem of the explanatory gap: what is the underlying mechanism of manifestation of the universe including us? The Sankalpa mechanism does not work in mundane conscious level and there is no scientific reproducible evidence with r>0.5 and p<0 .5.="" address="" approach="" as="" being="" bottom-up="" comes="" developed="" edam.="" in="" is="" p="" problem="" science-based="" the="" this="" to="" where="">
If purity is not the reason then why two different primal entities and why Purusha is made non-interactive? My reading entails that purity is the main reason for Purusha to make it non-interactive. Yes, we need to get Ph.D. (meaning attaining Samadhi) to understand, no doubt about it; so we should try our best thru daily practice at least if we cannot join to any sadguru because of our family responsibilities. The 13 problems of Sankhya are not my discovery, it has been there over 100s of years; you try convincing them, not me. Your carpeting attitude is not going to help much; by the way, did you see any ghost (prediction of dualism) in your life; perhaps watch “fear files” so investigate how true they are; if you are lucky you might encounter some ghosts and then you can address the ghost problem of Sankhya. For me, non-interaction and dualism are major problems and I am not satisfied with answers. Just re-address in more convincing ways; get help from some sadgurus. SYP’s SEs are all closed-eyes meditation related cortical phosphenes and are not reproducible with r>0.5 and p<0 .05="" all="" benchmark="" but="" came="" do="" everything="" fine="" for="" from="" good="" has="" in="" is="" it="" mindset="" my="" nbsp="" not="" nothing="" of="" p="" reproducibility="" requirement="" science.="" science="" scientists.="" the="" this="" to="" true="" with="" would="" you="">
Kind regards,
Rām Lakhan Pāndey Vimal, Ph.D.

Savitri Era Political Action: It's ridiculous to ignore progress https://t.co/ZgNAVQ0VIe
Aurora Mirabilis: To establish a communication with what's invisible https://t.co/dNqrOOTmQL
Evergreen Essays: Hostility of physicists to a nonphysical plane afterlife https://t.co/g7yEOmgZaL

Plasim Radar

Mother’s Birthday on the 21st and the New Darshan She gave me - I usually do not plan any outward event on a Darshan Day, in order to be able to concentrate fully upon the inner dimension of my life and the Darshan on t...

The Rationale, Basis and Development of the Idea of Socialism - The watchwords of the French Revolution, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” each represent an essential aspect of the social life of humanity in its evolution...

2.12 Transforming personal will to action into divine impulsion - Whoever sincerely enters the path of works, must leave behind him the stage in which need and desire are the first law of our acts. For whatever desires ...

In the face of Positive thinking we always feel inadequate - Should we really put the Vedic accent marks? These came much much later, long after the Rig Veda, these are post-Panini, 500 BC afterwards. What is necess...

February 23, 2019

In the face of Positive thinking we always feel inadequate

Should we really put the Vedic accent marks? These came much much later, long after the Rig Veda, these are post-Panini, 500 BC afterwards. What is necessary is to go back to the way the Rishis themselves might have recited their compositions. Accent marks force you to read the text in a given fixed manner, given fixed manner, robbing it of the subtleness that can be there depending upon each individual's preparation and perception. 
The enunciation carries the weight and consciousness of the reciter. I'll strongly oppose this, putting such marks to the original text. You may like to check my book The First Hymn of Rishi Vamadeva where there is a pretty long discussion about this. Rig Veda must go back to the period of Rig Veda with the intuitive feel for the language. -RYD (Mail group)

Assorted tweets:

Central Univ of Odisha VC Sachidananda Mohanty resigns for personal reasons. He worked with missionary zeal on the university.
A great scholar, educationist and writer, another identity of Dr Mohanty is less known. He is the son of Bidyutprabha Devi, one of the great poets of Odia literature. He 'Khadyotika', which was in our school text remains one of my all time favorites. I can recite it even today It is 'her' Khadyotika

On the auspicious occasion of 141st birthday of the Mother, SAFIC humbly unveils its new digital platform dedicated to the study of Indian scriptures. https://t.co/rMsMu7671N Vedas in the light of Sri Aurobindo.
On the auspicious occasion of 141st birthday of the Mother, SAFIC humbly unveils its new website - https://t.co/BkBU4B1X95 - a space dedicated to spreading awareness on Prenatal Education and conscious parenting in the light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. 

On the auspicious occasion of 141st birthday of the Mother, SAFIC (https://t.co/7eNtTDySdd) humbly unveils its new venture – Renaissance, a monthly e-journal https://t.co/pf188FF04Z
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An essay on the goals of education as The Mother and Sri Aurobindo defined them. Dr Indra Sen also reflects on the Ashram School students answers to the question ‘What does your soul look like?’ (TEXT) https://t.co/WPrbuA8J6n

In a little over month, my new book, The Idea of the World, will be finally out! It's been years in the making, and I am confident it won't disappoint. This time, it may really change things... But, for now, let me tease you a bit more with a new essay.

“our whole psychological existence is something like this simple sentence, continued since the first awakening of consciousness, interspersed with commas, but never broken by full stops. And consequently, our whole past still exists” -Bergson

From Philosopher to Ironman, Part 2: on the training regimen. Read it @Quora now: https://t.co/78oCslKLdD
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Benefits and Failures of the Individualistic Age https://t.co/qwxpCW5Q0W

Cultural Integration Fellowship
The Deep and Beautiful Mystery of The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram with Robert McDermott, PhD
Sunday, February 24, 2019 @ 11 a.m. 2650 Fulton Street, San Francisco Guests are cordially invited  Free will offering https://t.co/76fBgy9xk5

Human Sciences - #Education beyond education | @justpk  : To be honest, there is no magic mantra to solve the worldly problems, no teacher can teach how to resolve issues of human relations. So what can we do?

Make peace with death | #KalpanaNair : What if we prepare our minds from now that death is gentle and beautiful. No matter what the cause of death or age, death is peaceful | #_Spirituality_ 

Man possesses a mine of knowledge, abt which he is ignorant. When he cleanses his mind-stuff (chitta) of all past impressions by an intense process of purging, he earns the competence (adhikara) to b able to draw his knowledge from his own infinite reserve

Be like a Sunflower | @varwandkar : Spiritually, a sunflower represents happiness, togetherness and growth. Let us all learn these values and imbibe those in our behaviour. Let us try to be like a sunflower!

“Positive thinking is supposed to be empowering. But in fact it sets us up against an ideal of ourselves in the face of which we always feel inadequate” 
Psychoanalyst Josh Cohen on burnout: https://t.co/Dw8LPG8oiY

There is a remarkable building in South East India that should be known to more people. It is claimed to contain the world’s largest “optically perfect” glass globe to receive directed sunlight.
Under construction for 37 yrs, it is called the Matrimandir:

"First of all, outside the New Testament, St Augustine is the most influential person in Western Christianity by far. Secondly, he was a wonderful, wonderful writer & a deeply passionate man." https://t.co/RhNxEaUcCH

"A capacious, democratic, culturally-enmeshed, and politically-alert tradition grows from the root of Whitman. A spiritually-attuned, perceptually-focused, inward-looking family of poetry flows from Emily Dickinson." —@PoetryInAmerica host Elisa New https://t.co/Acaf3nTCYA

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: Few persons see all 3: A) Big picture, B) minute details, C) connections among these. But most cant see relationships among: soft power, BIForces, Hinduphobia, atrocity literature, etc. Hence contradiction between jingoism & tamasic lack of specific action

A certain class of minds shrink from aggressiveness as if it were a sin. Their temperament forbids them to feel the delight of battle and they look on what they cannot understand as something monstrous and sinful.
#SriAurobindo #IntegralYoga #Gita https://t.co/G5482LzbvU

@davidfrawleyved's 1997 call for intellectual or Bauddhik Kshatriyas still resonates: "An intellectual Kshatriya must not merely be defensive but creative and expansive...based upon deep thought [not] mere rhetoric, character assassination, or slogans." https://t.co/Ge4Niwlt7m
What is remarkable is that this call was given by @davidfrawleyved some 22 years back, long before today's activists, who mouth this sort of rhetoric without even mentioning this essay of his, let alone reading it. https://t.co/06PzsDGVBp

Since 2009 when Bhagwat took over the reins of the world’s largest cultural organisation, he has shown that @RSSorg means business. Today, no one can doubt his visionary aspiration, not just for his organisation, but for India that is Bharat.https://t.co/EQyfdbeAij @RatanSharda55
https://t.co/EQyfdbeAij On the eve of his 10 years as Sarsanghachalak @RSSorg, an assessment & appreciation: no one has been as quietly influential & effective as Mohan Bhagwatji. Mainstreaming the RSS & internationalising Hindutva may be summed up as his greatest achievements.

Another beautiful piece of music from the creative collaboration of lyricist @drgynaec
 and composer-singer @iammanasr
 A must listen Mu Shikhuchhi Odia | ମୁଁ ଶିଖୁଛି ଓଡ଼ିଆ | https://t.co/jzcVC0g6Cc

We shouldn’t be surprised. Intellectual and financial conflicts combined with downright incompetence are at the very core of the American Heart Association (@American_Heart) cc @bigfatsurprise @drjasonfung @zoeharcombe @ProfTimNoakes @drjamesdinic @drsanjaygupta @drmarkhyman https://t.co/4ZYN32c1Sn

A #review of my #newbook on #autobiography in @Outlookindia by a #philosophy prof from @JindalGlobalUNI 
@TandFIndia @routledgebooks @Routledge_Phil 
Shadowland Of Our Selves https://t.co/A37hHYWD0r

"Quantum electrodynamics is the most successful physical theory humans have  ever devised. It describes the interaction between light and matter, between photons and electrons. That interaction governs absolutely everything around you." (@marcuschown)

#Terrorism #Hinduism #Hindu
 https://t.co/RgCceY8NeL via @dailyo_
@Avatans : Generations of Indians, by now, have been fed half-cooked concepts of ‘Ahimsa Paramo Dharma’ and ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ — without providing any contextual explanation, be it from the Shashtras or Dharma https://t.co/4QIBJmYV03

“Daphne du Maurier is often incorrectly categorised as a romantic novelist, dismissed as just a bestseller” https://t.co/GHEQNizbxx
“If you situate Impressionism as an art of relaxation or bourgeois comfortable life, you’re making a fairly profound mistake.”
@AndrewGrahamDix on his favourite art books: https://t.co/jKa5KEWunu

"In the history of psychiatry, of psychotherapy, of psychology, mental health generally, depression is notoriously elastic."
Psychoanalyst Josh Cohen breaks down the science and psychology behind burnout, work and exhaustion: https://t.co/Dw8LPG8oiY

Life, for Sri Aurobindo, is the mutual commerce connecting matter & mind in the manifest universe, an “intermediate energizing of conscious being [that] liberates into sensitive action & reaction a form of the creative force of existence which was working subconsciently or

15) Welcoming Barin in Baroda:
Barindra Kumar, #SriAurobindo's youngest brother, would suddenly turn up in Baroda in 1901, just a few months after Sri Aurobindo's marriage
One with a romantic imagination, he would keep pestering his 'Sejda' for supporting his ever new ventures: https://t.co/smOzPpj8vn

The Mother first met Sri Aurobindo in the year 1914. After their meeting, Sri Aurobindo said that he had never seen anywhere a self-surrender so absolute and unreserved as that of the Mother. 
#SriAurobindo #TheMother #IntegralYoga #Puducherry #Love https://t.co/5fBYK4P4di

Sri Aurobindo's Mantra "Om Anandamayi Chaitanyamayi" by Jagjit Singh https://t.co/b6okG0oJgn via @YouTube

Three madnesses, Four interventions, and Five Dreams define the life of Sri Aurobindo so perfectly and why he relied upon the Sixth sense.

Because religion is just as biological as sex.
https://t.co/XQ5zmgN6fD https://t.co/bCNtOjZpiz

Volume 42, Number 1, Spring 2019 https://t.co/ubaghQjmi7

Interacting with, conducting #writingworkshops for Dalit women leaders and activists - navigating language barriers, crossing pain, finding humour together etc ..
What is the feeling that overwhelms at those times ? 
@rumlolarum https://t.co/hdq7wye86p

The greatest weakness of Indian electoral politics, as practised within the Westminster model adopted at independence, is the reward it offers for the politics of exclusion.

"I strongly believe we should impose a temporary moratorium on illustrating stories about global warming with stock pictures of sad polar bears. I mean, polar bears are nice to have around (in theory), but few of us will personally feel their loss." https://t.co/2CNf7aCqgC


[PDF] HOPE as a Framework for the Positive Organisation
M Zirkler - LEADERSHIP, 2019
… In: Gallagher, Matthew W./Lopez, Shane J. (2017): The Oxford Handbook of Hope. Online Edition. Sri Aurobindo/The Mother
(2011/1956): On Education. 11. Edition. Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust. Pondicherry …

E-Corporate Governance for Long Term Sustainability: An Empirical Evaluation of Shareholders' Perspective
JP Sharma, S Kanojia - Management Today, 2018
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The secularist killjoy: A reply to Schaefer and Smith - I am grateful to Donovan Schaefer and Caleb Smith for their productive, provocative responses. Both in their different ways have written about debunking an...

Field of Action of the Lower Vital World, pp. 152-153 - This little life is not limited to its domain. It extends onto other domains and casts a great influence on human lives as well. By revealing to us its n...

Seventy Photographs of the Mother taken on 21 February 1972 - Dear Friends, 21 February 2019 marked the 141th Birth Anniversary of the Mother. As our humble homage to Her, seventy photographs of Her taken on the occas...

- Absurd Being reads Martin Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy (1/7)

With demons like these…: A Response from Adam Kotsko - I would like to begin by thanking all five contributors for their engagement with my work and Sean Capener for his labor in coordinating the event (and sel...

Event on Ethan Mills’ “Three Pillars of Skepticism in Classical Indian Philosophy” -Readers who are in Singapore may be interested in an upcoming book discussion hosted by the Bras Basah Open and Yale-NUS College, on Thursday, 7 March 2019...

On the Matter of Life: Towards an Integral Economics - I’m posting a revised version of a long essay I wrote back in 2010. It draws on thinkers including Sri Aurobindo, Jean Gebser, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, ...

Captive of Her Love by Janina Stroka - Longings for the Mother This book is a collection of letters, poems and paintings by Janina Stroka, a Polish disciple of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and a...

Intellectual integrity is integral to Integral Yoga - Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar: Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake on February 17, 1600. https://t.co/nVZQcsquGc Every situation...