December 31, 2021

Disenchantment, History, and Sri Aurobindo

Govt resolve for involving 150 universities for dissemination of Sri Aurobindo's life and philosophy with focus on revolution and evolution is a welcome venture. It's satisfying since I have been stressing on this from 2005 as Founder-Director of Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF)
We have not seen any of the celebrity committee members doing anything for The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, till now. So, don't be misled by their publicity machinery. Savitri Era Party and #SavitriEra Religion must be strengthened by the genuine devotees. Beware of Hindutva warriors!
Auroville is described as a utopian commune and a tourist place. Some declare disdainfully that it's a cult. Govt. takeover has altered the original intention behind its creation. #Auroville must be redesigned as a place for temporary stay by the devotees from all over the world.
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I'm a historian who works on Pondicherry and I have also written about the colonial origins and continued settler colonial ethos of Auroville, did a tweet thread here (hoping to publish something responding to Kapur soon)
I absolutely loved Akash Kapur's beautiful (but devastating) book about Auroville. He's very fair to his subjects, but, in its quiet non-judgmental way, "Better to Have Gone" is one of the severest indictments of the 1960s that I have ever read.
In this book, Dr. Singh delves deep into the works of Sri Aurobindo to present a compelling and fascinating collage of Sri Aurobindo's multifaceted and multidimensional genius (1/2) To read more about Dr. Singh's views, buy the book from: Amazon:
I just published Sri Aurobindo and Plato
[Theosophy and Integral Yoga: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-91) and Mirra Alfassa (1878-1973), the Mother. Genealogies of Transnational Religion: Translation, Revelation, and Discursive Technologies in Two Female Gurus of Esoteric Vedanta by Nika Kuchuk, University of Toronto]

[Alfassa’s displacement of the personal (and therefore, of the particular and limited) is similarly pervasive, not merely at the level of authorship, but wholly at the level of identity; given her role as the Mother, however, this carries doctrinal implications for the movement as a whole. Sakai’s notion of the translator as a subject-in-transit may be particularly useful here in tracing the discursive mechanics that enable this dynamic. In becoming the Mother, Alfassa, in various ways, gives up (or purports to give up) the personal identity of the woman Mirra Alfassa and instead speaks as a fully realized universal being, incarnated in a limited body for the purpose of making herself accessible to humanity. I return to the role of embodiment and embodied experience in Chapter 4; here I focus on Alfassa’s textual and discursive technologies. While on the surface her deployment of language, translation, and authorial identity differs from Blavatsky’s, ...]

I just uploaded “Death, Dying and Beyond- Sri Aurobindo’s Perspective at Vaichariki program by Rashtram” to #…
Two Options for the Seeker to Eliminating Desire
Sri Aurobindo on the logic of the Infinite and on Atman-Purusha -Ishwara & their power bases, Maya--Prakriti-Shakti
Listen to "Epilepsy and Insanity Under Pressure of the Spiritual Quest for an Unprepared Seeker" by Sri Aurobindo Studies.
The soul of beauty, by
On death and immortality (Bengali)
Listen to "The Link Between Inner Defects and External Attacks of Adverse Forces" by Sri Aurobindo Studies.
Listen to "The Secret of the Veda: Introduction and Overview Chapters 1-5 by Sri Aurobindo" by Sri Aurobindo Studies.
Listen to "How the Practitioner Can Identify the Action of Hostile Forces" by Sri Aurobindo Studies.
Listen to "Adopting and Holding the Proper Psychological Poise for Accomplishment of the Objective of the Integral Yoga" by Sri Aurobindo Studies.
Two Aeon articles on Big History and Disenchantment provide an honest and elaborate survey of the Western scene during last two centuries and allude to some Indian solution as conclusion. Not referring to Sri Aurobindo and his framework of Vedic Evolution seems to be a conundrum.
Sweeping the human story into a cosmic tale is a thrill but we should be wary about what is overlooked in the grandeur
The modern world is disenchanted. God remains dead. But our need for transcendence lives on. How should we fulfil it?
If history is, as James Joyce’s Stephen Dedalus, says, “a nightmare from which I am trying to awake”, how and when do we wake up? What, in short, are we going to do about the crimes of the past, the slavery, genocide, ethnic cleansing, colonization?
AUROVILLE: The first six years 1968-1974 written by Savitra is one of only two records of what was happening on the Auroville plateau during the first 6 years of its creation. I have been involved with the work of Mother since 1967.
How did Sri Aurobindo looked at Dover Beach? Does The Future Poetry has any hint on Arnold in this light? Was melancholy got eclipsed? [Eight years before Charles Darwin and three decades before Friedrich Nietzsche Arnold already heard religion’s retreat.]
[Two Voices are there -one is of the Sea, One of the Mountains; each a mighty Voice] [TWO voices are there: one is of the deep; It learns the storm-cloud's thunderous melody]
"the source of this delight lies within our very heart and it is not necessary to discover this delight in Nature or in any external object" writes A. Goswami (Sraddha August 2015). But Sri Aurobindo employs numerous metaphors from nature to to illustrate his points. So no escape
"One common concern that unifies all romantic contributions is their advocacy of the primacy of beauty," writes Ulrich Mohrhoff (Aurocafe, December 17). But whether beauty or delight, why do we need them at the first place? Of course, immortality or endlessness is their synonym.
A few advocates of tradition and rituals are promising yogic siddhi and experience by following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Having scant acquaintance with such occult matters, I have been warning against such temptations, although Sri Aurobindo has written much on these subjects.
Search for various facets of Sri Aurobindo and comparative dimensions will obviously intensify and Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF since 2005) has a rich archives of thousands of posts with invaluable links: Google Scholar profile:
With no formal institutional strings attached, I have been examining various methodological avenues for exploring Sri Aurobindo's oeuvre and his relevance, with due sympathy and devotion. PM's CFP on the greatest poet and philosopher should break new ground and critical response.
Focus on Sri Aurobindo is bound to accentuate curiosity on circumstances of his external life but the challenge is to dehistoricise. Imagining him without biographical twists and turns or even his books will be more profitable than just compiling quotations with connecting notes.
While it's tempting to paint sympathetic pictures of the contemporaries, associates, or disciples of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo the overt chain of events may not have been suitably aligned with the evolutionary angle. Thus extreme caution is warranted while undertaking commentary
It's astounding that people don't, or unable to, understand the power of Twitter. Not surprising since people are indifferent about even Sri Aurobindo. Democracy becomes suspect in such situations. But that may be the course of evolutionary intention. From ignorance to knowledge.
Philosophical tips like shadows in the cave, tableness, unicorn, or even Antigone or Medea offer diverse facets of human modalities of awareness and understanding but no decisive answer on what's right or truth can be discerned. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo help with some coherence.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management Tusar Nath Mohapatra ତୁଷାରନାଥ ମହାପାତ୍ର Nitte Management Review Abstract This paper ventures to provide an alternative understanding of human psychology drawn from the philosophical insights of Sri Aurobindo.
Savitri Era Open Forum: Auroville flare-up overshadowed 150th birth anniversary Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Founder, Savitri Era Party, Savitri Era Religion, & #SavitriEra Learning Forum. Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
Savitri Era Open Forum: Stop peddling a secular avatar of Auroville to tourists Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Founder, Savitri Era Party, Savitri Era Religion, & #SavitriEra Learning Forum. Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.