February 03, 2024

Compelling relevance of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

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Bidyut Chakrabarty · 2023 · ‎Preview · ‎More editions
... 2023). 4. www.gutenberg.org/files/7176/7176-h/7176-h.htm, Leo Tolstoy, A Letter to a Hindu, p. 7 (accessed on 22 May ... Sri Aurobindo Ashram Publication Department, Pondicherry, 2002, p. 626. 9. Aurobindo Ghose, 'Our Rulers and Boycott ...
Santosh Kumar P.V. · 2023 · ‎Preview
... Aurobindo Ashram Publications . Vol . 14 of Sri . Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library 30 Vols . 1970d The Supramental Manifestation and other Writings . Pondicherry : Sri . Aurobindo Ashram Publications . Vol . 16 of Sri . Aurobindo Birth ...
PRITHWINDRA. MUKHERJEE · 2023 · ‎ No preview
Most people believe India's struggle for independence to have begun with Mahatma Gandhi.

Ankit Tomar, ‎ Suratha Kumar Malik · 2022 · ‎Preview · ‎More editions
This book presents the thread of socio-political thought of major Indian thinkers over the decades.

Sri Aurobindo's Principles, Philosophy, Nationalism And Education: A Critique

Siuli Mandi

Assistant Professor, Katwa College, Katwa, Purba Bardhaman (W.B.)

Email: siulimandi.mandi3@gmail.com


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