December 09, 2005

Mud Map of Consciousness

Inspired by Power vs. Force - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour
Dr. David Hawkins, 1995.
PRF Brown, EDITOR Mountain Man Graphics The Mountain Man Mandala
What the author and researcher Dr. David Hawkins has achieved is a means to discuss the nature of consciousness as a continuum, in much the same manner as the eastern traditions have been doing for many many thousands of years. Only this time, the tabulation has been prepared by western scientific practice, and it should be highly regarded by all students of life seeing as though it addresses the subject matter of human consciousness itself.
In the following article I discuss the implications of the generalisation of the author's original detailed tabulation into the three (coloured) zones. This may or may not represent the original intentions of the author, however as the author's publication company Veritas, objects to the disclosure of the author's full "map of consciousness" then we have to be content to simply discuss a simplification of the original.
The findings of the author seem to suggest that that any map of human consciousness is essentially a landscape which has three predominant regions. These three regions have been color-coded, and are discussed separately below. However in the first instance it is better to introduce a summary of these three regions of consciousness as follows:
This realm is the realm marked in red, with the increasingly calibrated series of levels ... shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger and pride. In this realm survival is via the knowledge and use of force verse force, and consciousness is very much held in sway by the tidal influences of the outer world. It represents a terrestrial environment in constant change and flux, a world where a tidal influence is exerted by force over all things. None of the influences in this realm are reliable, none are lasting, none are energy efficient, and none are worth even thinking about. The student of life should stay out of the red. None of it is worth anything.
There is a narrow band of the horizon between the lower environment of consciousness and the upper environmental levels of consciousness, and this is reserved for what the author terms the level of courage. This realm is marked in yellow/gold colour. Courage should be governed by the realm above, not the realm beneath. Courage is a vehicle by which the human soul become known to the student of life.
This realm is that marked in green, and corresponds to the higher calibrated levels of consciousness delineated by the author as neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace and enlightenment. In this realm survival is subsumed by association and knowledge of the cosmic powers of the inner realm of consciousness. The entire planet which is shared by life is open to the cosmic environment which can be seen as another ocean in itself, just alot bigger than what our terrestrial perspective affords. As travellers of the mountain paths know well, such trails reach closer to the sky, and provide direction in this process we call life.

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