April 04, 2007

The Cosmic Harmony that is The Life Divine

The Life Divine Truth And Luminous Thoughts Ananda Reddy, Ph.D.
The predominant personality that comes out in this magnum opus is not his philosophical one, for he was never a philosopher in the common sense of the term, but a great synthesiser of philosophic thought and spiritual experience. We see in it a Himalayan statured Rishi, a seer scanning the world in a single gaze, in a central, unified consciousness wherein all views, all principles, all methods more or less according to their capacity to express and reflect the Truth – find their harmonious place in the cosmic plan of the Divine Manifestation. Each major School of thought or spiritual experience that has influenced sufficiently or contributed recognisably to the march of human consciousness finds its true relation and place and function in the Cosmic Harmony that is The Life Divine. An integral awareness and acceptance of all is necessary for the totality of Divine Manifestation, for the wholeness and completeness of human evolution.
The Life Divine, thus stands as a unique synthesis of the quintessential experience of human thought and consciousness. It stands on par with the Gita and the Upanishads as a vision and work of spiritual synthesis.

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