June 15, 2008

Feel component within a Wittgenstein perspective

Comment on your post "What leads me to Wittgenstein or Derrida rather than phenomenology or Marx or Freud or Lacan or Gadamer or Levi-Strauss or Bourdieu?" has been published.

ashok said... its wonderful.. you said it...yet all this directions takes along with it, as its nucleus, the notion of self esteem, or the subject..can philosophy ever discard this pivotal component..and base itself on something more fundamental and universal than those aspects that seem emerge from the biological nature of the human kind..yet it seems we cannot go beyond the limitations of language as long as we are in a descriptive 'subject' the correlative index of any descriptive pretext..I seem to endorse it..and therefore i enclose the feel component within a Wittgenstein perspective.. 8:38 AM, June 15, 2008

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