June 25, 2009

Does religion tightjacket our thinking?

from bimal _mohanty bimal_mohanty@vsnl.com to Sri Tusar N Mohapatra Ghaziabad tusarnmohapatra@gmail.com date 24 Jun 2009 23:09 subject Our Life and our dreams

THE LATEST VOLUME OF THE SPIRITUAL WEB SITE www.ahwan.org (or www.ahwan.com) : VOLUME 98, June 2009 ISSUE, has been published and uplinked with the article “OUR LIFE AND OUR DREAMS”

- If you visit the site, and have any observations to make, I shall be grateful. There are also interesting questions from readers dealing with "The benefit of knowing ‘I am Brahman’”, “Loosing Brahman amongst many gods”, “Does religion tightjacket our thinking?”, “Is running away from world desirable?”, “Dealing with relatives” etc. You can also browse the previous articles by clicking on the ikon ‘articles’. Please share it with your friends and dear ones. God bless you- Sri Bimal Mohanty. (bimal_mohanty@vsnl.com)

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