July 27, 2009

Seven Dedicated Lives by Sunayana Panda Sunayana Panda’s blog New Book

At long last and after much effort my first book is out. It’s a collection of my essays which came out in The Golden Chain. The text was already written but the experience of actually getting the book published and printed was totally new, and many lessons have been learnt from it.

Seven Dedicated Lives, as the book is called, is meant for those who know the Sri Aurobindo Ashram only from far and who are not familiar with the early years of the institution...

I hope everyone enjoys reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing the essays.
The book is available through, or in India from SABDA.


The Hindu : Other States - Orissa News : Annual meet Monday, Jul 27, 2009
The district level annual meeting of Sri Aurobindo Pathachakra units of Koraput district was held at Koraput on Sunday. Addressing the gathering Nirakar Bhai of Matru Bhavan, Cuttack narrated the significance of the five dreams of Sri Aurobindo which he had seen on the basis of the inherent strength of the soul of India to excel crossing all the difficult barriers.

Sri Aurobindo Karmi Sammilani - Speech By Gadadhar Mishra (Mamu) MP3
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Sri Aurobindo Karmi Sammilani - Speech By Babuli Bhai MP3
By Babuli Bhai Music Audio clips MP3 Featured music: Rediff ishare. Uploaded by: Chelapila on Jul 27, 2009

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