August 23, 2009

University of Human Unity classes by Vladimir and Rod Hemsell

Groups directory add new group Group Manager Subscribers Description Subscribe
AV Economy Study Group Rod Hemsell 15 a group set up to study the Auroville economy Join

Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics in the light of Sri Aurobindo vladimir 3 Studies of Linguistics Join

Knowledge Commission Team Rod Hemsell 11 Focusing on rural transformation Invite only

Studies of the Upanishads in the light of Sri Aurobindo. vladimir 7 Vedic Studies Join

The Philosophy of Evolution Rod Hemsell 6 This group meets on Monday evenings to explore theories of evolution from both the intuitive spiritual and scientific analytical perspectives. Join

The Poetry of Sri Aurobindo Rod Hemsell 6 Members meet weekly on Wednesday evenings for a detailed exploration of the poetry of Sri aurobindo. Join

UHU Development Team vladimir 34 Core group for development of the University of Human Unity Request membership

UHU Seedlings Rod Hemsell 9 a working group of the University of Human Unity Invite only

Vedic Studies vladimir 16 The studies of the Vedic Psychology and Philosophy in the light of Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Join

ICIS Postgraduate online Programmes In Applied Integral Studies Certified by IGNOU all day

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