September 15, 2009

Transparent System of Root-sounds and the uniqueness of Sanskrit Words

Dr. Sampadananda Mishra's Visit to America - July 2009
Talk by
Dr Sampadananda Mishra in the University of Massachusetts, USA, on "Vedic Art of Multiple Concentration"

Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, Chief Coordinator, Sanskrit and Indian Culture, was invited by the University of Massachusetts, USA to present a paper on "The Vedic Art of Multiple Concentration", in the 18th Vedanta Congress organized by the Indic Studies Department of the university from 16th to 19th of July 09. More than a hundred scholars from different branches of knowledge had come from various parts of the globe to participate in the Congress. Dr. Mishra's presentation was highly appreciated by many dignitaries and scholars present in the congress. In his presentation, he not only explained the various features of the ancient Indian art of multiple concentration, but also highlighted its relevance to the present education system. Dr. Mishra also participated actively in the other academic sessions of the congress. It was an enriching experience for him to be a part of the congress in which he could share the activities and research works of the Society with many scholars from different countries of the world.

On 22nd of July Dr. Mishra went to the Oregon University in the west coast of USA to deliver a few talks on the importance of Sanskrit and principles of Integral education. Students and faculty members were present during his talk and all the talks had a good impact on them. The talks were on 23rd and 24th of July.

  • On the first day he spoke about the scientific nature of Sanskrit language and its alphabet. He also explained the amazing flexibility of the Sanskrit by giving various examples.
  • The second talk was on the Vedic art of Multiple Concentration in which he spoke about the ancient Indian art called avadhana.
  • The third talk on 24th was on Sanskrit and Computational Linguistics in which he explained about the relationship between Sanskrit and Computer. Here he spoke about the technique of Panini and the structure of his book on grammar called Ashtadhyayi. He also spoke about the ancient Indian shabdabodha tradition and its contribution to the field of natural language processing, machine translation and artificial intelligence.
  • The last talk was on the "Principles of Integral Education" in which Dr. Mishra explained about the parts of being, aim of life and how Integral Education system aims at an integral growth of the child.

Talk in New York on "Transparent system of root-sounds and uniqueness of Sanskrit words"
On 28th and 30th of July Dr. Mishra delivered two talks in New York. This was organized by a young group there dedicated to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

  • On 28th evening Dr. Mishra spoke on Sanskrit - A Key to the Heart of India. Here he explained the greatness of identity between Sanskrit and India's life, thought and culture. He dealt with the role of Sanskrit in maintaining cultural unity of India. He also spoke extensively on many deeper aspects of Sanskrit language.
  • On 30th, he gave another talk on the "Transparent System of Root-sounds and the uniqueness of Sanskrit Words." Here he explained by giving several examples, how every word in Sanskrit is conscious of its origin and always refers back to the root from which it is derived.

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