October 09, 2009

What attitudes are and how they can be affected

Attitudes and Attitude Change Thoughts, Feelings, and Opinions

Humans are naturally opinionated. We form likes and dislikes almost from the moment we first gain consciousness. Our stances on issues and our attitudes about things are directly linked to our innermost thoughts and feelings. In modern society we are constantly bombarded by advertisements and entertainment which works hard to influence or change these thoughts and feelings. This is the art of attitude change, and it is important to understand what attitudes are and how they can be affected. Contents Introduction Attitude Bases Attitude Change Persuasive Communications Playing to Emotions Resisting Persuasive Communications Attitude Influencing Behavior Advertising Conclusion

We are manipulated by 'priming' and suggestion - Reinventing marketing: Alan Mitchell explores how to predict irrational consumer behaviour - Marketing news - Marketing magazine:

Group Polarization: The Trend to Extreme Decisions koantum

You shouldn't believe everything you read, yet according to a classic psychology study at first we can't help it koantum

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