November 18, 2009

April 4th, 2010 marks the 100 year anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s arrival in Puducherry

Inviting Submissions for Special Issue of SACAR journal, New Race (March-April 2010)‏
by Yoga Meditation India on November 18, 2009
Dear Friends of SACAR,
Hope this letter finds you all in good health and cheerful spirits!

We write this letter with a very specific request and invitation. As you are all aware that April 4th, 2010 marks the 100 year anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s arrival in Pondicherry. As a gesture of our deep gratitude and love for Sri Aurobindo, we at SACAR have been planning some events to mark this special occasion. One of the ways we would like to pay our salutation to Sri Aurobindo on this momentous day—momentous for India and the future of the world itself—is by bringing out a special issue of our publication, New Race: A Journal of Integral Studies.

In this special issue, titled “Sri Aurobindo and the Next Future of India”, we invite you all to participate in a comprehensive reappraisal of Sri Aurobindo’s contribution to India’s Nation-soul in all its multi-dynamism. We solicit articles and essays by our students, facilitators, friends and well-wishers of SACAR, in which they not only consider their idealistic hopes and dreams for the future of India, but also engage in a thorough and original analysis of the given theme in the light of a realistic appraisal of the dreams and pursuits of present and future generations of India. [...]

We hope that this special issue of New Race becomes a vehicle for such original thinking among all those who love and care for the future destiny of India, and who aspire to consciously participate in a genuine resurgence of the true Indian Spirit. A spiritual revitalization of Indian hearts and minds is necessary not only for the sake of India’s future and her destined mission in the world, but for the future of the humanity and earth itself.

With this objective in front, we encourage our writers to dig deep into their minds and hearts, to go beyond the surface-level readings and interpretations of present developments and limiting portrayals of India, and to earnestly search for the deeper truth that is trying to reveal itself in India’s onward march, to explore the critical role that the present and future generations of Indians must play in her genuine renaissance, and to critically investigate into the present and future forms in which will be manifested the eternal Nation-soul of Mother India.

We give below some broad guidelines and suggestions for your consideration:
1. We highly encourage you to present in your essays an in-depth reappraisal of Sri Aurobindo’s thought and vision which can help India move towards her next spiritual destiny.
2. Depending on your interest, you may either focus your essay around one of the following suggested topics or any other topic of personal choice as long as it fits within the scope of the general theme of the special issue, as described above.

We look forward to your participation in this endeavour of SACAR. If there are any questions or comments, please let us know. Warm regards,
Beloo Mehra, PhD Academic Programmes SACAR, Pondicherry
You can send your submissions to beloome(at the rate)gmail(dot)com Masa –
SACAR Newsletter November 2009

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