February 12, 2010

Thea’s resurrection of the reality and importance of sacred geometry

Hi Tusar, here's an excerpt from 'God Forever Geometrizes'  
In a recent discussion about asura, ‘evil persona’, and ‘the shadow’ on RY Despande’s Mirror of Tomorrow blog Auroman wrote,
‘I can't help notice the biases of various groups –

a) The Patricia/Thea group reads geometry, numerology and astrology into everything
b) The Ashram inmates see Asuras everywhere
c) The Jungian group sees shadows and evil personas everywhere
d) The pomo crowd (SCIY) sees the world as a giant power struggle with hegemonies and marginalizations creating internalized resentment from which arise suitable cultural responses. And yes, covert agendas !

In the absence of spiritual sight, all these are only inferences which could be right...or wrong.’
I am of course one of Thea’s group who ‘reads geometry, numerology and astrology into everything’. When Plato wrote that, ‘God forever geometrizes’, I do think that he was right on. When the Mother designed her Temple in the image of the Earth’s 24 hour day and 12 month year, I do think she was right on. I also believe that when she wrote (in the latter years of her life) that the number 9 had something to do with how the supramental consciousness is active in the Earth’s field, she was right on. And when Thea writes that the Vedic gnosis of the 12 month year as written of by Sri Aurobindo in The Secret of the Veda (i.e. Tropical Zodiac) needs to be understood and restored as part of our journey towards appreciating and knowing the supramental (or divine) consciousness-force, I think she is absolutely right on as well.

Since first encountering this line of thought, or rather circle of life, it has clearly resonated as true to me … a ‘no brainer’ so to speak ... but a no-brainer that completely upgraded my mind’s limited understanding of God, Cosmos and Individual. While looking upon my life and the play of the world, with these geometries and ancient truths in mind and heart, I have been continually astonished by the view and flabbergasted by the brilliance and precision of the supramental consciousness-force. Its organizational skills and timing are breathtaking and mind blowing. Sometimes its ways are disturbing to my mind and ego, sometimes frightening, sometimes heartwarming and sometimes downright hilarious. Whatever is needed to speed our progress along, or slow it down if need be, is what happens.

People’s aversions to or belittling of Thea’s resurrection of the reality and importance of sacred geometry, our 9 number system and the tropical zodiac become somewhat of a tragic comedy as I continue to walk through the doors of knowledge she has opened up. . . .  [Continued at
Hi Tusar, here's another for SEOF ... I hope you can include the hyperlinks. Thanks, Lori 
Anyone familiar with Sri Aurobindo’s work will understand that it represents a radical departure from the goal of an old spirituality which sought in its entirety an escape from birth and death through a transcendental experience which dissolved the nexus of consciousness that held the individual in the world. But very few appreciate that the success of Sri Aurobindo’s yoga turns upon that same nexus of consciousness or Soul only realized more profoundly as the foundation and support of the Supermind. In the Vedic age this point or nexus was known as 'Skambha' (the 'pillar', 'support') of the Veda and it was considered to be the Supreme Principle or ‘fulcrum of creation’ but with the advent of a transcendental spirituality bent on escape from a so-called illusory world of becoming, knowledge of ‘Skambha’ fell into obscurity and was soon considered irrelevant. No one since the Vedic Age has actually realized Skambha but we find mention of its supreme importance in the writings of the renowned Indian guru Ram Chandra. In his Complete Works, in a chapter entitled “The Final State”, Ram Chandra writes of the final stage of yogic practice:
“[T]he final approach…where we are nearest to the Super-active Center, or Zero, which is the primeval cause of the entire manifestation. …This can best be expressed as the state of Tam – “no light and no darkness.” This is what takes us along now and there is no end to it. We may go on and on but this will remain with us forever. If there be a great soul of caliber who may be able to comprehend what lies beyond, he may be able to discover that there is a point, rather a ring, there. The conception of a ring around a centre is indispensable....' - continued on Circumsolatious. []

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