November 16, 2010

Sri Aurobindo & Bio-Psychosocial perspectives

Punjab Governor inaugurates International Conference on Bio-Psychosocial perspectives Punjab Newsline Network Monday, 15 November 2010 CHANDIGARH:
The First International Conference of Asian Association of Applied Psychology organised by Panjab University here on “Enhancing Human Potential Bio-Psychosocial Perspectives”, took off to a grand start at the University Auditorium Monday. 
The Governor of Punjab and Administrator, Union Territory Chandigarh Shivraj V. Patil, inaugurated the three-day conference to the packed audience of nearly seven hundred and thirty delegates from within and outside India. Prominent international scholars Professor Lars Eric Unestahl from Sweden and Professor Alex P. Linley of U.K. were also present. Dr. (Mrs.) Vipin Sobti, Member, Educational Tribunal, government of Punjab and Chairperson of the Conference also graced the occasion.

The Governor of Punjab Shivraj V. Patil expressed happiness to inaugurate the conference. He also appreciated the theme and congratulated the university for organising the conference on such a holistic and interdisciplinary theme. He referred to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution to elaborate his views on developing human potential. He emphasised that human potential cannot be considered mechanical as it encompasses humanistic and spiritual elements. In consonance with the ideas of the great Indian philosopher Aurobindo Ghosh, the Governor pointed out that a combination of thinking capacity and spirituality part play an important role in developing possibilities for human potential. 
This will ultimately result in enabling the individual to overcome the barriers of memory and connect past knowledge with awareness about the present and the future.  Patil further asserted that Vedas and Upanishads do not tell us how the prayers have to offered but the talk about Super Science and the entire nature emphasizing that individual is the almighty force. Such an attitude will unfold tremendous potential that lay hidden inside the individual. This requires handling the possible arrogance that the individual might develop by glorifying the self at the expense of others. It is here that positive attitude building becomes necessary where applied psychology can play a vital role. He narrated instances of his interaction with spiritual leaders and foreign dignitaries to emphasize the significance of spiritual upliftment that can help developing cosmic attitude which rises above the global and the universal. He recommended that science is not to be used alone but in combination with spirituality. Therefore, the need of the hour is to develop super science to evolve a better world.
Patil talked of dire need of discarding negativity and negative approach by inculcating positive virtues which is a sure way of becoming all powerful.  The cosmic attitude, he said, was a positive attitude wherein human beings ought to perceive everything with a creative approach.  The Vedas enjoin upon human beings to realize in oneself every other human being, other creatures, plants and even organic matter …. and this way one becomes powerful from within and non-destructive.  The governor urged to create an environment for making a conducive place for all living creatures to survive and flourish. 

Earlier Professor R.C. Sobti, Vice Chancellor, Panjab University presented the welcome address and impressed upon that to be human is to think feel aspire, strive and to achieve social goals. He deliberated that India being the youngest country in terms of average age of its populace has enormous human potential to develop with thrust on certain special issues which will be discussed in the forthcoming “academic feast” of the conference. 
Professor R.C. Sobti underlined the need of psychological development saying that human talent was the most valuable resource without which developments in other fields were meaningless.  Prof. Sobti said it was important to discover the tremendous hidden talent within us and make use of it.  Biological factors, the Vice-Chancellor said were closely related to human behaviour which made up our mental frame.  We must do introspection and develop positive attitude.

Professor Emeritus Dr. Jitendra Mohan, Director of the International Conference introduced the theme of the conference. He stated that in all seven important sessions on women sports, education, technology, management, health, bio-sciences and community participation will be held more than three hundred presentation including research papers from the faculty and posters by the students will be presented. According to him this is the largest possible response and concerned shown by the younger generation for the future of human kind to develop human potential. Chairperson of the International Conference, Professor Ajaib Singh proposed vote of thanks.

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