December 11, 2010

Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s work was in jeopardy

Sri Aurobindo and the Big Bang Georges van Vrekhem talks about 'Sri Aurobindo and the Big Bang'. by Andrea Friday, 10 December 2010
The latest talk of Georges van Vrekhem on Thursday December 9 was about Sri Aurobindo's take on the Big Bang theory. Sri Aurobindo’s works are seldom approached for their scientific contents, yet he has followed the evolution of scientific thought up close. He wrote at the time of Einstein and the quantum mechanic revolution. In Savitri, his ‘testament’, Sri Aurobindo takes a clear stand for the Big Bang theory, even before the general consensus it has today.
Descent Into Death by Andrea and Anitha  Wednesday, 08 December 2010
On Saturday, December 4, Georges van Vrekhem’s talk was on “Sri Aurobindo’s Descent into Death”. Georges recounted that soon after the Second World War, the world, in Sri Aurobindo’s words, was “worse than worst”. In fact, Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s work was in jeopardy -- and it was not his intention “to give his sanction to another fiasco”. This is one of the most dramatic episodes in spiritual history and the history of humankind, documented hour-by-hour and commented upon by the Mother herself. Georges explained Sri Aurobindo’s voluntary descent into death, only six years later, the manifestation of the Supermind with its enormous future consequences.
Welcome to my website. This has been designed to introduce you to me, my philosphy and my work and also to let you understand my vision of healing through ...
Homeopathy encompasses a wholeness that touches the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual. Although it is used effectively to treat physical disease, it recognizes the connection between the disease and the emotional imbalance. It is truly the balanced binding together of the whole that allows the freedom of expression in the nature of the being. 
Dear Sandeep,
Delightful to read Jane Austen starting your post. Speaking of which, did you know that “Mother’s Service Society” has been running a series of programs on “Pride and Prejudice”, it seems, for some years now?
And now, they are using the insights and lessons in that book to teach Sri Aurobindo’s “The Life Divine”. You can get the recordings of those talks (by Garry Jacob) here: -Supriyo

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