May 02, 2012

Curiosity and wonder, creativity and self-reliance

What is Learning? Here are a number of the principles we model which are inspired by Carl Rogers, Humberto Maturana, Aurobindo Ghose, and Brent Cameron:
  1. Human beings are designed for learning – they are natural learners.
  2. Humans learn best when there is an authentic, loving relationship between a learner and a mentor.
  3. Humans need to feel safe and secure in the learning environment for learning to happen.
  4. Lasting learning happens when the subject is perceived as relevant and useful by the learner.
  5. Much is learned by doing.
  6. Learning is a messy process similar to that of inventions – many paths are explored, many are abandoned, with curiosity and wonder guiding the process.
  7. Self-initiated learning is the deepest and longest lasting.
  8. When self-evaluation is the primary means of assessment, resourcefulness, creativity, and self-reliance are encouraged.
  9. The primary goal of learning is to learn how to learn — developing a direct understanding of how you encounter the unknown and incorporate new experiences into your personal evolution.

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  1. Nilanjan ChatterjeeMay 12, 2012

    Does Spirit of AUROBINDO GHOSE & ALBERT EINSTEIN meet somewhere? In Some Space?
    Esoteric Art of Gematria suggests - that they do. By it:
    AUROBINDO GHOSE = 99 + 54 = 153
    ALBERT EINSTEIN = 58 + 95 = 153