February 06, 2015

Sri Aurobindo can be accused of concentrating on sexless lotuses

The Divine Humanity To Be Evolved Through the Yoga http://t.co/tNRjPOAcRl
Speeding Up the Evolutionary Process Of Growth Into the Divine Consciousness http://t.co/i3Qfbhd6Y4
The Means and Ultimate Aim of an Integral Karmayoga http://t.co/vb9z9EPjVo
The Central Purpose and Method of the Integral Yoga http://t.co/yr6uPRbjAH

Savitri Unveiled: A Selection - Page 69

Aurobindo Ghose, ‎Syed Mehdi Imam - 1980 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
A Selection Aurobindo Ghose, Syed Mehdi Imam ... and there-after seeks the Light and air of the sun above; so thought embedded in the mud seeks its escape into the Super-conscious Light. ... Blue Lotus The blue lotus is the symbol of mind 

American Veda: From Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and ...

Satchida nanda's Integral Yoga should not be confused with Sri Aurobindo's use of the same term. ... The lotus is a common symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism, because it

Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion - Page 99

... remains obviously consistent: a line drawing of a lotus to suggest traditional Hindu and Buddhist notions of the pristine and pure enlightenment that arises out of the fertile mud. The name “Aurobindo,” by the way, translates literally as “lotus,”  ...

Sri Aurobindo's Vision of Integral Human Development: ... - Page 9

Monica Gupta - 2014 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
The significance of the lotus is not to be found by analysing the secrets of the mud from which it grows here; its secret is to be found in the heavenly archetype of the lotus that blooms forever in the Light above. The self-chosen field of these

Foundations and Applications of Indian Psychology - Page 80

The significance of the lotus is not to be found by analysing the secrets of themud from which it grows here; its secret is to be found in the heavenly archetype of the lotus that blooms for ever in the Light above. ... [You] ... (Sri Aurobindo, 1993, p  ...

Joseph Vrinte - 2002 - ‎Preview

might also reasonably ask how anyone could hope to understand something as biological as a lotus without first beginning ... Put bluntly, there just is no such thing as a mudless lotus. We need not and should not end with the mud, but we certainly need to at least begin there. If psychoanalytically inclined thinkers, then, can be accused on concentrating too much on ... such as Aurobindo can be accused of concentrating too much on solipsistic sexless lotuses growing out of nothing.

Philosophies of Education - Page 204

1989 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
As Aurobindo himself had put it : "My life is not on the surface of men to see". ...Aurobindo is from the word Aravinda which is the name for the Lotus Flower in Sanskrit. Lotus grows on a swampy soil but, the mud or dirt does not stick to it.

[Sri Aurobindo views need to be modified to accommodate present-day knowledge (this is Wilber's critique too)] http://t.co/SBGVfxPuGQ
[There is a dialogue between Ken Wilber's integral views and Sri Aurobindo's metaphysical vision.] http://t.co/pJRSYalgRr
[The Mother and Sri Aurobindo were very sensitive on the matter of compulsory vaccination. Following are references:] http://t.co/RHvm567seK
[Sri Aurobindo's epoch-making exposition Secret of Veda is the profoundest expression of his own luminous experience] http://t.co/bSXLcuCApV
[If the material is the ksetra, the spiritual is the ksetrajna; together they establish rtam, the ideal cosmic order and help manifestation]
[There is no dichotomy in the Vedic thinking between the material and spiritual. The existential and the ecclesiastical are blended in one]
[increasing action of rtam leads to the Truth-world. manifests in him the powers of purity & wideness, joy & harmony] http://t.co/JV7ZBW1jHG
[Gita synthesises Vedanta and Sankhya by Brahman as Purusha with aparā prakrti for Maya and synthesizes both with Yoga bringing in Ishwara.]
[Ishwara for the Gita is the Purushottama who is higher than the immutable Nirguna Brahman.] http://t.co/e5yZPjVYTl
[An integral vision of the Divine and an integral Yoga to realise it is the most self-fulfilling and self-effectuating gift of SriAurobindo]
[It is in life that you transform yourself. It is upon earth that you progress and you realise. It is in the body that you win the Victory.]
[Sri Aurobindo's Ashram > Jugal Kishore Mukherjee > The Practice Of The Integral Yoga > The Ninefold Daily Sadhana] http://t.co/o6Wv12Rp8W
[ELEVEN BASIC ATTITUDES When a traveller decides to undertake a long and rigorous journey, he first provides himself] http://t.co/xN9eSDVSj1
[A Greater Psychology: An Introduction to the Psychological Thought of Sri Aurobindo — Edited by A. S. Dalal] http://t.co/xthIEfLuHq
[purposeful at varied stages in their lives, and integral approach of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. — Shyama Prasad] http://t.co/6UbFry3c2B
[Central to Sri Aurobindo’s interpretation of evolution of the consciousness is his cosmological account of how matter came to exist]
Selections de par Gangalakshmi -cette semaine une partie d'une Lettre de Sri Aurobindo  a Barin (son frere) 1920. http://t.co/lPtbrKwWWh
[BLEW: On Blogging, Learning, Education & Writing (and a bit about NRIs & ex-NRIs too)] http://t.co/BY3SyRlSwx via @sharethis
Western disciples of Sri Aurobindo have greatly contributed in systematising his Philosophy Psychological principles. http://t.co/UChvpB5Rh3
ABC's of Indian National Education by Belo... Reply w/ #AmazonCart to add this http://t.co/j0dKJ2mQvx via @amazonIN
[why is Indian education not really India-centric? Rather, – how can we make Indian Education more Indian in spirit?] http://t.co/GgmGT5dGRt
Great interview of Prof Vamsee Juluri, this guy knows what he is talking, simply brilliant http://t.co/wtgbvlBMvG
ICYMI: @beamarovich on Speculative Realism, metaphysics, and entanglement https://t.co/12SKZKwYbO
[Philosophy can then be viewed as therapy, the function of which is to purge emotions from the soul (Nussbaum 1994).] http://t.co/w0aQRY5b57
[Erroll Bedford & Anthony Kenny argued against the assumption that emotions are impervious to either will or reason.] http://t.co/w0aQRY5b57
[Matthew Dasti said Before I forget thanks Patrick for your tireless championing of Indian thought to our colleagues] http://t.co/ykdZFcF1fD
Auroville - Auroville means “City of Dawn”, where people live as one in harmony with... http://t.co/GvRKfpwWwQ #Travel
Ashok Lahiri: Socialism with Indian characteristics~ http://t.co/rXSp2thFMm ~better call it "with Nehruvian characteristics"

Sex, drugs and rich white folk - Telegraph

www.telegraph.co.uk › Culture › Books › Non-Fiction Reviews
Aug 2, 2007 - It was Spiegelberg who first coined the term that Jeffrey J Kripal uses ... of the Indian nationalist turned mystical philosopher Sri Aurobindo, who  ...
  • Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion

    Jeffrey J. Kripal - 2007 - ‎History
    He took darshan with Aurobindo at Pondicherry in South India, where he spent two weeks ...Murphy has noted that Spiegelberg was never as influenced by ... for its sexual puri- tanism and the authoritarian style of the Mother, Aurobindo's  ...
  • On the Edge of the Future: Esalen and the Evolution of American ...

    Jeffrey John Kripal, ‎Glenn W. Shuck - 2005 - ‎Body, Mind & Spirit
    There Spiegelberg spent two weeks living in Aurobindo's ashram. ... particularly for its sexualpuritanism and the authoritarian style of the Mother, Aurobindo's  ...
  • Esalen and the American Academy of Asian Studies

    Spiegelberg had been recruited to direct the Academy by its founder, ... hall full of students and lure their minds for an hour or so away from sex and football. ... a sabbatical year in India, where he had visited Sri Aurobindo, religious mystic,  ...
  • [PDF]The New Myth: Frederic Spiegelberg and the Rise ... - Integral Review

    by AM Kabil - ‎2012 - ‎Related articles
    German scholar of religions named Frederic Spiegelberg (1897-1994), a novel .... to him were not random permutations of neurosis rooted in sexual trauma .... At Stanford Spiegelberggrew entranced by the writings of Sri Aurobindo, the 20 th.
  • Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Many other organisations in Pondicherry and elsewhere include “Sri Aurobindo” in .... The main rules were an absolute prohibition of alcohol, drugs, sex and politics. ... The sisters then presented the ashram with an ultimatum demanding full  ...
  • Aurobindo Ashram terms suicide of two sisters, their mother 'heart ...

    timesofindia.indiatimes.com › City
    Dec 22, 2014 - One of the Prasad sisters at a hospital in Puducherry after suicide attempt. ...sex and politics, the trust revealed that one of the Prasad sisters  ...
  • Thrown out of Aurobindo ashram, 3 commit suicide - The Times of ...

    timesofindia.indiatimes.com › City
    Dec 19, 2014 - PUDUCHERRY: A day after five sisters were evicted from Sri ... Pondy sisterswent directly to coastal hamlet ... Rajnish Ashram HOLY SEX !
  • The Supreme Court Verdict on the Five Sisters – Bireshwar Choudhury

    May 23, 2014 - You too will be thrown on the pavements of Pondicherry without food ... her from the Ashram on grounds that sex is forbidden in the Ashram.
  • Pondicherry Ashram Suicides and The Spiritual Surrender: Bobby ...

    Jan 2, 2015 - The police rescued the woman, booked her and her sisters for attempt to ...Despite “Sexy Sadie”, Paul McCartney held that Transcendental  ...
  • Evictees' suicide unfortunate, says Sri Aurobindo Ashram - The Hindu

    www.thehindu.com › Cities › Puducherry
    Dec 23, 2014 - It says it will find a place for sisters to stay in any government- run accommodation. ... lives after being evicted from Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry. ...which prohibit indulgence in alcohol, drugs, sex and politics,” it said.

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