October 30, 2015

Sri Aurobindo: Philosophy, Poetry, Politics, and Psychology

Philosophy East and West, Volume 63, Number 4, October 2013, pp. 458-464 by: Jay Garfield and Arindam Chakrabarti

Philosophy East and West, Volume 57, Number 4, October 2007, pp. 567-575 by: Rajesh Kasturirangan

Modernism/modernity, Volume 11, Number 2, April 2004, pp. 354-356 by: Rajeev S. Patke

Philosophy East and West, Volume 56, Number 4, October 2006, pp. 604-617 by: Christopher Framarin

Asian Theatre Journal, Volume 32, Number 2, Fall 2015, pp. 698-702 by: Kedar A. Kulkarni

ELH, Volume 81, Number 3, Fall 2014, pp. 1029-1053 by: Tamara Chin

4. Sri Aurobindo’s Dismissal of Gandhi and His Nonviolence

Biography, Volume 37, Number 3, Summer 2014, pp. 812-814 by: Réal Fillion

Theorizing Authority through Myths of Identity

Sex, Secrecy, Politics, and Power in the Study of Religion - Hugh Urban
3. India’s Darkest Heart: Tantra in the Literary Imagination

Callaloo, Volume 27, Number 2, Spring 2004, pp. 542-560 by: Brinda J. Mehta

Eros and Sexuality in the History of Western Esotericism - Wouter J. Hanegraaff

A Critical Anthology - Mary Ellis Gibson
Appendix: Comic and Satiric Poets of the Long Nineteenth Century

Cultural Critique, 72, Spring 2009, pp. 164-202 by: Sukeshi Kamra

From Darkness to Light - 3. The Seed and the Soil

Anthropological Quarterly, Volume 77, Number 4, Fall 2004, pp. 793-817 by: Murphy Halliburton

Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Volume 17, Number 1, Autumn 1973, pp. 93-102 by: Mishrilal Jain and Kamal M. Jain

Common Knowledge, Volume 13, Issue 1, Winter 2007, pp. 98-112 by: Jeffrey John Kripal

Common Knowledge, Volume 10, Issue 3, Fall 2004, pp. 485-517 by: Jeffrey John Kripal

College Literature, 35.1, Winter 2008, pp. 198-208 by: Graham MacPhee

by: Robert S. Corrington

Meditations on Schelling and His Time

The Legacy of Subhas Chandra Bose in Southeast Asia - Nilanjana Sengupta
2. An Outsider in the Crescent and a Trial for Treason

Radical History Review, Issue 83, Spring 2002, pp. 146-172 by: Amitav Ghosh and Dipesh Chakrabarty

The Henry James Review, Volume 6, Number 3, Spring 1985, pp. 158-171 by: Darshan Singh Maini

Psychoanalysis, Mysticism, and the Culture of Modern Spirituality - William B. Parsons

Ab Imperio, 3/2006, pp. 59-73 by: Peter van der Veer

The Next Half-Step - John P. Forman

Somatic Transformations through Dance, Yoga, and Touch - Sondra Fraleigh
5. Environments for Self-­Learning

Jazz as Integral Template for Music, Education, and Society
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5. Socioreligious Aspects of Female Asceticism in Varanasi

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