January 21, 2016

Rethinking Sri Aurobindo and Indian Culture

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23 hours ago - Two days National Seminar on Rethinking Aurobindo and Indian Culture : 21 century Perspectives in ...
Two days National Seminar on Rethinking  Aurobindo and Indian Culture : 21 century Perspectives in which the Ex CM Utteanchal Shri BHAGAT SINGH KOSHYARi give Chief Guest Address.The Key address addressed  Prof.Shri Smirti Kumar Sarkar, VC , Bardwan University West  Bengal at NMML Teen Murti in New Delhi

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Two Days National Seminar_“Rethinking Aurobindo and Indian Culture; 21st Century Perspectives.”

NMML SEMINAR on Sri Aurobindo - 3 to 4 PM Valedictory Address: Prof. Swaraj Basu, IGNOU, New Delhi; Chair: Prof. Ehsanul Haq, JNU, New Delhi

Schedule  of  the  Two Days  National  Seminar on “Rethinking  Aurobindo  and  Indian  Culture;  21st  Century Perspectives.” Venue:           Seminar Hall,  Nehru  Memorial  Museum  &              Library Teen  Murti  House,  New  Delhi Organized  b y Society  for  Social  Empowerment,  New  Delhi in  Collaboration  with  Nehru  Memorial  Museum  and  Library Ministry  of  Culture,  Govt.  of  India,  New  Delhi 1st  Day    :     20  January  2016 High  Tea :  9.30 AM Inaugural  Session         :       10  A.M.  to  12.45  P.M.
Chairman  of  the  Session;  Prof.  S.N.  Choudhury,  Director,  Rajiv Gandhi  Centre for Contemporary  Studies,  Baraktullah  Univeristy, Bhopal Welcome Address;  Dr.  Sudhir    Singh,  Seminar  Coordinator Introductory  Remarks;  Dr.  Kaushiki  Dasgupta,  Gaur Banga University, West  Bengal Special  Address;  Dr.    Himanshu  Roy,  Former Fellow,  Nehru  Memorial Museum  &  Library,  New  Delhi Special  Address;  Shri  Sanjiv  Mittal,  Director,  Nehru  Memorial Museum  &  Library  and  Joint  Secretary,  Ministry  of  Culture,  Govt.  of India,  New  Delhi     Special Address;  Prof.  Sushila  Bhan,  Director,  Institute  of Peace, Research  &  Action,  New Delhi Special  Guest  Address;  Prof.  K.K.  Panda,  Former  Registrar,  University of Delhi Special  Guest  Address;  Shri  Harish Ji,  Social Activist,  Agra Special  Guest;  Dr.  Govind Singh  Saun,  Member Secretary,  Indian Council of  Social Science  Research,  MHRD,  New  Delhi Special  Guest  Address;  Prof.    Rajvir Sharma,  University  of  Delhi Guest  of  Eminence;    Special  Guest;    Shri  Ajay  Nishad,  Member of Parliament. Guest  of  Eminence;  Prof.  J.S.  Rajput,  Former  Chairperson,  NCTE Former Director,  NCERT  and Member,  Committee for the Evolution  of New Education  Policy,  MHRD,  New  Delhi 
Guest  of  Honor  Address;  Shri  Mahesh  Sharma,  Hon’ble  Union Culture and  Tourism  Minister of  State,  Govt.  of  India,  New  Delhi  (Tentative) Key-  Note  Address;  Prof.  Smirti Kumar  Sarkar,  Vice-Chancellor, Bardwan  Univeristy,  West  Bengal Chief  Guest  Address :  Shri    Bhagat  Singh  Kosiyari,  Former Chief Minister,  Uttrakhand,  Chairman,  Petition  Committee,  Lok-Sabha & Member  of  Parliament Vote  of  Thanks    :    Dr.  Alok  Gupta,  Central University  of South  Bihar Lunch      :    12:45 to  1.30 P.M Working  Session  I    :       1.30  P.M Chair  :    Prof.  P.C.  Jha,  University  of Delhi to  3  PM 1.         Prof.  S.N.  Choudhary,  Director,  Rajiv  Gandhi  Centre for Contemporary  Studies,  Baraktullah  Univeristy 2.         Dr.  Manisha Mishra Pandey,  Kanpur  University 3.         Dr.  Ramesh  Mishra,  University  of  Delhi 4.         Dr.  Koushiki  Dasgupta,  Gaur Banga University,  West  Bengal 5.         Dr.  Ravinder Sharma,  Dun  University,  Dehradun Tea : 3  to  3.15  P.M Working Session 2    :     3.15  to  5  PM Chair  :  Prof.  A.P.S  Chouhan,  Dean,  School of Politics,  Jiwaji University,  Gwalior 6.     Dr.  Vikas  Singh,  Govt.  College,  Manila,  Uttarakhand 7.     Dr.  Shashiprabha  Singh,  University  of Delhi
8.     Dr.  S.  Prabhakar,  Joint  Director,  Lok  Sabha 9.         Dr.  Rajeev  Priyadrashi,  SCERT,  New  Delhi 10.   Dr.  Shweta  Singh,  University  of Delhi 11.   Dr.  Uma,  University  of  Delhi 12.   Dr.  Manila  Rohtagi,  Girls  P G  College,  Hapur 13.   Dr.  Chandrakala  Singh,  University  of Delhi 2nd    Day    :    21  January  2016 Working Session 3    :     9.30  A.M  to  11.15  A.M. Chair  :  Dr.  Alok  Gupta,  Central University  of South  Bihar 14.  Dr.  Manisha,  University  of Delhi 15.  Dr.  Vijya  Laxmi  Singh,  University  of  Delhi 16.  Dr.  Deepak  Yadav,  University  of  Delhi 17.  Dr.  Prakash  Lekhera,  Govt.  P G  College,  Lohaghat,  Uttrakhand 18.  Dr.  Devraj  Singh,  University  of Delhi Coffee : 11.15  AM  to  11.30  AM Working  Session  4      :       11.30  AM  to  12.45  P.M Chair  :  Shri  Sudhir  Gupta,  Member of  Parliament 19.  Dr.  Reeta  Sinha,  University  of Delhi 20.  Prof.  Uttam  Pati,  Dean,  School of  Bio-Technology,  Jawaharlal Nehru University  Delhi 21.  Dr.  Sanjeev  Kumar,  University  of Delhi 22.  Prof.  A  P S  Chauhan,  Jiwaji University,  Gwalior 23.  Dr.  Bachhan Kumar,  Indira  Gnadhi  Centre  for  Arts,  New Delhi 24.    Dr.  Manju  Rani,  CCS  University,  Merrut 
25.    Dr.  Yuvraj,  University  of  Delhi Lunch    :      12.45 to 1.20 P.M Working  Session 5        :         1.20  P.M  to  2.45  PM Chair  :  Prof.  Sushila Bhan,  Former Member  Secretary,  ICSSR,  New Delhi 26.  Dr.  Sanghmitra,  Formerly  ICHR,  New  Delhi. 27.    Dr.  Krishna  Gopal,  JNU,  New Delhi. 28.    Dr.  Manju Chouhan,  Jiwaji  Univeristy,  Gwalior 29.    Dr.  Uma,  University  of Delhi 30.    Dr.  Ramkesore  Yadav,  University  of  Delhi 31.    Dr.  Priyadarshi  Mitra,  Gautam Budha University,  Noida 32.    Mr.  Piyush  Pushkar,  Research  Scholar,  University  of Delhi Tea    :    2.45 P.M.  to  3.00 P.M. Valedictory Session      :    3.00 to  4  P.M Chair;  Prof.  Ehsanul  Haq,  JNU,  New  Delhi Valedictory  Address;  Prof.  Swaraj  Basu,  IGNOU,  New  Delhi. Tea  / Coffee :  4 P.M. 5

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