February 16, 2016

Sri Aurobindo, Gilbert Simondon, and Paulo Coelho

Doubt, dishonesty, falsehoods, and certitude of the Divine Mother's Agenda Through repeated, everyday experience, I am increasingly convinced that all disorders in the b...
Accept, balance, and integrate the transcendent Left is dead: JNU no place for India's youth DailyO-3 hours ago In modern times, there have been monumental figures like Ramana Maharshi, Sri Aurobindo, Swa...
Post-Continental, post-Kantian, non-philosophy A new Religion and a Party centred around Sri Aurobindo Tusar Nath Mohapatra at Savitri Era - 1 week ago Savitri Era Party ‏@SavitriEraParty I am promoting a...

RAVI, S. SAMUEL - 2015 - ‎Preview
Aurobindo aimed at the integral man. ... Purna Yoga: Aurobindo thought that there is a wide gulf between the ordinary mind and the super mind. He tried to integrate ... Rebirth: Aurobindo had a deep faith in the philosophy of rebirth. According  ...

Evil and the Philosophy of Retribution: Modern ...
True, struggles have a deep educative value. And, as we saw earlier,Aurobindo believed that giving full play to the possibilities of ignorance is a necessary part of the divine plan for us. Still, must it take the form of what is after all a fratricidal  ...

Deep Pantheism: Toward a New Transcendentalism
This book is a study in a new form of religious naturalism called “Deep Pantheism,” which has roots in American Transcendentalism, but also in phenomenology and Asian thought.

[CITATION] Upanishadic influence on educational thoughts of Rabindranath Tagore Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo

S Sengupta - 2015 -
9 days ago - This thesis along with a hymn below is dedicated to the sweetest as well as 
never-ending memory of my mother, Kalyani Sengupta–although it was the saddest thing 
that she withdrew from her body and worldly life last year but with a glimmering of light that ...

How Do Spirituality, Intuition and Entrepreneurship Go Together?

SS Nandram - Philosophy of Management, 2016 - Springer
11 days ago - ... What is the potential role of intuition in disciplines such as education? For
understanding the concept of intuition a philosophical base has been followed, inspired by the
teachings of Sri Aurobindo on types of knowledge and levels of consciousness. ... Sri Aurobindo . ...

Sri Aurobindo at Alipore Jail

J López-Bonilla - Scientific GOD Journal, 2016 -
18 days ago - Abstract In this essay, I comment on the mystical experiences of Sri Aurobindo 
at Alipore jail which may be best summarized by his own words:“Spiritual life finds its better 
expression in the common life with the force from Yoga [; b] y connecting internal and ...

[PDF] Albalucía Ángel en sus propias palabras

ML Botero - Estudios de Literatura Colombiana, 2016 -
27 days ago - ... Me recordaron quién era y por qué. Ese centro de luz desapareció y, de repente,
volví. Luego supe que una de esas figuras era Sri Aurobindo, un hombre que en la India de
Gandhi inicia una batalla guerrillera. Ese hombre es mi padre espiritual. ...

[HTML] Performing the Bengali nation: Munier Chowdhury's Kabar and Syed Huq's Payer Awaj Pawa Jaye

75 days ago - ... The success of Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Sri Aurobindo in inaugurating a populist
narration of nation in the late nineteenth century South Asia, lay in their ability to coalesce a
number of signs of sacred texts (such as the Gita), deities (such as Kali and Shiva), rites of ...

[PDF] Philosophy of Political Economy; Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

76 days ago - Among the many remarkable men born in the second half of the 19th century 
who were to mould India's destiny, there is hardly anyone who has the aura of heroism, 
romance, mystery and grandaur which surrounds Aurbindo Ghosh. A contemporary of ...

[PDF] An Indian Aesthetic Consciousness of Natural Corollary in Sri Aurobindo's Select Poems

S Karthick, OT Poongodi -
80 days ago - ABSTRACT Eco aesthetic is a critical mode of English poetry in Indian 
aesthetics. It has a poise of nature consciousness of spiritual unity. Nature literature aims at 
a rational conception of the reality as a whole. It seeks to gain true insight into the general ...

The Androgynous Visual Piety of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and St. Clare and St. Francis

P Beldio - Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies, 2015 -
90 days ago - Abstract When one critically compares the Mother and Sri Aurobindo of 
Pondicherry, India with St. Clare and St. Francis of Assisi, Italy, one notices that the women 
are essential to manifesting the work and lives of the men. In fact, these two couples ...


A Aggarwal -
92 days ago - Sri Aurobindo was the greatest intellectual of our age; a poet, a seer, a critic, 
an interpreter and commentator of Vedas and all the legends of India. Sri Aurobindo wrote 
his Future Poetry and there has not been any other intelligent and systematic assessment ...

[PDF] A case study of BPL Students at DDU–GKY Central Government Sponsored BPO Training Center, Anand, Gujarat

KB Rao -
97 days ago - ... Abstract A teacher's job is much more than to just instruct and share information.
'A teacher is a guide' as per the vision of Sri Aurobindo. ... Shradhallu Rande (2006) Introduction
to Integral Education-An Inspirational Guide.Sri Aurobindo ...

[BOOK] Readings in Sri Aurobindo's The Synthesis of Yoga Volume 1: The Conditions of the Synthesis and the Yoga of Divine Works

S Krinsky - 2015 -
110 days ago - In The Synthesis of Yoga Sri Aurobindo unfolds his vision of an integral (also 
called “purna” or “complete”) yoga embracing all the powers and activities of man. He 
provides an overview of the main paths of yoga, their primary methodologies and the ...

Toward a new Hermeneutics of the Bhagavad Gītā: Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo, and the Secret of Vijñāna

A Maharaj - Philosophy East and West, 2015 -
114 days ago - The Bhagavad Gītā has inspired more interpretive controversy than any other 
religious scripture in India's history. The Gītā, a philosophical and spiritual poem of 
approximately seven hundred verses, is part of the ancient Sanskrit epic, the Mahābhārata ...

[PDF] Sri Aurohindo: High Priest of Terror or happy Merchant?

117 days ago - Page 1. Sri Aurohindo: High Priest of Terror or happy Merchant? JH Stone IE
Before his elevation to the status of “the greatest mystic-philosopher of present— day India,”
Sri Aurobindo was among lndia's most radical Nationalist leaders. ...

The Metaphysical basis for Integral Health–liberation and freedom

119 days ago - ... Yet, as Sri Aurobindo mentions in the very first paragraph of the first chapter in The
Life Divine, 'Freedom' is one of those key guiding lights that return after all attempts at effacement,
— it calls, motivates, inspires and rejuvenates us. ... Sri Aurobindo speaks of this poise ...


S Karthick, OT Poongodi -
121 days ago - ABSTRACT Soul reality is an innate psychic force and a consciousness of Sri 
Aurobindonian dynamics of 'self'. Self as an evolving entity is critically dealt in Sri 
Aurobindonism. Endorsing the Vedantic philosophical system of sadhana and darsan, Sri ...


D TAMOŠAITYTĖ - Logos (08687692), 2015 -
133 days ago - SUMMARY Sri Aurobindo discusses evil in the context of his original 
metaphysical theory according to which the problem is a temporary phenomenon 
indispensable during the evolutionary process. He proposes to see the problem as a ...

[PDF] The metaphysical basis for Integral Health—the Integral Manifestation

149 days ago - ... 10 The metaphysical basis for Integral Health — the Integral Manifestation In Chapter
V of The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo uses the term 'Integral Manifestation' in a technical sense. ...
Sri Aurobindo (1) views both 'Being' and 'Becoming' to co-exist simul- taneously: ...

[PDF] The Metaphysical basis for Integral Health—illusionism and health

149 days ago - Page 1. Namah Vol. 23, Issue 2, 15th July 2015 8 The Metaphysical basis
for Integral Health — illusionism and health In Chapter V of The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo
makes a very significant comment on the illusory view of existence. ...

[CITATION] Gurus of Modern Yoga, written by Mark Singleton and Ellen Goldberg

KA Jacobsen - Numen, 2015 -
156 days ago - ... goal. The book has an introduction by the editors and sixteen chapters divided
into six parts. Part One, “Key Figures in Early Twentieth-Century Yoga,” deals with
Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, and Shri Yogendra. Dermot Killingley's ...


156 days ago - ABSTRACT Magic consciousness and Life Negation are the divine inclination 
principle of human being. Spiritual practice made to uplift their eternal journey. It had nothing 
to do with materialistic worshippers. The dawn of the higher or undivided magic ...

[PDF] Nyenrode Business University, the Netherlands Institute of Finance and International Management, India

S Nandram -
167 days ago - ... It furthermore proposes interpretations by Sri Aurobindo in his concept of Integral
Yoga. Integral yoga is not a step by step approach but a way of life regarding the search and ...
person's motivational differences. By explaining the laws of nature Sri Aurobindo explains ...

[PDF] An Exploration of Aurobindo's Mystic Consciousness: Rose of God

AK Jaiswal -
170 days ago - ... And spirituality believes in the internal function of Soul and Oversoul. Sri Aurobindo
is a master of mystic writing. He has innate inclination ... game. It is mystic in nature. Sri Aurobindo
has tried to convey the process of meditation and its different stages through the symbol ...

[PDF] Sri Aurobindo's Savitri: A Quest for a Deathless State

S Aurobindo -
188 days ago - =============================================================
===== Language in India ISSN 1930-2940 Vol. 15:8 August 2015 
================================================================== Sri ...


GN Devy - Dalit Literatures in India, 2015 -
188 days ago - ... Birmingham. Samskara engages with the power and the ironies of traditions
going back to the Manusmriti. Sri Aurobindo was sent to England at the age of seven so
that he grows up without an iota of influence of Indian customs. He ...

[HTML] Experience simplicity & joy in service

SAAD Branch -
191 days ago - Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi Branch was inaugurated on 12 th February 1956 
with the blessings of the mother. The mother graciously granted the first sacred relics of Sri 
Aurobindo to be enshrined here on 5 th December 1957.

Sri Aurobindo and his Ashram, 1910–2010

P Heehs - Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent …, 2015 -
196 days ago - Abstract The Sri Aurobindo Ashram was founded by Sri Aurobindo Ghose and 
Mirra Alfassa as a place for individuals to practice yoga in a community setting. Some 
observers regard the ashram as the center of a religious movement, but Aurobindo said ...

Vivekananda and Aurovindo's philosophy of education: A Comparative discussion

T Pal - International Journal of Innovative Knowledge …, 2015 -
203 days ago - ... Hinduism. A more positive Hindu response to western influences is to be
found in the writings of Sri Aurobindo. ... Hinduism. A more positive Hindu response to
western influences is to be found in the writings of Sri Aurobindo. ...

Yoga and Holistic Health

HR NAGENDRA - Healthy Mind Healthy Body: New Thoughts On …, 2015 -
206 days ago - ... It is a science of holistic living. In order to live holistically, we must develop
'skill'in all aspects of our life. Sri Aurobindo regarded yoga as a methodical effort toward
selfperfection through developing our latent potential at the physical, vital, mental, intellectual, ...

[PDF] A Survey of a Process of Language Learning and Teaching at Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry and Experiments of SAICE in an …

KB Rao - The Global Journal of English Studies May, 2015 -
230 days ago - Abstract The present Indian education system is attempting it's best to provide 
some opportunities of development to the smart learners by new syllabus, new setup, new 
technology but somehow it has restricted its role in just fixing jobs through providing ...

[PDF] Transcendental Awakening According to Sri. Aurobindo and

P Coelho -
232 days ago - ABSTRACT This paper attempts to analyse the concept of transcendental 
awakening according to the doctrines of Sri. Aurobindo and Paulo Coelho. The analysis is 
made in the light of The Life Divine and Brida. Both the writers represent the ideas of the ...

[HTML] Sri Aurobindo took Mahasamadhi on 5 December 1950, and his material envelope was laid to rest in Samadhi on 9 December 1950

SAAD Branch -
256 days ago - Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is rooted in Vedanta, but has a distinct tilt, a unique 
emphasis, and a significant extension. Vedanta is a spiritual philosophy, the three pillars of 
which are the Upanishads, the Gita, and the Brahm Sutras. A key feature of Vedanta is that ...


S Patil - 2015 -
274 days ago - The legend of Savitri (divided into twelve books and forty nine cantos; 
conceived on an epic scale) took the poet in him back to the Vedas, where it was a mantra, 
an incantation and a prayer to feminine principle sustaining the universe. In the ...

[PDF] Can Religion and Culture bring Harmony and Peace?

GT Martin -
291 days ago - ... Indian sage Sri Aurobindo writes that “God in man is the whole revelation and the
whole of religion” (1972: 714). ... All religions, therefore, express the divine depths of things and
all religions articulate, as Sri Aurobindo puts it, the identity of “God in man” everywhere. ...

[PDF] du sommeil conscient

298 days ago - ... ceux qui vivent un yoga comme un processus d'évolu- tion accélérée, la conscience
pros gressive des nuits conduit du som— meil de repos que nous connaissons à un sommeil
d'expérience (8). Ainsi comme dit La Mère, celle qui poursuit l'oeuvre de Sri Aurobindo ...


PK Dhal -
312 days ago - ... tell where his influences stop.' Human civilization has seen the above words among
the great teachers like: Viswamitra, Valmiki, Vasistha, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, ... Sri
Aurobindo, Synthesis of Yoga, Pondicherry, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust ...

[HTML] Review of “Seven Quartets of Becoming: A Transformative Yoga Philosophy Based on the Diaries of Sri Aurobindo” by Banerji, D.

JL Dorbolo - International Journal of Dharma …, 2015 - internationaljournaldharmastudies. …
328 days ago - A thinker's journal maps the domain of an examined life. A writer's journal is at 
once more private and more revealing than their public writing since the journal is self-
directed thought. Scholarship on a writer is impelled by access to their self-reflections ...


R TAGORE - Readings in Oriental Literature: Arabian, Indian, …, 2015 -
Argument: Many Indian/Bengali writers such as Toru Dutt, Sarojini Naidu, Harindranath
Chattopadhyaya, Sri Aurobindo, and Humayun Kabir, all of whom, however, wrote in English ...

[PDF] Unfolding Toward Being: Etty Hillesum and the Evolution of Consciousness.

B Morrill - Integral Review: A Transdisciplinary & Transcultural …, 2015 -
358 days ago - ... indeed, timeless. Keywords: AH Almaas, Diamond Approach, Etty Hillesum,
Evolution of Consciousness, Haridas Chaudhuri, Integral Yoga, Karen Johnson,
Psychospiritual Transformation, Sri Aurobindo. Introduction I want ...

[PDF] Individuation, Cosmogenesis and Technology: Sri Aurobindo And Gilbert Simondon.

D Banerji - Integral Review: A Transdisciplinary & Transcultural …, 2015 -
358 days ago - Abstract: The turn of the 19th/20th centuries saw a number of philosophers of  conscious evolution emerging from different cultural backgrounds. This paper argues that this phenomenon, which has sometimes been seen as a philosophical consequence of ...

[PDF] Integrative Research: Integral Epistemology and Integrative Methodology.

BAK Shirazi - … : A Transdisciplinary & Transcultural Journal for …, 2015 -
358 days ago - ... Key Words: Haridas Chaudhuri, Integral Dialectics, Integral Epistemology, Integration,
Integrative Methodology, Research Methodology, Sri Aurobindo. ... In the integral framework of Sri
Aurobindo both spirit and matter are considered real (Sri Aurobindo, 1970). ...

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