April 01, 2016

Haeckel, Golwalkar, and Ganeri

Andrew Nicholson at The Indian Philosophy Blog - 3 hours ago
Jonardon Ganeri of NYU gave a lecture at Stony Brook University on March 2, 2016 entitled “Why Philosophy Must Go Global.” In this lecture Prof. Ganeri draws from Jain nayavāda and Madhyamaka Buddhism to argue for “a pluralism of epistemic stances” (not to be confused with epistemic relativism). He maintains that philosophy graduate programs must do a better job of presenting multiple approaches, including the teachings of non-western philosophical traditions.
This might be seen as a kind of mission statement for Stony Brook’s new MA program, “History of Philosophies, East and West.” It is a joint MA program sponsored by our Department of Philosophy and Department of Asian & Asian American Studies.

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The idea of nurturing

The Hindu-15 hours ago
... educator and writer with more than 26 years in the field of education and the study of Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary vision and education, and ...

'Harmony in management builds a successful team'

The Hindu-28-Mar-2016
At a recent one-day seminar on “Harmony in Management” organised by Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR), speakers ...

Integral Ideology, An ideological genealogy of Integral Theory
by R Carlson - ‎Related articles
Richard Carlson is a writer/musician and the president of Pacific Weather Inc, a firm ...Haeckel's theory that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny claimed that the ...

The Meaning of Evolution: The Morphological Construction ...
Robert J. Richards - 2009 - ‎Science
43 Dov Ospovat provided the most searching and rich analysis of Darwin's use of recapitulation. ... 46 It was rather "Haeckel, not Darwin, who popularized the recapitulation theory as an integral part of late-nineteenth-century evolutionism.

Foundations of Integral Philosophy – dance of the mind
9 hours ago - ... cosmological signnificance that suggested purpose and progress are Alfred North Whitehead, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Jean Gebser, and Sri Aurobindo.

Open-source religion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
19 hours ago - Open-source religions employ open-source methods for the sharing, construction, and adaptation of religious belief systems, content, and practice.
Before the coinage of the term open-source in 1998 or even the birth of the Free Software movement, the Principia Discordia (1963), a Discordian religious text written by Greg Hill with Kerry Wendell Thornley, included the following Copyright disclaimer, "Ⓚ All Rites Reversed – reprint what you like." By 1970, the implications of the disclaimer were being discussed in other underground publications.[9]
Open-source religions employ open-source methods for the sharing, construction, and adaptation of religious belief systems, content, and practice.[1] In comparison to religions utilizing proprietary, authoritarian, hierarchical, and change-resistant structures, open-source religions emphasize sharing in a culturalCommons, participation, self-determination, decentralization, and evolution. They apply principles used in organizing communities developing open-source software for organizing group efforts innovating with human culture. New open-source religions may develop their rituals, praxes, or systems of beliefs through a continuous process of refinement and dialogue among participating practitioners. Organizers and participants often see themselves as part of a more generalized open-source and free-culture movement.[2]

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Magazine / Columns : The guru of hate - The Hindu
November 26, 2006 BY RAMACHANDRA GUHA
Golwalkar's book disparages democracy as alien to the Hindu ethos and extols the code of Manu...
THIS column generally deals more - much more - in appreciation than in depreciation. However, it is obligatory on the historian to also (occasionally) notice individuals whose influence on history was malign rather than salutary. One such person was the Hindu ideologue M.S. Golwalkar, whose birth anniversary his followers are marking this year.

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The East India Company was vast and powerful, hiring thousands across the world. But what ... Apr 30, 2014 - Dan Snow travels through India in the footsteps of the company that revolutionised the British lifestyle and laid the foundations of today's global ...
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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