May 08, 2016

Ila Sen, Richard Eggenberger, and Michel Danino

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Talageri has spelled out his theory; MT hasn't

Assorted Tweets:
Musings on AIT, Genetics, and Accusations of Racism: . My effective refutation of Shrikant Talageri's claims & OIT.

@sighbaboo @KalavaiVenkat has not understood imp point by ST. Population migrations do not prove IE language migration. Only linguistics

This is very Rajiv Malhotra vs Shatavadhini Ganesh Part 2 😔

@sowathreya But I would certainly not venture to teach a professional geneticist (MT) about genetics, as many idiots are trying to do.

@ArmchairPseph it's really sad. Talageri really shouldve kept it objective. he goes ad hominem against another blogger too

MT's review of Talageri's work, back when it was released

MT on Indians and race:

Pertinent since Talageri has alleged he is a racist

@ArmchairPseph also this: read 1st line. Wonder if "racist" can write this.

MT's insulting and dismissive behaviour towards OIT proponents is wrong, as are Talageri's ad hominem attacks on him.

@TheLordWalrus @ArmchairPseph A healthy debate isn't a bad thing. For the record, MT started the ad-homiem

@ArmchairPseph @TheLordWalrus Even if we forget MT's name calling, the truth is that Talageri has spelled out his theory. MT hasn't.

@Ozymandias1993 u have to trust him, he has extraordinary knowledge and insights across Vedas, linguistics, philology, genetics, history

@Ozymandias1993 its clear that he is in a far better position to evaluate evidence than anyone else i know of. so i shall defer to his jud

@LearntLies No, these are storified tweets of @GhorAngirasa who borrows his support for AIT/AMT from the latest findings of @blog_supplement
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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