June 04, 2016

Collingwood, Canguilhem, and Shoshana Felman

It’s a commonplace to attack vitalism as simply the ideology of fascism, of the “organic and wholistic” state. So Zizek positions Jung on the side of Aristotle/wholism/life and Freud on the side of irreducibility of illusion/lie/lack. This is only to be expected. But it’s not as easy as it seems to dispel the specter of vitalism by conjuring the name of the arch-fascist Jung. Canguilhem is much smarter about the ambiguity of vitalism in the modern world. And just conjuring the name of Aristotle as it is wielded by the Catholic Church against Darwin will not dispel his vitalist legacy. This is all just Zizek using the argumentative strategy of guilt by association. [Note: Bruce Rosenstock posted these responses as comments on my link to a a recent lecture by Zizek; with his permission, I am collecting them here for your enjoyment.] AK

Shoshana Felman, an edu researcher rightly says teaching has to deal not so much with lack of knowledge as with resistance to learning

Marshall W. Alcorn, ‎Marshall Wise Alcorn Jr. - 2013 - ‎Psychology
Shoshana Felman (1989) discusses resistance in psychoanalytic terms making use of Lacan's phrase, “passion for ignorance...

Amartya Sen recently differentiated Utopian & Comparative approaches to Justice. Interesting.. A new pragmatic Indian psyche emerging?

My reflections on Aurobindo's idea of nationalism: 
In the middle of the current 'nation-wide' debate on nationalism, I am reminded of Sri Aurobindo. After all, he was a man ...

13 hours ago - Sri Aurobindo was born at a house Shakespeare Sarani, the venue of the exhibition and left for Puduchurry in 1910.

Debi Prasad Chattopadhyaya - 1988 - ‎Ghosh, Aurobindo, Sri, 1872-1950
An exactly similar expression is found in Collingwood's Autobiography, where he says that the true biography of a ...

Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy of Social Development › books
Marx, Collingwood and many of the other philosophers of history, confining their analysis to the surface nature of man, ...
by TL ONeil - ‎1971 - ‎Related articles
the end the Newtonian theory has, according to Collingwood, put an end to the problems that existed in the old theory.

Political history of Sri Aurobindo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Political...
Aurobindo's political career lasted only four years, from 1906 to 1910. Though he had been active behind the scene ...

Critique of Poetics - Page 87 - Google Books Result › books
A.R. Biswas - 2005 - ‎Poetics
Collingwood, R.G., The Principles of Art (1963), 215. 33. Sartre, J. P. ... Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Vol. 18, 436. 36.
Collingwood further adds: “Absolute presuppositions are not verifiable. . . . the idea ... 3 S ́rı ̄ Aurobindo, The Hymns of ...
Aurobindo also remarks: "sat and asat, if they have both to be affirmed, must be conceived ... In the same wayCollingwood holds "a peculiar intimacy in the relation between the two kinds of elements.

[PDF] International Multidisciplinary Research Journal
I How
... Even scattered images create a whole giving a total view point of life as viewed by the poet. In
Sri Aurobindo we find poetry reaching a different scale and height. ... Here we may view what Sri
Aurobindo has said in his Future Poetry: “The Kavi was in the idea of the ancients the ...

[HTML] An Interview with Captain Kunal Narayan Uniyal
H Gupta - Contemporary Literary Review India, 2016
... I wouldn't really like to point out towards particular authors, since I love reading all
but Sri Aurobindo's Savitri has truly inspired me spiritually. I enjoy William
Wordsworth's poems on nature while Keats symphony with sadness. ...

A Comparative Study of the Ancient Indian System of Education & the Buddhist System
S Sengupta - Indian Journal of Applied Research, 2016
... Full Text: PDF. References. Altekar AS, Education in Ancient India ,Ed.1st, 1951, Nand Kishor
Brothers, New Delhi. Sri Aurobindo, The Renaissance in India and other essays on Indian Culture,
Second Impression, 2002, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, Pondicherry. ...

S Ketkar
... In the case of the earlier generation of writers like Sri Aurobindo or P.Lal, the source language
was chiefly Sanskrit and later on, in the case of modernist bilingual poets like Dilip Chitre,
AKRamanujan, R. Parthashastry, and Arun Kolatkar, the source language is primarily their ...

Modern Hindu Guru Movements
MJ Spurr - Hinduism in India: Modern and Contemporary …, 2016

A Valmiki
... According to Sri Aurobindo, the great mystic, “Even the discoveries of physical science have been
elevated into a creed and in its name religion and spirituality banned as ignorance and superstition,
philosophy as frippery and moonshine. ... 11. Sri Aurobindo. Essays on the Gita. ...

S Mukerji
... It is interesting to note that while Aurobindo Ghosh was an exponent of physical culture during
his brief political life in India, and in an article in Bandemataram on May27, 1907 advocated secret
societies for training young men and women in riding, physical exercises, athletics ...

[DOC] A Key to All Methodologies: Communion, Conflict, and Commodity in Ken Wilber's Rhetoric of DIY Science
DG Anderson
... ordinary people can identify with, where yoga is understood as a means to accelerate a process
already and inevitably underway, that of world-spirit coming to increasing self-consciousness
through the worldviews of advanced souls—this according to Aurobindo Ghose, the ...

[HTML] Ken Wilber Explained
K Earl
... One of Wilber's main interests is in mapping what he calls the "neo-perennial philosophy", an
integration of some of the views of mysticism typified by Aldous Huxley's The Perennial Philosophy
with an account of cosmic evolution akin to that of the Indian mystic Sri Aurobindo. ...

The Sacred in Modern Hindu Politics: Historical Processes Underlying Hinduism and Hindutva
RE Frykenberg - Hinduism in India: Modern and Contemporary …, 2016

Spiritual Despots: Modern Hinduism and the Genealogies of Self-Rule
JB Scott - 2016

The Doctrine of Resurrection and the Emergence of Real Revenants
VP Karunaratne - 2016
... According to what Hindu Swami Sri Aurobindo professes, an individual has really not
one self but two; on the surface there exits the desireself constituted of one's ego and
desire and often it is this self that is mistaken for the real self. ...

The View from South India
N Iyer - Revisiting India's Partition: New Essays on Memory, …, 2016

Ideas and Frameworks of Governing India
R Samaddar - 2016
... Not that the discourses of these two camps were clearly articulated in that manner, Gandhi and
others in fact combined disobedience with non-violence thus blunting the strategy of Aurobindo
and others of combining disobedience with violence; but war remained right up to the ...

[HTML] Arun Kolatkar
A Kolatkar - Interview by Darryl D'Monte.” Debonair
... Henry Louis Vivian Derozio is considered the first poet in the lineage of Indian English poetry
followed by Sri Aurobindo , Sarojini Naidu , Michael Madhusudan Dutt , Toru Dutt among others.
History Nissim Ezekiel is considered to be a pioneering figure in Indian English Poetry. ...

[PDF] The Role of Spirituality and Ethics in Transformational Leadership
V Kumar, S Vij
... Before that, there were notable trends like Mind Stilling Exercises or Quality Mind Process,
Management by Values, etc. in India (eg Chakraborty, 1987, 1993) mostly based upon
the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda. ...

Belonging to God: Spirituality, Science & a Universal Path of Divine Love
W Keepin - 2016
... Isn't this exactly what the world needs, and exactly what we need?” —Robert McDermott, PhD,
president emeritus and chair of the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Program at
the California Institute of Integral Studies; author, The Essential Aurobindo “Calls us to ...

BL Turco - Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia, 2016
... us back to the category of 'complementarity'. One can take, for example, the
well-known point of view on yoga, Vedānta and Tantrism of figures like Aurobindo
and Radhakrishnan. They maintained that if Westerners were the ...

[PDF] A Brief History of Mind and Civilization
G Jacobs - CADMUS
... 11 The German historian Karl Gotthard Lamprecht and the Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo
both describe a symbolic stage of psychological development in which man felt a great Reality
behind all life which he sought through symbols and symbolic thinking which pervaded ...

[PDF] Mukherjee and Meena Alexander
PR Iniyan
... In fact, most of our modern mentalities have been transported from the West through persons
who have travelled abroad and returned home. Our most prominent leaders like Gandhi, Nehru,
Aurobindo, Bose, etc. were educated in the West and returned to India. ...

[PDF] Types of mindfulness, orders of conditionality, and stages of the spiritual path Tim Lomas and Jnanavaca
T Lomas, EY Shonin, W Van Gordon, NN Singh
... of modern scientific understanding, we might associate this law with the theory of evolution and,
in particular, with emergentist philosophies (eg, Wilber, 1995, Aurobindo, 1939-1940) which view
the universe as evolving towards complex outcomes such as self-consciousness. ...

Mind the (Unbridgeable) Gaps
L Ambasciano - Method & Theory in the Study of Religion, 2016
In this paper, I explore two of the most pernicious kinds of scientific distortions and misconceptions
pertinent to the study of religion (ie, pseudoscientific trends focused on allegedly
paranormal/supernatural phenomena and discontinuity between human and non-human cognition ...

[PDF] The Myth as a Tool for Human Behavior Setting
P Scarnera - International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2016
Page 1. International Journal of Social Science Studies Vol. 4, No. 7; July 2016 ISSN
2324-8033 E-ISSN 2324-8041 Published by Redfame Publishing URL: http://ijsss.redfame.
com 1 The Myth as a Tool for Human Behavior Setting Pasquale Scarnera¹ ...

[HTML] Overman Foundation Satyakarma—The Yogi from Deccan Land by Krishna Chakravarti
K Chakravarti
... 1 Comment. Workshop on “Relationship: Its Complications and Solutions in the Light of Sri
Aurobindo, The Mother and Shrimat Anirvan”. ... Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam's Address Delivered at 125th
Birth Anniversary Celebrations of the Mother at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Kolkata. ...

[PDF] impasse in Western leadership: implications of a critical perspective for non-Western scholarship. In: Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) conference, 20- …
J Bendell, R Little, N Sutherland
Page 1. Bendell, Jem, Little, Richard and Sutherland, Neil (2016) Learning from the
impasse in Western leadership: implications of a critical perspective for non- Western
scholarship. In: Leadership Excellence and Development ...

[HTML] The metaphysical basis for Integral Health—will-power and the body
S Basu - NAMAH-The Journal of Integral Health, 2016
... under the rule of the Inconscience. It was Sri Aurobindo who changed the
denouement of health and well-being by including the body as an integral part of
a veritable Yoga of Perfection. This was absolutely necessary as he ...

ML Goel
Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) wrote commentaries on the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, 
the two epics of India. He observes that few works of literature produced anywhere in the 
world have so influenced the life and culture of a people as the Ramayana and ...

[HTML] Category Archives: Routes
G Ayyathurai
... They have pointed out the violent nature of the British administration and the policy of
appropriation adopted by the French government. Such a view is shared even among those
nationalists like Aurobindo, poet Bharathi and Bal Gangadhar Tilak. ...

[PDF] Changing Perspectives among Indian Diaspora in Germany: Culture and Gender
M Subrahmanian
... humanity”. We could find these ideas in the works of the contemporary Indian philosophers Sri
Aurobindo and Osho. 1 Both these thinkers have travelled and ... and inquiries. Sri Aurobindo had
given motivation to many nationalists and 1 See, Aurobindo, 1999 and Osho, 1995 ...

The Integrators: The Next Evolution in Leadership, Knowledge and Value Creation
R Lessem - 2016

Cosmic Philosophy and the Arts
B Huss - Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent …, 2016
... Mirra, who would in the 1920s become known as ''the Mother'' in the Integral Yoga movement
of Sri Aurobindo (1872–1950), was an art student. She became very active in the Cosmic
Movement, and visited the Théons in Algeria in 1906 and 1907. ...

Sacred America, Sacred World: Fulfilling Our Mission in Service to All
S Dinan - 2016

[HTML] Emotional Experience and Expressions
I In, CR Mukundan - 2016
Page 1. ||SSN 2348–5396 (e), SSN: 2349-3429 (p) Volume 3, Issue 3 May
CR Scan this code in your smartphone and SubmitYour ...

Indian Social Entrepreneurs
A Singh - The Process of Social Value Creation, 2016
... Originally from Rajasthan, Dr. Kothari was born in Nanded, Maharashtra, where his father had
his business. His father wanted to provide the best available education to his children, so he
selected Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (SAICE) in Pondicherry for them. ...

[PDF] Human Consciousness and Yogic Science
K Kumar, A Bharadwaj, M Agarwal
... Review of the Efficacy of Meditation Techniques as Treatments for Medical Illness”, • J. Altern.
Complement. Med., 12(8): 817-32. Aurobindo, Sri, The Life Divine, American Edition • Baars,
BJ, 1988, A Cognitive Theory of Consciousness, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ...

[PDF] Socio-Cultural Aspects in Jayanta Mahapatra's Poetry: A Critical Study
M Behura - Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies, 2016
... Perry, John Oliver. 1986. "Determinations of Poetry": The Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra.
ed. Madhusudan Prasad. (40-73).' Sri Aurobindo. Collected Poems. Pondicherry: Sri
Aurobindo Ashram. Poetry. Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo A Ashram, 1986 ...

[PDF] Eco-Innovations in Designing Ecocity, Ecotown and Aerotropolis
AN Sarkar - J Archit Eng Tech, 2016
... Auroville was envisaged to be a continuation of The Mother's efforts to materialise the
teachings of her spiritual collaborator, the Indian poet and philosopher Sri Aurobindo. ... The
name Auroville stems from Aurobindo, but also means 'city of dawn'. ...

[PDF] Vol. III Iss. I Jan. 2016 ISSN: 2394-1758
TPA MA - Multidisciplinary Global Journal of Academic Research …
... The pre-independence era saw some stalwarts like Rabindranath Tagore, Sir Aurobindo, TP
Kailasam, ASP Ayyar, Loba-Prabhu, Harindranath Chattopadhyaya and Bharathi Sarabhai who
contributed substantially to the growth and development of Indian English drama. ...

The Global Coherence Initiative: A global psychological paradigm for health promotion
SD Edwards - Journal of Psychology in Africa, 2016
... Similar consciousness has facilitated Rumi's poetry, Credo Mutwa's mission to document and
preserve African indigenous knowledge, Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga, the founding of the Institute
of Noetic Sciences by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell in 1973, the Global ...

The Palgrave Dictionary of Transnational History: From the mid-19th century to the present day
A Iriye, P Saunier

Lord Śiva's Song: The Īśvara Gītā by Andrew J. Nicholson
E Bryant - 2016
... Published by DK Printword in Association with Ahymsin Publishers. Ayon Maharaj (2015). Toward
a New Hermeneutics of the Bhagavad Gītā: Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo, and the Secret of
Vijñāna. Philosophy East and West 65 (4):1209-1233. Bina Gupta (2006). ...

In Defense of Brothering: The “Eternal Religion” and Tourism in North India
D Thomases - Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 2016
... A few years after the publication of Besant's textbook, during a speech delivered in the Bengali
town of Uttarpara (1909), Sri Aurobindo (1872–1950) envisioned the future of India inextricably
tied to the successes of sanātan dharm: “When therefore it is said India shall rise, it is ...

Globalization and the Philosophy of Life in India
D Basu, V Miroshnik - Structural Revolution in International Business …, 2016
... As Aurobindo (1947) further explains, the principal contradiction of human life is that between
the individual and society, or aggregate, the essence of ideal law of human development demands
that the individual should harmo- nize his or her life with the life of the social ...

Creativity & Personality
... Page| 88 Page 90. Psychology of Learning and Development Creativity & Personality Humanistic
approach Sri Aurobindo: Integral Psychology: In the 1940s Indra Sen, a devotee of Sri Aurobindo,
established the field of Integral Psychology, based on Sri Aurobindo's teachings. ...

[PDF] Multiculturalism and the Indian Tradition
M Rajagopalachary, KD Rao
... Nayanars, Karaikkal Ammaiyar, Bahinabai, Ganga Sati, Janabai, Tulasidas, Chaitanya, Kabir,
Mira Bai, Tukaram, Adi Shankara, Madhavacharya, Srimadramanuja, Annamayya, Kshetrayya,
Rudrakavi, Basavanna, Mahadeviakka, Allama Prabhu, Sri Aurobindo, Tagore added to ...

[PDF] Nivedita: The Queen of the Indian Freedom Movement
... Man-making' ideal. Pioneer revolutionary, Aurobindo Ghosh (later Sri Aurobindo
of Pondicherry) formed a committee to unite various splinter groups of firebrand
revolutionaries operating in different parts of India. Nivedita along ...

[HTML] 7: Symbolic Engineering
LT Flåten - India's democracies, 2016
... autobiography, Advani noted, In all my speeches, I invoked Bengal's incomparable contribution
to India's freedom movement – the enduring message of social reformers and philosophers like
Ramakrishna Parahamsa, Swami Vivekananda and Maharshi Aurobindo, the eternal ...

Methodology, Meditation, and Mindfulness Toward a Mindfulness Hermeneutic
BS Sikh, D Spence - International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 2016
... They include meditation (Osho, 1988; The Dalai Lama, 2002a), unconditional observation
(Krishnamurti, 1994), and other practices such as Hatha yoga, Jnana yoga, and Bhakti yoga
(Aurobindo, 1996). ... Previous Section. References. ↵: Aurobindo S. (1996). ...

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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