December 09, 2017

Neo-Vedantic Knowledge project of Sri Aurobindo

Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra:

Workshop for 6-9 year olds on 16 Dec at Gnostic Centre - A workshop on Imagination through Robotics, Pottery, Movement, Illustrations and Visualisation. Contact / 9810033308

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New at IPB: 50th Annual Conference of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy

Aurobindo Ghose abandoned his deep-seated political activities to develop a religious teaching for the spiritual benefit of all men. Read about his spiritual views and ideas in Prasenjit Sen’s book SRI AUROBINDO, here:

Great piece on Sri Aurobindo, The Hindu

[PDF] Building an Intuitive Mentality: The Neo-Vedantic Knowledge Project of Sri Aurobindo
D Banerji - 2017
Abstract Post-Enlightenment philosophy, which is largely creative of and dominates the modern consciousness, has defined humanism in terms of rationality and its control over the irrational. This has led to our technological age but has also spawned counter philosophies 

I Gandhi - 2017
… lifestyle related disorders. Over a long period of time many yogis, philosophers and scholars such as Patanjali, Gandhiji, Sri Aurobindo and various others have accepted yoga as a tool for self-realisation. Gandhiji's morality …

[DOC] Post-Colonial Approach in Mahesh Dattani's Plays
MJM Rajput
… This appeared on the literary horizon in 1871. Rabindranath Tagore and Sri Aurobindo, the two great sages - poets of India, are the first Indian dramatists in English. RN Tagore wrote primarily in Bengali but almost all his Bengali plays are available to us in English renderings …

Theme of Nature in Sri Aurobindo's Savitri: an Overview.
TK Panda - International Journal of Innovative Knowledge …, 2017
Abstract Spiritualism and its interpretation through Nature in Sri Aurobindo's Savitri has become an attraction for all. Man through spiritual Sadhana can be a superhuman only by regulating his nature. Savitri could achieve the power by which she could conquer death that 

Bhagavad Gita and Hindu modes of capitalist accumulation in India
BS Nayak, BS Nayak - Society and Business Review, 2017

[HTML] Cattle in religion
GM TV, C Naturism, H Church, UM Church, M Luther…
Cattle are considered sacred in various world religions, most notably Hinduism, but also...

[PDF] Non Cognitive Skills and Indian Education policy Indian Situation Analysis
N Pahwa
… Page 13. 13 Reference list Aurobindo, S. (1990). (Reprint). On education. Pondicherry: Aurobindo Ashram. ASER.(2014). Annual Status of Learning Report Bloom, BS, Engelhart, MD, Furst, EJ, Hill, WH, & Krathwohl, DR (1956) …

B Ghosh, S Bagchi
… 5. Cunningham, A. (2006): The Ancient Geography of India, Low Price Publications, Delhi (originally published in 1871). 6. Ghosh, Aurobindo (2005): Life Divine, Published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram Publication Department, Pondicherry, India …

Indian constitution treats citizens based on their religion. Why are people then demanding that religion and politics not be mixed?

My views on Hindutva are more nuanced now. The state-society distinction remains material, and so is the terminology. But having studied history, philosophy and religion further- I believe that India should be declared a Dharma Rashtra. My piece (Jan 2012)

Savitri Era Open Forum (SEOF - since 2005): With the Mother, Sri Aurobindo ushered in modern Hinduism @madversity @viryavaan @redLotus1_ @NathTusar #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

Arya–4. No 5—December 1917 Sri Aurobindo
The Future Poetry I., A Hymn to Savitri [5.81]
The Life Divine XXXIX. The Ascent out of the Ignorance
Synthesis of Yoga XXXVII. The Higher and the Lower Knowledge
Essays on the Gita The Divine Birth and Divine Works (3) 

(1) MANOJ DAS GUPTA, (2) DILIP KUMAR DUTTA, (3) DILIP MEHTANI, (4) PRABHAKAR RUPANAGUNTA @ BATTI and (5) ABHIPSA NAGDA, the trustees of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry

Sri Aurobindo Society
Pradeep Narang, Chairman
Vijay Poddar, Admn & Finance
Sushila Melvani, Secretary
Gopal Bhattacharjee, Joint Secretary & International Secretary
Ajit Sabnis
Amod Kumar
Jaybharat D Jethwa
Kaivalya Smart
O P Dani
Vijay K Poddar

Dr. Karan Singh (Chairman for a fourth term of four years), Dr. Prema Nandakumar, Prof. Sachidananda Mohanty, Dr. Anirban Ganguly, and Dr. Nirima Oza. Ex-officio members are Mr. Rakesh Ranjan, IAS and Ms. Darshana Dabral, IAS. - Governing Board, Auroville

Feel Philosophy: Their concerns are complimentary, and a dialog between these thinkers is urgently required - At the ends of man: Sri Aurobindo and Michel Foucault by Rich
Provocation and Interruption
by Sam Mickey
Provocation and interruption are, respectively, the origin and goal of philosophy. This sense of philosophy finds expression in the following quotations from Peter Sloterdijk, the first of which suggests that philosophy is a trace of an unavoidable provocation, while the second articulates the function of the philosopher as an interrupter.

I occasionally try to convince my peers that people in general aren’t the vulgar Cartesians we sometimes caricature them to be, and then stuff like this happens. SMH.

It is interesting to look briefly over the exchanges on this thread, at 5am here in seoul, and compare with the more intense discussions of consciousness in korea and japan of the past few weeks, also including the leader of japan's main brain institute (who would react much as Roman would to assumptions made on this thread). 

One relevant point from here -- the fact that humans in the animal kingdom of this tiny planet earth are unique here, in time and in space, in their ability to lose touch with reality. Cats and mice can be abberated by undigested traumatic or euphoric memories, just as humans can, but humans can become attached to totally nonproductive and meaningless verbal behavior in ways which lower types of consciousness do not (because they do not believe words so much) and which higher forms do not (because they do not abuse words so much). This widespread losing touch with reality, made worse for many people due to "reddit" or "fake news" phenomena,  is ever more visible in ever so many forms these days,  and it is a serious real world challenge how to deal with it. Respect for the cat and the mouse is one part of what could help us all to calm down a bit and reconnect with reality.. but maybe this is not the place to get TOO deep into such issues.

For here.. there are issues of emphasis. Maybe we should not be putting so much energy into defending or attacking soeculations about things more than 10 billion yeaes or light years away, or smaller than 0.1 femtometers. One might hope that roman (or even neuroscience people on the sadhu list) might be more interested in the tapestry of actual experience of what ram sees in his brain kab or direct experience, than in debates about speculations beyond our authentic first person OR laboratory experience. (Please no neurotic smirks from people asserting they have clear personal memories of when the ordained the big bang. There have been discussions here as well about what really goes on in the minds of donald trump and of king kim III, certainly a serious and important topic, but not appropriate for naive emulation.)

Another theme which keeps coming up at all levels in serious discussions: the old Mark Twain saying, roughly: it's not what you don't know that kills you, it's what you know that isn't true. As the old sages said long ago, we all need to pay a bit more attention to trying to understand our own blind spots.

Best of luck,  Paul

What you are saying is that the brain creates both the neural correlate (NC) and its 'meaning' which the first person is aware of and any third person is not; the latter is aware of the NC but the former is not.  I do not deny that.
Consider the experience of seeing an apple for example. The NC is a faithful representation of the apple. (For example, Jz Young in Programs of the Brain says "the detailed characteristics of brain cells provide ‘codes’ for features of the world, such as a particular line or sound, or the color red so that some physical events in the nerves together provide a faithful representation of events outside, and a detailed model of the world.").  Now if you show the apple to a computer, it will also create a record (electronic) and can even say that the apple is red but it does not create the 'meaning' for the record.  The meaning is assigned by the programmer, to the computer's record  consisting of hardware elements.  That is how the computer announces or prints out the meaning of its record.  So, there is a physical component and a mental component to what the brain does.  The computer can only perform the physical component but not the mental component.  In other words the physical and mental functions are separate.  
Syamala Hari

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