April 17, 2024

Sri Aurobindo envisions a new future

 Collated by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Aurobindo: An Ideologue of New Nationalism

B Chakrabarty - 2024

[HTML] JN (Jitendra Nath) Mohanty

DW Smith, P Bilimoria - 2024
Professor JN Mohanty has characterized his life and philosophy as being both ‘inside’and ‘outside’East and West, ie, inside and outside traditions of India and those of the West, living in both India and United States: geographically, culturally, and …

Yet all this while Mohanty was also thinking and writing about Indian philosophy and its relation to phenomenology. In his own retrospective, Indian philosophy is ‘the permanent background’ of his Husserlian thinking, while Kant is the recurrent Western background of his Husserlian phenomenology. Mohanty’s form of ‘transcendental phenomenology’ evolved, in his own perspective, against the background of his studies of Navya-Nyāya on logic and Vedānta on consciousness, in Indian philosophy, and against the background of Kant’s First Critique on the transcendental, in Western philosophy. Accordingly, Mohanty’s study of logical form and of the intentionality of consciousness seeks a fusion of East and West in the conception of transcendental phenomenology.

Pathways to Philosophy in China and India

Key features: Buddhist philosophy in India and China Lasting effects of the thoughts of Confucius and Lao Tzu Some attempts to update and later to bypass Confucian thoughts The oldest philosophical thoughts of India: Vedas and Upanishads Roots …


PI Ogara - Oracle of Wisdom Journal of Philosophy and Public …, 2024
This paper underscores the urgent need for reforming Nigeria's education system to foster religious harmony. It explores current challenges, proposes remedies, and emphasizes the role of education in nurturing tolerance and coexistence among …


S Navruzbek - Research and Publications, 2024
One of the main goals is to preserve our culture, national value and nationalspirituality, to achieve their harmony with universal and national values. In this article,scientific-analytical opinions about the social-pedagogical necessity of …

The Gospel of Arthur Frame: A novel by Diego Kurilo

… Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother … Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother … It is far more important to be faithful to the spirit and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and not to do anything contrary to his teachings than to prostrate yourself before a grave”. …

Royal History of Gurjara Dynasty: Part-II

KM Munshi - 2024
Kanhaiya Lal Munshi's talent and achievements in different fields are outstanding. He was a renowned advocate and one of the experienced spokespersons of the constitution makers. In his student life, he got into the independence struggle by …

[PDF] A Review of Subhashish Bhadra's Caged Tiger: How Too Much Government Is Holding Indians Back (Bloomsbury 2023, 272 pages)

S Datta
… As early as May 1909, the revolutionary nationalist leader Aurobindo Ghose (later Sri Aurobindo), who was closely involved with the Swadeshi Movement, had articulated the idea of the Indian nation in the … “Uttarpara Speech (Spiritual …

Wholeness, Volume 2

I Model
… necessary for this emergence, gnosis in different parts of the world; gradually, small communities, such as the one he established at Auroville, will exert a powerful influence on the rest of humanity. Aurobindo says that this can be done by a …… This unique and novel thinking made Sri Aurobindo “a new kind of thinker, one who combines in his vision the alacrity of the West with the illumination of the East.” (quoted in [Umar, 2001: i]) Evolution is central to Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy and spiritual …

Ideology and recent attacks on historical-comparative methodology

HH Hock - Language, History, Ideology: The Use and Misuse of …, 2024
Almost from the beginning the discovery of new language relationships was met with ideologically motivated reactions by various individuals and movements; see eg the contributions by Joseph and Laakso in this volume. This chapter focuses on Indian …

Methodological nationalism and (anti-) historicism in the history

F von Mengden, B Schneider - Language, History, Ideology: The Use and Misuse of …, 2024
In many strands of linguistics, individual languages are-explicitly or tacitlytaken as a starting point for analysis and treated as given. It is, on the other hand, a commonplace that the boundaries of “a language” cannot be defined linguistically …

Learning to Live Together Harmoniously

J Patel
This book proposes an alternative vision and practices for education for togetherness and harmony through the discovery of oneself, others, and the larger society along with a transition to harmonious ways of living and being. The current …

The Making of Tantric Radha: A Reading from the Kr. sn ayamala

M Khanna - Studies on Tantra in Bengal and Eastern India
Radha and Kr. sn a are one of the most striking figures in Hindu mythology. While Radha’s pristine origins are difficult to trace her “multiformity” 1 has been accepted as one of her unique features. She makes her appearance in many guises from a …

[PDF] Female Protagonists in Tagore's Novels the Wreck, the Home and the World, Chokher Bali and Char Adhyay: A Study

R Chakraborty
This paper, which is meant to be a critical discourse on ‘Women characters in Tagore’s novel, I would like to bring home a very vital issue as far as the chemistry of man-woman relationship is concerned. This is their symbiotic relationship. There is no doubt that …

From Interwar Idealism Through 'Perennial Philosophy': Concluding Reflections

S Mukherjee - … Mysticism, and Transcultural Entanglements in Modern …, 2024
This concluding chapter will help readers better connect the core issues of the present book to not only the larger context of modern Indian intellectual life with a particular focus on their subsequent ramifications but also the global religio-cultural …

Theosophists, Yogīs, and Pacifism in Troubled Times: Bhagavan Das, Nicholas Roerich, and Gopinath Kaviraj on Humanity and Realms of Transcendence

S Mukherjee - … Mysticism, and Transcultural Entanglements in Modern …, 2024
This chapter investigates select lines of pacifist ideas and their links to a motley of ‘Eastern’ traditions in the first part of the twentieth century. It examines aspects of a heightened ‘modern Indian “traditionalism”’ and key strands within the extended …

Mystics, Scholars, and Spiritual Cosmopolitans in Modern South Asia: An Introduction

S Mukherjee - … Mysticism, and Transcultural Entanglements in Modern …, 2024
This introductory chapter revisits the existing theoretical and conceptual repertoire for a critical study of early twentieth-century Indian religio-intellectual life. It interrogates the very ideas of, and different approaches to, the esoteric and the …

Islam, Yoga, and Sāmyavāda: Allama Iqbal and Kazi Nazrul Islam on Nationalism, Metaphysics, and Existence

S Mukherjee - … Mysticism, and Transcultural Entanglements in Modern …, 2024
… Nolini Kanta Sarkar (1889–1984)—a well-known literary figure, journalist, and singer who later joined Sri Aurobindo Ashram in … with Sri Aurobindo’s (1872–1950; b. Aurobindo Ghose) philosophy and political thought, through the mediation of …

Pilgrims and Their Cosmopolitan Itineraries: The Many Worlds of Subhas Chandra Bose, Dilip Kumar Roy, and Yogi Krishnaprem

S Mukherjee - … Mysticism, and Transcultural Entanglements in Modern …, 2024
… As we shall see, this is especially so given Roy’s proclivity to share with Sri Aurobindo, his guru, the ideas he used to exchange with his … to Sri Aurobindo, as well as Roy’s relationship with Yogi Krishnaprem, who he met in 1923, again at …


SK Barman - European International Journal of Philological …, 2024
Socio-religious movements have played a pivotal role in shaping India's historical landscape and national consciousness. This paper examines their profound impact as catalysts of societal awakening, delving into their significance in the context of …

Trends in Teaching-Learning Technologies

HB Kaushik, US Dixit, J Jose, BG Jaganathan
Education is being continuously transformed by the progress of technology, thereby, altering the mode, the method as well as the environment where students learn. Technology can now be safely termed the ‘knowledge transfer highway’of the …


… The Indian philosophers including Swami Vivekananda , Sri Aurobindo, MK Gandhi , were severely criticised the British philosophy of education in India . Moreover, the reformist like Raja Rammohan Roy , Mrs. Annie Beasant , MGRanade …

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