March 15, 2019

Eject all forms of hidden agenda and preconception

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When a democracy faces a deep crisis, everyone blames each other rather than coming together to save it. Civil society blames media, media blames the opposition. They think the Dictator will harm others more than them. Germany did this mistake in the 1930s, India is doing it now.

The theatre work of Bertolt Brecht reminds us that art must find a way to not only confront, but also challenge reality.

"In trying to understand about Socrates we find ourselves dealing with as many Socrateses as there are people who describe him."
Socrates, a #readinglist by M M McCabe @mmmccabe1 @kingsphilosophy

The temporal spread of celebrity engagement with Narendra Modi, and perhaps politics in general, underlines the challenges of public brand performance in contemporary India.

Oddly, this critic of nationalism shall one day be recognised as a national treasure, someone we Indians should be proud of.
One more global award may not mean much to Ashis Nandy. But I hope it might get some young Indians to read him.
Salute Ashis Da!

In 'Connaught Place and The Making of New Delhi', Swapna Liddle says one of the arguments put forward against moving the capital from Calcutta to Delhi was because “it was a lifeless backwater of the Punjab Province." | Mark Tully reviews.

Brilliant article by @Mayank_Mishra12 explaining the difference between Kejriwal-brand of advertising and citizen information. Kudos to the young writer.

[Nothing wrong in any agenda driven approach but then it dents the thought process, dictates frames of reference, designs the perception and delves more on the outcome rather than developing an outlook based on unbiased observation and broad perspective.]

[Rosenstock-Huessy’s essay “Farewell to Descartes” is a cogent example of the thinking...including in the rise of dystopian literatures like Huxley’s Brave New World... Waldo Frank’s “The Central Problem of Modern Man”] #Gebser #postmodernism #SriAurobindo

[I could just as easily say that the life and works of William Blake were this Big Bang event of the Integral Age, and that Nietzsche, Aurobindo, Gebser and others were within the field of influence of the spirit of William Blake] #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

Rosenstock-Huessy's "cross of reality" provides us with a new (and perhaps truer) way of understanding hubris or the transgressive act. It is to travel too far along only one branch of the cross of reality -- to much or too little which leads to a state of disequilibrium.

Adam Smith's "Parable of the Poor Man's Son" reveals that Smith was quite aware of the existential tension between Being and Having. He sacrificed the former for the sake of the latter, ie, happiness postponed to some indefinite future.

McGilchrist's "Master-Emissary" relation appears in Aurobindo as "the Sovereign" and "his Minister" relation, and these relate as Overview to Point-of-View, or Ultimate Truth to Relative Truth, as "Fourfold Vision" to "Single Vision" and...

Poetry as Socio-proctology: Chomsky & Berwick's 'Siege of Paris'.

From Free Nationality to Free World Union --Sri Aurobindo's musings

“From a psychoanalytic point of view it’s been known for a long time that total satisfaction is completely impossible to attain.”
The state of politics is disastrous and being human is altogether baffling right now. Here's a #readinglist on modern misery.

2. Unrelated. "Call me by name" as an intervention or correction issued almost always to young women by men, is a benign act of a male in the infancy of old age. Even unwise men innately know 'sir' has no prospects. Insubordination, on the other hand, has promise.

Hit the nail on the head.. im rereading disgrace by JM  coetzee after 20 years it has a different feel now.முதல் மரியாதை had similar sentiments. Perhaps you should write a novel with the aging male as protagonist. An animal who is always considered too ambitious for his औकात

["The Best of Hiriyanna" (2018) is a collection of 48 essays by Prof. M. Hiriyanna that sheds new light on Sanskrit Literature, Indian Aesthetics, and Indian Philosophy. This collection includes a masterful introductory essay by Śatāvadhāni Dr. R. Ganesh.]

How do we view #Mathematics? We revisit Sundar Sakkurai’s @epw_in article, which argues that mathematics is “mysterious” only because it is viewed as a logical system rather than as a verbal language. | #PiDay

Sufism tries to project a broad ‘Universalism’ & then ensnares gullible into the narrowest of dogmas.
Cults are trained to feed, take care of bakras & show them ‘affection’. And on a designated day, halal the bakra ruthlessly & make a show of piety that it is for the poor.

[Rousseau refers to a direct democracy rather than a representative democracy. In light of population size and governmental structure, Rousseau argues that like his native Geneva, small city-states are the form of nation in which freedom can best flourish]

[naming the ideal society the Chariot of Jagannatha, with its four wheels of unity, freedom, knowledge, and power.. describes the true Aryan character and sattwic temperament as he observed them in his fellow undertrial prisoners in the Alipore Bomb case.]

Giuseppe Mazzini died on March 10, 1872 and Sri Aurobindo was born on August 15, 1872. Sri Aurobindo admired Mazzini. [When Sister Nivedita Called Sri Aurobindo 'Bengal's Mazzini' – Beneath and Beyond - Some Unknown Stories of SRI AUROBINDO AND THE MOTHER]

[there was something original and unique in Aurobindo’s conception of a synthesis of Yoga. It was so refreshing, so inspiring to read Aurobindo’s writings as a contrast to the denunciation of knowledge and action by the later-day Bengal Vaishnavas. -SCB]

[for the author to revisit the Auroville row in a foreigner versus Swadeshi mould, more so in days of strident nationalism, may not be the best tribute to the great soul Sri Aurobindo himself. MR Venkatesh] AUROVILLE: A Dream Hijacked - Nirmalya Mukherjee

Authentic worldview and appropriate guidance
Savitri Era: No means to produce evidence #TheMother #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion @SavitriEra @NathTusar

Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): Lord Ripon sowed the seeds of Independence of India [democracy is nothing but Yajña, or voluntary sharing. @vakibs] #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #FiveDreams @NathTusar

Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): Curzon was merely a puppet Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar at March 14, 2019 Location: #ShipraRiviera, #Indirapuram, #Ghaziabad, #UttarPradesh 201014, India #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #FiveDreams #SavitriEraParty

Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): Why we need maths and music and Art Posted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra @NathTusar March 14, 2019, Location: #ShipraRiviera, #Indirapuram, #Ghaziabad, #UttarPradesh 201014 #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #FiveDreams #SavitriEraParty

"random seem the ways...Infallibly the curves of life are drawn").
Latest issue of Call Beyond features many helpful ideas and inspirations. A chapter from The Synthesis of Yoga published 100 years ago by Sri Aurobindo has also been reproduced. Karunamayee's birthday celebration on March 24, 2019 is a forthcoming event.

‏[Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol—Urdu Translation By Satpal. There he could stay, the Self, the Silence won: ‎#SriAurobindo]
:ٹھہر تھا وہ سکتا وہاں، اُس وجود ،  اُس تنہائی پر پاچکا ہوا غلبہ
تسکین یافت تھی آتما اُس کی،   اُس کائناتی سالم کو تھی وہ جانتی۔‎

Check Patricia Norelli Bechelet Gnostic Circle student of the Mother and Aurobindo for deep wisdom from Vedic Astrotheology you won't say its not real after reading this and Gospel or Message in the Stars in the meantime slow down with mercury and tune in

Puducherry: Krishna Mckenzie, a native of UK has taken up organic farming in Auroville. He says, "I've been living here for 26 years. Tamil people's message of honoring our nutritional heritage has touched me. In England we don't even know where our food comes from." (14/3/19)

News from Auroville.
“Participating in the development of the AurovilleRadioTV project is exploring and testing innovative technology, and discovering new trends in the actual media’s evolution.”

Auroville Art Camp to begin on March 16 - Times of India #Puducherry

Auroville: The Indian Paradise of Human Unity (2010) via @YouTube

#PositiveStory “Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville wants to be a universal town where men & women are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, politics & nationalities." #JourneyOfAuroville #UnityInDiversity

Plasim Radar

Chomsky's Economics - Noam Chomsky's economic views are not unusual on the Left, but they are deeply racist. In an interview he gave 10 years ago, he says- In my view, the break...

Anarchism Fails to Recognize the Necessity of Societal Pressure for Growth of the Individual - The idea underlying anarchism is the sovereignty of the individual, the freedom of the individual from societal restraint. The development of a societal, ...

Secularism’s enchantments and disenchantments: A reply to Goto-Jones and Zhan -Read side by side, these two stunning commentaries on *Magic’s Reason*—for which I am immensely grateful—both seem to revolve around an implicit antinomy b...

Old Yogas and our Yoga - It seems someone wrote to you: “I thought there is quite a difference between divinisation and supramentalisation, one being only one of the steps to t...

Why we need maths and music and Art - Real scholarship which requires constant learning it would be better the eject all forms of hidden agenda and preconception. Nothing wrong in any agenda dr...

- Even Microsoft Word has Heideggerian Problems with Being

The Phasic Structure of Experience - I had not planned on rushing in today with yet another post in The Chrysalis, but with the rather stunning results of a “Wigner’s Friend” quantum experimen...

What are the most important books in and on South Asian philosophy? - Just imagine you are asked about the three most important texts in South Asian philosophy and take a minute to imagine your answer. You are also allowed to...

Real scholarship - Real scholarship which requires constant learning it would be better the eject all forms of hidden agenda and preconception. Nothing wrong in any agenda dr...

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