April 04, 2019

No need to hide it under “culture”

Sri Aurobindo reached Pondicherry on this day (4th April) in 1910... His words and vision of India's rise and role in the world manifests with each passing day... https://t.co/fARcggA7Dn

April 4, marks the 109th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo arriving at Puducherry, then Pondicherry. Some glimpses of the Shankara Chetty House where he first set foot and met legends like Bharathiyar : https://t.co/Sh04xXOPXP

It is remarkable how Sri Aurobindo who, shy and reserved by temperament, lived in solitude and seclusion, fully absorbed in his supramental yoga and the whirl and rush of its revolutionary developments, attracted to himself, one after another, so many of the souls who were touched by his light and were destined to be the standard-bearers of his epoch-making spiritual work. When the "Rose of God" blooms can the bees tarry to flock and forgather ? Bulletin 1968 -11

Which biography of Sri Aurobindo matches this description? Lamentably, perhaps none. Let's hope @SpiritWithBody undertakes ... [too much must not be expected from any humble effort to produce, rather a pleasing but faithful miniature, than a grand and commanding full-sized portrait.]

Here are the 6 videos that cover the important themes from first chapter of the Life Divine written by Sri Aurobindo titled "The Human Aspiration" https://t.co/fwfPd5rkmr

#LifeDivine by #SriAurobindo THE EARLIEST preoccupation of 👨in his awakened 💭& , as it seems, his inevitable & ultimate preoccupation,— for it survives the longest period of scepticism & returns after every banishment, is also the highest which his 💭can envisage.+ @Auro_Mere https://t.co/KZPP5wn4Ba

Aligning to an Adesha, we at Kali’s Brood will undertake a seva to Maa Bharathi, to offer a poem or sonnet everyday to invoke the Mother in Her formidable strains within our individual and National aspirations. May Sri Aurobindo and the Mother guide us all https://t.co/nfIGd676P5

Cato Institute’s Senior Fellow Julian Simon, argued that humans would innovate their way out of resource shortages. He believed that people were the “ultimate resource” that would make other resources more plentiful. https://t.co/hyxAAsDlRY
A new study from Human Progress finds that every additional human being born appears to make resources proportionally more plentiful. Want to find out more? Sign up to join us for our event here: https://t.co/cHu8aq14Du #SimonAbundanceIndex https://t.co/TLiZls6bXg
Reading "The Book: the spiritual individual in quest of the living organization" by Garry Jacobs sir. Here's a link: https://t.co/chgUB7UAtL

The Civilisational Erosion of Bengal: What can be Done about it? https://t.co/VJwu8LxlLw via @dharmadispatch

Catholic Ashrams: Adopting and Adapting Hindu Dharma, exposed by Sita Ram Goel https://t.co/HD8G6yIgC3

While Europe is losing its culture and civilization not because of any external threat, India/Bharat is reviving its profound yogic and Vedic traditions, though challenged on all sides. Ultimately the power of the Rishis prevails.
Bharat is arising with strength and insight for a new era in harmony with its ancient roots. India's dharmic civilisation can once more guide the world. Requires a discerning Rishi vision allied with a Kshatriya determination. Note my book @BloomsburyIndia https://t.co/wyzeouWgwM
Understanding Hindu Dharma is essential today when there is a Hindu awakening in India and a Hindu diaspora throughout the world, as well as continuing anti-Hindu biases and targeting of Hindus for conversion. Note my book through @BloomsburyIndia https://t.co/cKj5MdkWFc
The myth of Hindu majoritarianism, how Hindus are taught to devalue their profound traditions and accept subordination. My examination https://t.co/Ra21gd5p9q
Bharat is arising with strength and insight for a new era in harmony with its ancient roots. India's dharmic civilisation can once more guide the world. Requires a discerning Rishi vision allied with a Kshatriya determination. Note my book @BloomsburyIndia https://t.co/wyzeouWgwM

Agree. It's a decisive moment in modern Indian History. Either Indians turn their back on their Dharma, or they vote for it https://t.co/iAkgNGi9UD

The charge of Hindu majoritarianism is just another ploy to keep Hindus from being political, in an era in which all other groups are political, argues @davidfrawleyved — do read https://t.co/E4eAX04U1y

To my Twitter family: This is inform you that I have been appointed on the Advisory Board of the Eternal Hindu Foundation and also appointed as their Spokesperson. Our vision is to spread the beauty, knowledge and importance of our Vedic teachings & Sanatan Dharma. I'm humbled.

Nordic nations have ‘disturbingly high’ levels of rape despite being gender equality trailblazers, says Amnesty

One of the most enlightening thing about living in England is realising how much love and concern for the environment is part of every day conversation - sadly entirely missing in India. We must learn to care for nature. We are at the brink of a natural disaster.

Evergreen Essays: Bengal was under the influence of William Carey https://t.co/NkDFDIYvhJ [the largest slave conquest, Patel & other so-called "leaders" were  a pack of vultures who swooped down on the leftovers of British rule and homesteaded all of it.] https://t.co/GnP3U7pVSt

Active freedom fighters were from the middle and intellectual classes. Vande Mataram proved a catalyst; evangelism a trigger. Peasants and the poor have no time or energy left to fight. Christian and Muslim intellectuals apparently did not participate in any remarkable numbers.

The British model of environmentalism is to clean up the dirt and dump it on the rest of the planet. It is as shallow as the eye. They maintain denuded hillsides by rearing sheep, ruining biodiversity. They exterminate all wild life by hunting (Also ruined wildlife in India).
I don’t want to give geographical tags for this specific type of perception. We can call it as Rtambhara Prajña or as Ārya Prajña. Many cultures had this, atleast partially. But even when they lost it, it can be re-acquired. A perennial civilization possesses this without breaks.

The Vedic Evolutionary universality preached by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is for everyone on this planet and not for any particular country or continent. They visualise coexistence of diverse cultures and innovations under the umbrella of #WorldUnion the only viable future setup

Reading Savitri with Dr Alok Pandey  (TEXT).
"We live in a small and narrow zone of consciousness. We are unaware of the occult commerce of life that goes on... https://t.co/YlTDg3XLRx

The Primary Failure of Religion to Regenerate Mankind https://t.co/EPKi3NLOer
A Spiritual View of Human Existence https://t.co/6obXzwL4zJ

How incompetent men fail their way to the top.  To change the world we have to topple the prevailing #kakocracy

“Sigmund Freud said that the chief developmental challenge of childhood is to be able to delay the gratification of certain impulses and to negate certain impulses altogether. Nobody had figured out how to test that until Walter Mischel.” —@angeladuckw https://t.co/5D70n3bWM1

"In the Renaissance we thought we were masters of our destiny, ‘what a glorious thing man is, with limitless capacities’. But each individual isn't so special; we are shaped by genes, by social trends; individual decision-making is bounded" @nytdavidbrooks https://t.co/y6HyFUt39c

“The Joy of Sex was a seminal book. It not only reflected but created the sexual revolution.”
In the last half century, attitudes to sex have transformed beyond recognition. But while people weren't getting it on, which books changed minds—and bedrooms?

The best place you can get my book online is Amazon (for better or worse). You can also check out B&N and Powells online. The reviews are amazing - thank you! Please keep them coming... https://t.co/cVbOwbNBNl

The distinct subregional “subaltern God’s” are not that different from similar phenomenon elsewhere in ganga valley and many parts of India. But a lot of those mentioned above were late 18-19th c reinventions or initiations of forms of deities taken from ancient common beliefs
Shared among a wide Hindu population that stretched all the way from Mathura/Vrindavan to western Assam valley including Bengal. Most deities come from Buddhist reconstructions of shakti hence share features with tantra (a branch of shaiva/shakta adopted & modified by Buddhists)
Jaina adaptation of Vedic, shaiva-shakta, with Buddhist interlude and remnant traces of proto-Hindu tribal deities make up the so called distinctive culture of Bengal deities. It’s over simplification to claim they don’t come from common roots of entire Ganga valley culture.
It’s true that sections of RSS/BJP may wrongly identify their own home base deity/ritual as currently practiced to be the only correct form of Hinduism: but they are making the same error as claiming Bengal deity “distinctions”. They r using a modern snapshot to deny others.
Varanasi shaivism was a key center of tantra in ancient and early medieval: Bengal and Varanasi had very close connections from ancient period. Same for chnadranath range in Assam/Bengal frontier. What u see now us is shattered mosaic snapshot of very ancient commonalities.
Regional supremacists of both ends are using current snapshots to create a superiority distinction narrative suited to maintaining their respective status quo grip on power and benefits. No need to hide it under “culture”.

The British always had a divided society by class. The majority are quasi-slaves who are ruled by an elite sitting in the towers of London. Today it’s a financial elite and an academic elite. Britain holds top position in both the arenas. In media, it probably beats even the USA.
The Indian elite are still minted to a large extent in Britain. It is pretty terrible. This is why corrupt people like Nirav Modi or Vijay Malya take flight to London, not to the USA. The elite of Pakistan is even more sold out to Britain. That’s why they are in a shittier state.
And replying to Sri Koenraad Elst, the British never left! They still control the intellectual hierarchy in India, as they control
1) Media
2) Academics in universities 
3) Financial capital and investment 
4) International legal institutions 
5) Indian courts (legacy judgements)
Until and unless India has a new constitution that is written in Indian languages and approved by the Indian people through a democratic vote, I am not willing to accept that the British have left. 
They simple didn’t. They just outsourced the job to field workers.

Plasim Radar

The Hidden Springs of Life, pp. 160-162 - We live in a small and narrow zone of consciousness. We are unaware of the occult commerce of life that goes on unnoticed by our surface mind. We act and...

- A history of forking ontologies. Nietzsche was the first to declare that the true grandeur of ancient philosophy predated Socrates, and Heidegger offers h...

Animal Instinct and the Advent of Mind in the Evolutionary Progression - Humanity continues to struggle with the issues of why we are alive, what we are to do with our lives and how we are meant to focus and direct our energies....

Proper Humanity and the Fantasy of the Subhuman (Inner Animalities Book Event) -Animal Studies is an interdisciplinary field. And this is one of the things that makes it interesting. But one thing I’ve always liked about its deployment...

Bernard Williams on Amartya Sen's 'Inequality Examined'. - Should we concern ourselves with inequality? If so, why? Suppose there are people like us who earn more or have a better life. Knowing that this is so moti...

Practices of relation: Khawaja and Levene - Noreen Khawaja and Nancy Levene, authors respectively of the recently published books, *The Religion of Existence* and *Powers of Distinction*, engage on...

Life Inside the Global Brain: Nationalism and Transnationalism - In a faux pas now become somewhat infamous, a hapless Flat Earther once boasted that they had “members all around the globe”. A good many people were enter...

Sri Aurobindo and the Nobel Prize - Dear Friends, Deeply impressed by Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine, Sir Francis Younghusband had nominated Sri Aurobindo’s name for the Nobel Prize in Liter...

Migration of Richard Marshall’s philosophy interviews to new site - Richard Marshall’s series that interviews contemporary philosophers (including some of our own specialists on India) has moved from 3AM magazine to a new s...

Sri Aurobindo considered the conquest of death to be essential - What is now known as Hinduism was the multiculturalism before the capital M Multiculti of today. What held it together were certain Dharmic values of mutu...

Process of learning - Any subject for that matter must proceed with a conceptual or real framework which one must imitate or reproduce. Then, follow it up with individual impro...

Inner Feelings and Relationships – M.S. Srinivasan - (Harmonious relationship is one of the major aims of collective living. What is the main factor which can bring this harmony to our communal life? It is ...

On new translations in Indian philosophy - One of the immediate frustrations one faces in teaching Indian philosophy is that good translations are sorely lacking, certainly into … Continue reading

From pedagogy to cosmology with A. N. Whitehead - A student in my course this semester asked a great question recently: “How is Whitehead’s cosmology related to his pedagogy?” Many commentators find it str...

Believe in the Vedic Evolutionary ontology of Sri Aurobindo - Tweets in original by @SavitriEraParty and @NathTusar While it's understandable that electoral politics and its compulsions will dominate the national sce...

Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad https://t.co/YGoEhdLyp7
Harnessing Western Philosophy for Self-Management
TN Mohapatra SAMSMRITI SAMS Journal 10 (2), 16-17 2016
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management
TN Mohapatra Nitte Management Review 9 (2), 1-18 2015
#MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #SAVITRI

Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli Haay* Original Hindi Song from Film ‘Anand’ (1971).    Sanskrit Version Lyrics: Dr. Harekrishna Meher (जीवनं प्रहेलिरहो किंरूपा) Sanskrit Singer: Kuldeep Joshi. DDNEWS Channel, Sanskrit Vaartavali, Delhi. YouTube Video : https://t.co/aUOcNgx67Z

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