March 28, 2020

Stimulating creativity as a personality asset

A momentous event shouldn't go unnoticed. The Mother arrived in Puducherry on March 29, 1914. It's not a Darshan Day but holds the greatest significance for Indians. All followers are requested to rise to the occasion so that the present crisis is averted.

Two thousand years of political theory has been on society and collective life whereas the current crisis has reversed the gaze towards home and family. It has been a neglected area and many loopholes as regards loneliness and neglect need to be addressed.

The Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic, raging throughout the world seems to be a dance of Mahakali for reasons best known to Her. While the middle class and the elite have been mainly affected, South Asia holds its breath for if it strikes at the proletariat, the teeming millions staying in shanties and slums, there would be no end to suffering for a long time to come. The government of India has enforced lock-downs, insisted on hand washing, social distancing and early detection of symptoms. That works with the middle class up to a certain level but would have difficulties in overcrowded slums, marginalized people suffering in hordes already from tuberculosis and Adivasis prone to malaria and malnutrition. A many pronged approach working at multiple layers instead of a blanket moratorium is needed. Political Will is needed but can be unproductive if inputs are not considered from diverse strata of a heterogeneous and multicultural society.

Date of Update: 25-Mar-20

The Institute for Integral Yoga Psychology is a project of MIRRAVISION TRUST, financed by Auroshakti Foundation, a non-profit, public ...

Action-based Activities:

1. The institute will provide counseling and help to public in the light of Sri Aurobindo's and Mother's psychological system both individually and through internet. 

2. The institute will be associated with Mirravision Trust's direct therapeutic activities viz. Healing spaces, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Programs, Specialized clinics.

3. The Institute will also link up with different therapeutic centers throughout the world who are working with Integral, Holistic, Global, Spiritual perspectives of health.

4. The Institute will promote play and games therapy, art therapy, music therapy, psychodrama and other such pursuits aimed at stimulating creativity as a personality asset; to promote positive recreational and entertainment programs that aim at an elevation of consciousness.

5. The Institute will conduct stress management , organizational development and creativity programs for executives, professionals and students with a spiritual and consciousness approach

Our predecessors are stalwart-scholars and yogis who had the vision and foresight of acknowledging the inherent psychological insights in Sri Aurobindo’s thought. This illustrious list begins with the late Prof. Indra Sen, who published as early as 1944 an article entitled “A psychological Appreciation of Sri Aurobindo’s System of Integral Yoga” and culminates in Dr. A. S. Dalal’s landmark publication of “A Greater Psychology” in 2001. Dr. Indra Sen used the term “Integral Psychology” in 1960 to denote Sri Aurobindo’s Psychological system but as Robert Gerard (in 1982) and Ken Wilber (in 2000) have been using the term for other things, the nomenclature “Integral Yoga Psychology” has evolved. Other predecessors include the late Kishore Gandhi who had been using class notes on this theme since 1966 at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the late Madhusudan Reddy whose book on Integral Yoga Psychology was published in 1988, Jobst Muhling who differentiated conventional Western Psychology from Sri Aurobindo’s psychology in 1960, the late Haridas Chowdhury who with F. Spiegelberg in 1960 published a Commemorative Symposium proceedings where the term “Integral Psychology” was first used, C. R. Goswami who used this term in 1989 and Lloyd Fellows who established an Institute for Integral Psychology in USA during 1970s under the inspiration of Late M. P. Pandit.

Sri Aurobindo has warned that if mankind did not evolve further in consciousness, a resurgence of a primitive barbarism would be  ...


Z Stein - … of Integrative Developmental Science: Essays in …, 2020 -
The study of human development has long hinged around a discourse about the concept of development. It has been a discourse full of dualities and tensions. What does it mean to say a person develops, as opposed to merely changes? What does it mean to say some skill or …

"There are only two possible explanations as to how life arose: Spontaneous generation arising to evolution or a supernatural creative act of God.... There is no other possibility. Spontaneous generation was scientifically disproved 120 years ago by Louis Pasteur and others, but that just leaves us with only one other possibility... that life came as a supernatural act of creation by God, but I can't accept that philosophy because I do not want to believe in God. Therefore I choose to believe in that which I know is scientifically impossible, spontaneous generation leading to evolution."

:: George Wald, "Origin, Life and Evolution," Scientific American (1978)

Sincere and humble regards,
Krishna Keshava Das
Serving Assistant

Princeton Bhakti Vedanta Institute
of Spiritual Culture and Science

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