February 28, 2007

The Earth is one

World Union is a non-profit, non-political organisation founded on the 26th November 1958 in Pondicherry, inspired by Sri Aurobindo's vision of carrying forward a movement for Human Unity, World Peace and Progress on a Spiritual Foundation. For the ordinary humanitarian and religious outlook and motivation are inadequate to meet the demands of the New Age which is already in the process of manifesting under the inevitable programme of the evolutionary nature on earth.
The Mother became the President of the first World Council of World Union on 20 August 1964, and since then, 20th August is celebrated as World Union Day. A. B. Patel was the leading figure in the organisation for many years, he was succeeded in that role by M.P. Pandit. The organisation also publishes a quarterly journal with the same title, which draws inspiration from the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, particularly from The Human Cycle and The Ideal of Human Unity. At the instance of Surendra Mohan Ghosh, J. Smith and Anil Mukherjee along with other prominent persons formed an Association named ‘New World Union’ on the 26th November 1958 in Pondicherry. A. B. Patel joined in May 1959, and then on April 23, 1960 the name was changed to 'World Union' on The Mother’s advice. The Mother became the President of the first World Council of World Union on 20 August 1964, and Surendra Mohan Ghosh, the Chairman.
Present office-bearers of the World Executive of World Union
Samir Kanto Gupta - Chairman Jagdish Gandhi - Vice-chairman
Ananda Reddy - Vice-chairman Anjali Roy - Vice-chairperson
Suresh Ch. De - General Secretary plus Treasurer
Prakash S. Patel - Asst. General Secretary plus Treasurer
Editorial Board - Samir Kanto Gupta, Ananda Reddy, and Suresh Ch. De
Location - Rue Desbassyns de Richmont,
Puducherry - 605002, India. Phone - (0413) 2334834
Select articles from the Journal
Concept of Man in Sri Aurobindo.
Indra Sen July-Sept 1968
The Integral Culture of Man.
Indra Sen April-June 1970
Integral Philosophy and a New Civilization.
Karl Heussenstamm April-June 1971
Unity and Harmony in Practical Prospects.
H. Maheswari March 2006
Drive to Higher Integrations. Purnendu Prasad Bhattacharya June 2006

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